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Notoriety Criminal
E / ?
Author /u/Shimme (capes)
Civilian name Nicky Ahmadi
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Furies (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker
Born Minneapolis Underground, MN, USA
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Chicane F | Shredshot B$

Character Sheet


Bronzed skin tone, straight black hair pulled tight into a tight ponytail, very muscular and athletic build. Tall with an intelligent and good natured glint in her eyes.

An intentionally bad ‘cape’ look: Pink plaid miniskirt, white button up shirt, black underwire, pink ski mask. Her nails are polished steel that come to a wicked point. Lots of tattoos of varying quality, a few pieces are in color but lots of them are solid ink or grayscaled and most of them are amateurish.

Honestly looks like someone shoved a guerilla fighter into a porno’s idea of a sexy bank robber. Costume is intentionally a joke.

Civilian appearance is much more reasonable, and sticks to practical clothing. Overalls and boots, warm coats and rain jackets. Outdoorsy stuff is normal.

Equipment and Resources

Rust-bucket van with a small-block V8. Well maintained if inelegantly manufactured and very illegal fully automatic submachine gun (think the kind of things that got made in sheds by backyard inventors and submitted to governments during WW2, like an uzi, not unique but ‘craft-made’ ). A bunch of carpentry tools, some basic metalworking tools, cooking supplies, a couple fishing poles, trauma kit, tents and camping supplies, Go bag. Everything you’d need to survive alone and comfortably in the middle of nowhere.


Skills and Specializations

Skilled metal workshopping, first aid, community organizing, amateur carpentry, general handle on small-group logistics, small arms and small unit training, improvised weapons making. Tunnel-making, booby-trap setting, safety practices for working underground. Generally just good at being self-reliant, could be dropped in the woods and would have a log cabin built in a week.


Take no shit, stick up for what you believe in is right even if you get in trouble for it. Never compromise your morals. An affable fighter that has learned to keep her sense of humour when stuff gets really, really bad because if she’s freaking out how can she expect others to keep it together?


Takes organs from their own body and excises them into unique minions. Doing this leaves the actual cape more durable as they are removing vulnerabilities from their body. Losing a minion is a horrific loss to them. Minions may have a loose theme with their organ’s intended function.

Organs are not typically replaceable.

EG: Removes heart, places it in a minion that is a “relentless hunter”. They reroute their bodies cardiovascular systems and get significant resistances to bleeding/bruising/frostbite.

Long term the power is seeking to make a sort of hive-mind body where each robot individually is just as much 'her' as a finger is to a non-tinker.

Trigger type: Coven


She had been fighting for years, and was tired. Not physically, but emotionally, spiritually. From a young age she joined the fight, watched those she'd come to love as comrades slowly whittle down in numbers from injury or death, become captured or become mentally a shell of themselves.

Beneath the sun, beneath the graves, beneath the irradiated soil she toiled and fought and threw her entire being for a better Minneapolis against the Fascist. Eventually when all of the people she'd once looked up to when she was new to the fight had been smashed like broken toys in this grinding war, she realized that everyone now looked up to her.

Her prominence in these circles didn’t stop the bloodshed and losses, but now she felt responsible for them, and when another comrade fell to the meat grinder that the Minneapolis Tunnel System had become, it was like a bit of her died with them.

As she felt herself reaching a breaking point she started trying to do whatever it is that she could to make this insanity stop.

Eventually certain people came to bargain with her, and a deal was struck. She'd be exiled from the city she had fought for, three favors would be owed, but she would be granted the power to affect the world around her in return.