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Taffy as she appears in costume
Notoriety Criminal
C / ?
Author /u/unknownmercury (capes)
Civilian name Blake Webster
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger Brute Mover Stranger
Born (2001-11-12) November 12, 2001 (age 21)
Cedar Rapids, IA
Status Deceased
Reddit Sheet
A E? | BD A | C F | H E | IM C$ | J D+ | Q E+ | TC C | W F | WS D | Z E?

A string of strange crimes have been taking place over the past few weeks. People caught on camera committing crimes were found to have rock-solid alibis and evidence that they were in different places at the times the crimes were committed.

Character Sheet


Looks basically however they want out of costume. Forms they use frequently tend to be androgynous, however.

While doing cape stuff, they give themself pink skin and pink hair that they put into two heart-shaped buns. Their ‘costume’ consists of oversized pink gloves (really their hands), pink shoulder pads, a white shirt with a pink heart on it, pink bloomers, white leggings, and pink boots.

Equipment and Resources

  • Awful cell phone
  • Shitty dorm room
  • Junk heap of a car
  • Lots of second-hand clothes

Wealth Level: 3

Skills and Specializations

  • Streetwise
  • Great puns
  • Can make literally anything into a meal
  • Good at taking a beating
  • Decent at doing makeup and hair for self and others
  • Excellent actor
  • Has some minor construction skills
  • Decent singer
  • Lives to fight another day


A goofball of a villain who enjoys pranking and mischief. Unfortunately, their idea of a prank is to pose as someone else in order to shoplift a bunch of clothes or rob a convenience store. They are also very restless, going as long as they can without sleep before crashing into two- or three-day-long comas.


Taffy’s power is elasticity. She can mold her body to various shapes and sizes with the caveat being that she has to maintain her overall body mass. So she can make herself thin enough to squeeze into a tight space, but she’d be longer to compensate, or she can squash herself into a shorter form but make herself rounder in comparison. She is able to compress her body down to fit into a shoebox, but she becomes much denser and her body wants to snap back to its original form. With this shape shifting power comes the ability to mimic people’s appearances and voices by stretching her body and vocal chords. She can, inexplicably, change her body’s color and texture to mimic hair, clothing, skin, etc. Mimicking a person’s voice takes a while to get just right, and keen listeners, people who know the person well, and voice recognition tech would be able to tell that the inflections and manners of speech are off.

She is able to apply her power to individual parts of herself at will, making limbs stretch, grow, or shrink, and can shift her body into inhuman shapes. She can use this power to, for instance, make her fist giant and then punch you from halfway down the block.

Her elastic body makes her very tough to actually hurt, as she has permanently taken on the properties of an especially elastic rubber. Most bludgeoning attacks will just bounce off of her, and even bullets have trouble penetrating her rubbery body, while cuts and stabs tend to leave her hurting but are easily healed. This healing is manifested by pinching and molding the surface-level elastic together, though they may later need to visit a doctor to fix deeper tissue damage.

Her power also makes her incredibly mobile due to being able to stretch her legs to take long steps, or bounce off of walls and floors at high speeds.

Trigger type: Natural Double Trigger


Blake just wanted to fit in in their hometown. That was why they joined two different gangs in the hope of finding the place where they belonged. And then the gangs went to war with each other, and Blake wasn’t sure where they belonged. After a fight where both gangs tried to get Blake on their side, they realized what was going on.

As the two gang bosses put their differences aside to punish the “traitor,” Blake triggered.