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Marion Perrire.png
Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/RelapsingThinker (capes)
Civilian name Marion Pierre
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Mafia (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTrump / Changer, (Brute, Thinker, Striker, Mover)
Born (1998-10-28) October 28, 1998 (age 24)
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

There has only been rumors and talks of a red cloaked Changer behind a few robberies and break-ins. Each situation seems to turn into a brawl where cape is seemingly capable of multiple forms.

Character Sheet


Marion has dark chocolate skin with dark brown eyes that contrast beautifully with her dyed blonde hair. Her hair is naturally curly and she keeps the length to about neck length. There is a prominent scar that stretches below her left eye from her trigger event. Her physique is rather muscular due to her many years of martial arts and weightlifting. Her height is a little over the average with her standing around 5’10”. Her civilian wear consists of dresses, skirts, and crop tops with her favoring pastel colors.

Due to her nature as a changer her costume is very minimalist with it consisting of loose fitting fabrics wrapped around her, a black crop top, Nike shorts, and a red cloak. For a mask she uses a traditional fabric face mask.


Wealth Level: 5

  • Has a job as an assistant martial art teacher
  • Has a one bedroom studio apartment
  • Has around ten thousand in a savings account from her mother’s lawsuit


  • Switchblade
  • Burner Phone
  • 6ft Long Wooden Staff

Skills and Specializations

  • Black Belt in Kyokushin
  • Red Belt in Taekwondo
  • Fluent in French and Spanish
  • Proficient at playing the Saxophone


Marion is stubborn and headstrong to a point where she ignores obvious signs for the sake of doing things the way she wants to. This has her come off as confident to some and an asshole to most. She isn’t all edge as her passion for the things that she cares about is enduring. She is the person who shows up the earliest and leaves the latest. This is completely flipped when it comes to things she isn’t passionate about as she becomes uncaring and absent. This also applies to people she cares about as she is loyal to a fault and is willing to throw everyone else to the fire if it means protecting those she cares about.

A major point about her is her self hatred which only grew to a new high after her trigger event. She finds capes disgusting and irresponsible yet she finds herself enjoying the power she holds. That feeling that she is unstoppable and a cut above people without powers sicken her ,but she continues to do what she does because she thinks she doesn’t deserve better. To her this is just her fate and destiny as a cape ,so she lets her live out her desires without restraint.

Marion suffered from anger issues before her trigger which were spurred on by the death of her mother. This is why she is a talented fighter as martial arts became an outlet and therapy for her anger. After her trigger, her anger has become much more pronounced and primal. Her shard is very aggressive and pushes Marion to snap. She for the most part can still use her normal methods to keep her cool but things that she could have walked away from before sees her acting out aggressively towards them. She even finds herself snarling at people who annoy her. This aggression becomes much more intense as her powers grow in combat.

Virtuoso ISTP-T


Taurus is a Trump/Changer who has a selection of powers they can earn depending on how long they remain in active conflict. Her power is based within conflict which is classified as her being hit or hitting a hostile entity. The longer she maintains the condition the more powers she can equip with this capping at four powers and after that she can exchange her current powers for something else. Mechanically the condition translate to for every 3 consecutive rounds (18 seconds) of her landing a hit or taking a hit by a hostile entity, she can gain another power from her selection until she is at her cap ,in which she can then start exchanging an ability out for another. There is also a consequence for her not maintaining this condition. After 3 consecutive rounds of not being hit or landing an attack, she loses an ability. This loss is of the newest power she has gained. However if she does meet the condition of being hit or hitting but not consecutively, then she doesn’t gain or lose an ability.

A side thing with her power is her aggression which grows the longer she is in combat as her shard gains a stronger and stronger influence on her.

She chooses powers from this list of abilities and the changer effects blend with each other to form unique changer forms.

