The Foreman

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The Foreman
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/willbabe (capes)
Civilian name Clayton J. Burns Jr.
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationStranger
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

A bout of strange robberies have occurred within the last month in Ashton. Reports of a cape visiting various stores identifying themselves as "From corporate headquarters" has walked out of stores with various low value items, such as a value priced Laptop, or a tailored suit from Suit Warehouse. There are also reports of this Parahuman using his "authority" to coerce employees of these establishments into helping him with his low level crimes.

Character Sheet


The Foreman is solidly built, with perhaps a little paunch around the stomach. He has dirty blonde hair shoulder length hair that he often wears in a bun, and he looks as though he has not shaved in a few days. He wears various suits, preferring brown, but sometimes blue, with various paisley ties, and is usually seen wearing a brown fedora.

The only sign that he is a cape is that The Foreman wears a domino mask that has been made to look like a pair of aviator glasses.

Equipment and Resources

  • Beater Car
  • Stainless Steel Reinforced Coffee Mug
  • ~ $4000 Cash
  • 5-10 flash drives of consumer/customer information he's managed to scam from various businesses, that he saves as backup/a means of potential blackmail.

Skills and Specializations

He has a Associate's Degree in Business Management from DeVry University.

He has also managed to infiltrate the PRT at various points in the past, so that he has a working knowledge of basic PRT tactics (M/S protocols, classifications and basic handling of them and such).


The Foreman is generally genial in public. He is fond of "dad jokes", and does his best to be polite to all around him, even as he is actively manipulating them. He makes sure to thank people for their time, and he cannot abide rudeness. He oftentimes apologizes profusely for the crimes he is committing while committing them.


The Foreman is a Stranger/Master. Anyone in a circle, about 20 feet radius around The Foreman will see/perceive The Foreman as someone in a position of power with direct authority over them (his power does NOT create a false identity or allow him to subsume someone else's identity. Rather, a person would see him as "that guy, your boss" or if a person knows of The Foreman, "Your Boss, The Foreman" . They will try their best to make him happy, and will allow him to get away with much more than the average person (They would probably defend themselves from him if he was violently attacking him, but no guard would ever question that he has any security clearance to go where he wants, and access to anything is usually granted, as of course he has clearance.).

The strength of his power and the amount he can get away with depends on the person's respect of authority, and the outlandishness of the request asked. Someone such as a career cape in a PRT, or a loyal member of a gang would be willing to do much more without it feeling "odd" than someone who is more of an iconoclast. If someone is made uncomfortable/unsettled by The Foreman's request, their reactions would be the same as if their actual boss/supervisor made the request, and could range from complying while feeling uneasy, to complying yet documenting, to bringing up concerns to The Foreman. There have even been situations where The Foreman's odd request was the final straw that caused someone to quit their job on the spot.

The Foreman's power lingers on a person after they leave his area of influence, such as that until/unless they are given reason to believe that he is lying to them. For example, someone being asked to fetch a cup of coffee wouldn't necessarily find it unusual, whereas if he asks someone to empty a cash register of money and they leave his sphere of influence, they may question why they're doing this. Of course, unless is an extreme example, this oftentimes leads to someone going to check up with him and make sure they understood his request correctly, which is usually a sign to him that they need more direct supervision.


Ever since he triggered about a year or two ago, Clayton has been making his way around the Pacific Northwest with a listlessness, trying to shake away his depression. He really wants to belong to a group, but his powers coupled with the fact that he doesn't do well in leadership positions leads him to screwing things up majorly within a few months of joining a group.