Tabula Rasa (Minapunisherofknees)

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Tabula Rasa
Notoriety Criminal
F / ?
Author /u/MinaPunisherofKnees (capes)
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Tribunal of Hounds
Status Deceased
Height 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Reddit Sheet

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Character Sheet


Case 53 tattoo on the Small of the Back. Tattoo remains even when body changes.

Well, they're person shaped . 5'5, lanky, perfectly symmetrical, pure white, ceramic feeling skin, with no discernible face or other identifying characteristics. Sound comes from inside when they speak and they can still sense things. All in all, kind of disconcerting, and they try to avoid being in this form whenever possible. No special strength, is weaker than most normal people.

Equipment and Resources

They take enough to keep going when they leave, carrying maybe $500 dollars from place to place. Largely dependent on who they find.

Skills and Specializations

Tabula picks up languages easily thanks to their lifestyle, and can speak passably in most major languages. As a neccessity, they've become a superb actor, finding it extraordinarily easy to copy others, with a bit of Shard help. And thanks to the myriad of different individuals and lifestyles they’ve experienced, they know a little bit of everything, if they can be bothered to remember it. Has, let's say, a moderate amount of experience with drugs, having tried just about everything that can be bought, and mixing their own when they get bored.


In short, Tabula is a complete chaotic, hedonistic, short sighted, idiot. They borrow lives, experiencing as much as they can, frequently breaking the law, and when they get bored, or the charade gets too difficult to maintain, they leave, seeing no need to clean up their mess. They've lived a decade of no consequences, doing just about whatever


Tabula Rasa is able to shift their form into that of person that they've touched, dead or alive. It takes them a few seconds to change their body, and once they've changed, they can't do so again until 30 seconds after physical conflict. If they turn into a parahuman that was alive when they copied them, they are able to copy that capes abilities, though they don't have the innate experience of using them, so they're far less effective with said powers.

While their power is able to store regular human bodies with no limits, they're only able to store the forms of up to 2 Parahumans. If they want to add another one, one must be forgotten. They're able to move directly from one copied form to the next, without stopping at their base Case 53 form.