Beast: Brute

  • Her flesh shifts into a blackened hide with an almost scale-like pattern across it. This hide improves her durability to the point where she can take most bludgeoning and slashing attacks/weapons from non brutes with little effect. However any attack that could pierce/cut through steel plate armor would break through her hide. This hide is still akin to her own flesh so elemental attack still hurts and damages her to the same.
  • Her body grows and bulks up with her body shifting to become an animalistic with digitigrade legs, bull horns protruding from her head and clawed hands. Her strength is mainly enhanced with this ability allowing her to crack concrete with her fist alone and lift around 800 pounds.
  • Healing factor that allows her to recover from most surface level wounds within 5-6 seconds, allows her to not bleed out, and when it comes to more major wounds like deep cuts or broken bones it would take around 10 minutes for her to fully heal. Her power can’t regenerate limbs or full organs. The changer effect comes in when she heals as her flesh is temporarily replaced with a hide similar to her durability power however without the same effect. This flesh returns to normal after a few hours.
  • Her body shifts, giving her a fur coat which starts off as gray. This changes when she takes damage from an elemental source in which it grows thicker depending on how much damage took. The color also shifts to correspond to the damage type. She gains a resistance to said elemental damage allowing her to withstand an attack on that caliber. However if an attack strong hits her it can beat over her resistance and still deal damage. Her power will then repeat the process again.

Hunter: Thinker

  • Her facial structure changes to be more bear-like with her ears shifting to pointed and at the top of her head. When she damages someone, she gets a mental ping of their location until the wound that she has caused heals.
  • Her body becomes much more slender and lanky with her gaining a dull gray coat of fur that hangs almost like a trench-coat around her. If something or someone were to do something that would cause immediate damage to her, say a fire blast or a punch to the face, she gains knowledge over how much damage/type of damage she would take from the source/action.
  • Her eyes shift to become much larger and glow as they reflect light like a cat’s eyes. She gains a sense of a person’s physical condition which encompasses physical well being like if they are healthy or exhausted. She interprets this ultraviolet light when looking at a creature. As the brighter they shine the better their condition is and vice versa.
  • Her flesh shifts and becomes contorted and twisted. Her muscles and skin looked as it was being wrapped around her bones. Upon being hit by a physical attack she can replicate the attack at the same proficiency of the user who hit her with the attack.

Slugger: Striker

  • Her body shifts to be a little smaller in stature with her arms growing in size with a smooth and slick black scaled hide covering her limbs. When she makes a melee attack, her attacking speed increases for each attack that she lands successfully. However, misses slow her down. This mechanically works like for every consecutive round of her landing an attack, her combat speed allowing her to make another attack in the same action. However if she misses, she slows down by two. As she increases in speed the hotter her body with her starting to breathe out steam at a point.
  • Her arms become elongated with rings of muscular flesh and bone form around her forearms and biceps think hell boy’s arm. For the purposes of her interaction with things at melee range she can extend her reach/attack up to 20 feet away.
  • Her body gains bone plating on their shoulders and thighs and she gains a large set of curly ram horns. She can change the weight herself and things she is actively touching. She doesn’t have much control since she can choose to either add 200 pounds or reduce it by 200.
  • Her body becomes coated in a fine coat of gray fur that stands in and is prickly all around. Her damage can spread to anyone within 15 feet of the entity that she has hit.

Stalker: Mover

  • Her body shifts to become more lithe with her being able to shift into an almost bipedal stance. Her legs become digitigrade and face becomes more cat-like. She gains a burst of movement in a single direction that propels her at 30 mph for 20 feet. This power has a cooldown of around 5 seconds
  • Her body shifts with the texture of her skin shifting to a much rougher texture and coloration becomes obsidian in coloration. She also gains numbs that protrude from her forehead. She gains a magnetic like touch that allows her to pull herself towards an entity or object within 10 feet of her. She can maintain the contact to the surface after being pulled towards it and can be activated from any point of her body. She is pulled at 15 mph.
  • She gains a thin layer of gray fur around her neck, arms, and legs. When she moves she leaves a trail of poison gas that produces an effect akin to the Gympie Gympie plant. This effect only lasts for about 6 seconds, must come in contact with skin and she only produces the gas in wake of her moving. It disperses in a few seconds.
  • From her back grows a massive set of wings that are similar to that of bats with gray fur lining the wings. With these wings she gains a flight speed of 25 mph.

