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His skin has many odd scars and birth marks, the exact opposite of his brother.
Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/Scrublord_Koish (capes)
Civilian name Kyle Beckett
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Furies (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMaster, Changer (Brute)
Born (2001-03-07) March 7, 2001 (age 22)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Memento E | Natalie Howard D

Tarrasque presents themselves as a for the most part no-nonsense villain, sometimes never being heard speak during an encounter if it wasn’t necessary.

They are a known to be a changer/striker who adheres objects to themselves, then reshapes them into various armored forms that are generally shaped after mythological creatures.

He is often seen working alongside a more artsy villain named Patchwork, working together around the Wisconsin area and seems to prefer stealing objects that are easily sold off.

Character Sheet


Kyle is a young man with short dirty blond hair, they stand at 5'10" and are most notable for their uneven skin tone, numerous faint scars, and strange 'birth marks.'

He dresses in generally tidy attire, not really caring much for fashion and simply taking what fits comfortably and matches where he plans to be going for the day.

While in costume as Tarrasque, his 'costume' is closer to makeshift armor than anything. Biker helmet, arm and knee guards on full dark grey clothing holding small decorations of various mythological chimera-esque creatures by the upper arms and back.

Equipment and Resources

  • Burner phone
  • First aid kit
  • Zipties
  • Satchel
  • Spare domino masks
  • Knee and elbow protection

Skills and Specializations

  • First aid: Never a bad thing to learn. Especially as a cape.
  • Programming: Kyle's plan for future employment. Computers are far easier to understand than humans anyway.
  • Animal knowledge: Mainly about animals native to Australia or are particularly memorable like lions.
  • Skill at various strategy based games: Plays them mostly to feel good about himself for winning. Includes both board games and computer games.
  • Engineering: He knows some of the basics. Mostly to repair shit around the apartment when something gets broken (by Alphonse mostly).


Kyle generally comes off as uncaring and a little cruel, and that is because he is. He simply doesn't really get other people's emotions that well or care much for trying to get them for that matter.

The exception to this is his twin brother Alphonse, who he actually goes out of his way for to try and properly understand, even if it doesn't always work out for him.


Main power: Tarrasque's power is the control of a long ribbon out of a pure black matter approximately 5 meters in length.

This ribbon can fly at a speed of approximately 15 km/h and can be torn apart by an average individual with some effort or cut apart, being unaffected by stabbing and blunt force. Should at least a third of the ribbon be separated from the main mass, it will disappear, unable to be summoned by Tarrasque for a minute.

When the ribbon touches an object or creature that is touching another object or creature, it can adhere them together at their contact points, dark 'stitches' being visible. Objects and creatures stitched onto eachother can be pulled apart with some effort. (Same as the ribbon.)If half of the mass of one of the objects/creatures is destroyed/separated, the stitches will disappear.

Should an object be stitched to Tarrasque himself, the force holding them together will be significantly stronger to the point that pulling them apart is more likely to rip off parts of the object/Tarrasque himself. Objects stitched to Tarrasque are also weightless to him.

Objects stitched to creatures count as part of the creature for the sake of manton protections and self focused powers up to 1 meter away from the contact point. (Creatures stitched together count as separate.)

Subpower from Patchwork (Nash): Tarrasque can reshape and shift parts of his body. And by extension, objects stitched onto him by the main power. (Not living creatures.) This reshaping happens proportionally to the average density of the object. Denser objects being slower. (For example. Shaping an arm from a metal block would take a minute while cloth would take seconds.)

Objects reshaped into body parts, animalistic or human, gain the same functions that they would have had were they flesh all the way through. This effect only happens with functions a human body could have also provided to some degree. So he could reshape his arm into that of a lion's paw or replace his midsection with wood and have it be fully functional, but a scorpion tail would not provide a venom when stabbing someone with it. The strength a limb would have originally had is fully carried over though.

When replacing body parts with dead biological material, it will slowly shift to have Tarrasque's DNA and become a proper part of Tarrasque's body over the course of a week. Regardless of the materials used and Tarrasque's total size, he cannot fly under his own power and can move at a maximum speed of 30 mph, assuming having a form capable of movement.

Cluster Mechanics: Tarrasque and Patchwork are not the usual kiss/kill cluster, only feeling more at ease and relaxed in the presence of their twin. Additionally, they also have an innate directional sense towards the other twin regardless of distance. Increasing in strength and accuracy the closer they are to eachother.

  • One (1) mile or more : Provides a sense of "This general direction."
  • One-hundred (100) feet: Provides a more accurate "Forward-Left 20-30 ft, and upwards 30ft"
  • Fifty (50) feet: Provides a sense akin to a dull Proprioception (kinaesthesia)
  • Ten (10) feet: Provides accurate enough Proprioception to enable them to almost perfectly mirror the others actions should they choose


The Beckett Twins had a relatively average upbringing, their parents were weird, but not totally unpleasant. Things had changed when they were both teenagers, about 17. They had never been allowed in the basement, chalking it up most of their lives to Dad being odd and enjoying their personal space an unhealthy amount, he even kept it locked with a chain of all things.

It had started while their parents were away, they had to attend a funeral out of state for one of their college friends. The two were home alone, and it was winter. The snow storms had been unpleasant, and the Circut breaker had been tripped, of course.. the circut breaker was in the basement. They knew Dad would be furious, but they saw no other choice, they needed the heater and the lights after all.

Cutting the chain with the bolt cutters from the garage had been the easy part. Coping with what they found however would haunt them. Their father was a tinker. A wet tinker. The two of them had found his lab, and the notes they could decipher would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Mom had only ever given birth to one son, and yet.. they were twins. Dad had done something horrific to his own child, cutting them in twain, and growing bits to stitch onto the two halves, until he had two sons instead of one. It made sense, they had always had scars and discolored patches of skin, their parents had explained they were in a car wreck when they were infants. But Alphonse and Kyle Beckett were originally two halves of one child.

He triggers, crying at the betrayal of one of the few people he truly cared about.