Minor Power Details

  • Her power has a delay to it when activated. Once she triggers her ability, she can’t just cancel it and retrigger it right away. She must wait a few minutes before she can activate her abilities.
  • The changer aspect of her ability merges and interacts differently depending on the set of powers she has. This provides unique forms depending on her powerset.
  • Her clothing is pulled into her changer state and shifted alongside her.


Marion has always been a menace since she was a small child. She would get into fights and arguments nearly everyday of her earlier school years. The only would could reign her in was her mother. Now she was close with her father ,but her mother was just simply the woman she wanted to be when she was older. Her mother wasn’t liked by everyone but she was respected due to her not taking shit from anyone. Sadly, Marion’s mother died when she was thirteen due to being caught in the crossfire of an ongoing cape fight. Marion didn’t find out until her father came home alone shaking and crying. He tried to explain to her the situation but he himself was still processing it. She understood the gist of what he was getting at and sadness didn’t come to her. She felt anger and hatred towards cape society and the world as a whole. Her mother lost her life because people wanted to play heroes and villains.

She was already barely keeping herself in order at school with mother present but after her death she lost it. She would violently lash out at anyone who caused the most minor inconvenience for her. She was on the verge of getting expelled from school when father decided to not suppress her anger ,but give her an outlet. He brought her to a martial arts studio and enrolled her in a few classes. She was hesitant at first but quickly found herself enamored by it. She had no natural talent and found it hard to grasp the concepts and movement. However, her determination and anger kept her at it and through sheer hard work she found herself excelling.

Around her second year of community college, she found love in a woman named Talia Neilson. She was this gorgeous tanned skinned long hair rebel with a hate for cape society and love risk. Her and Marion hit it off almost immediately with them spending most of their free time together. After class they run into town and graffiti walls while discussing their dream of running away to a house in the woods. They would have this small garden and become old witches together. Marion was head over heels for Talia and found herself agreeing to just about anything they wanted to do. Talia made her feel like maybe she doesn’t have to be on offense all the time that it was okay to show your damage. They would continuously escalate their antiques with them burning down abandoned buildings, exploring the forest in the dead of night, and even provoking gangs to only run away. These were fun at first but they started to feel odd. Talia became much more insisting and the danger of it escalated more and more until it was like they were risking their lives for thrills. She remembered a few times of them getting into arguments but they were a blur almost dream like and things would be normal again as if nothing happened. She brushed these off as bad dreams until she had a nightmare where she and Talia got into a nasty argument with Talia saying something and immediately becoming this hollow figure that was like space itself.

Then their actions caught up to them as they were graffting a building and the local gang got wind of their location. She heard them shout out for them and worry over taking her. Talia seemed to not hear them and she quickly pulled Talia towards the inside of the building. She knew that they pushed their luck too far and it was over for them. Talia seemed calmer than her and when she asked about it Talia started to explain how they were gonna fight their way out. Marion was taken back but Talia kept moving along with this plan smiling. She even began to shout to attract the gang to them. Marion tried to stop her but Talia moved from her and began to ready herself for a fight.

“It’s gonna work this time and you are gonna understand.. “

Marion was confused by her statement but before she could say anything seven members from the gang rushed into their room cornering them. They were armed with bats and knives ,and they rushed them. Marion did her best to defend herself ,but she was almost immediately thrown off by the sudden appearance of a hollow figure whose body looked to be made of space itself. This provided an opportunity for her to be stabbed in the face. This sent her to the ground grasping her wound while Breaker began to attack wildly and force the gang to retreat. She looked up to see the figure shift back to Talia. She was so overwhelmed by pain and betrayal that she could only part with what Talia was saying.

“…t-trying to make you trigger…your memory…ove you Marion.” She was shocked and couldn’t understand until she remembered those bad dreams and hazy arguments. Then the realization that she has been warped and manipulated by the woman she loved flooded her mind.