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Like this, but precisely 60 foot tall.
Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/frustratedFreeboota (capes)
Civilian name Vladimir Novak
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born (2002-03-03) March 3, 2002 (age 21)
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Charcutie B | Magical Girl Yokai C?

A low stakes villain in a big way, unwilling and incapable of committing too much damage despite the terror that is a 60 foot insect themed enby.

Character Sheet


Six foot and awkward looking gangly young adult, with a touch of acne and a haircut a wee bit mature for them. Their costume is a Purple and Yellow armless bodysuit worn with a pair of elbow length grey fingerless gloves, jackboots, and either a domino mask or a mask shaped rather like an ant's head with human looking eyes and pincers.


Born the child of "Fifty Foot Woman!", an immigrant from the Czech republic, single mother, and five foot golden age villainess who could grow to fifty feet in height who used to clash with the Protectorate across two decades of B list villainy and slightly skimpy outfits, THEM! had a few oedipal and freudian issues compounded by a dislike of their own body. Diagnosed with dysphoria and electing to transition, THEM! triggered in an awkward public outing at an outdeer beer party in the middle of an already awkward second puberty, gaining the power to grow to up to ten times their height.

Attending Ashton University when they actually need to show up to a lecture for business studies, THEM! has prepared themself for a career in petty villainy.


Low stakes spectacle villain, willing to play by the rules and drop the ball to make sure the heroes win in the hopes they'll reciprocate and won't try too hard to take them down in return. Pun based sense of humour, where Word Play is the be all and end all of comedy.

A few childhood dalliances with Verruccas and other infections has worked away at a lot of THEM!'s hesistance to cut into their own skin and their tolerance for the awkward sort of little pains they might get from small cuts and scratches.

Equipment and Resources

Skills and Specializations

First aid training. Former field Hockey player. Trained in a bit of Bartitsu for street defence, giving them an advantage against people what haven't trained in proper martial arts and allowing them to use an umbrella or hockey stick as an effective enough weapon.


THEM! has no powers or differences from anyone else at their normal size. Using their power, THEM! can rapidly grow to a height of roughly sixty feet or shrink back to a minimum of 6 feet at will. This growth/shrinking is at a rate of 6 feet of growth or shrinking per second for a total of 9 seconds to reach full/empty size, with only the maximum and minimum heights allowed. There is no stopping in between, and they'll keep growing if knocked out midway through. THEM! remains at their current height if knocked unconscious. While big, THEM! is able to lift and move objects as if they had the same density for the reduced volume that they have relative to THEM! Example, a giant brick would seem to weigh the same to THEM! as a regular brick would to THEM! when THEM! is normal sized. At most they can safely lift about two and a half metric tons of weight (2500kg) held close to the body and at waist height. Their strength behaves weirdly when it comes to damaging structures, with objects behaving as if they were made of the same material only smaller. Trying to destroy a building by kicking it will hurt THEM! as if they just kicked a brick wall at normal size. Stepping on a boulder is the equivalent of stepping on a pebble. THEM! also moves slower, travelling at a maximum of 30 miles per hour at their maximum height.

While in this state, THEM! takes damage proportional to their new size. Their skin and clothing can be damaged as normal, but the things damaging them are much smaller. A sword can only cut so deep, bullets are like splinters and tend to stop a little sooner due to the thicker meat and such in the way. Electrical shocks, burns, and what have you are still rather effective.

Shrinking and growing will include anything they're wearing and holding, though the affected things will immediately shrink back to normal if they are cut off/fall off/are extracted. A bullet that was inside them and shrunk will grow back to normal size as soon as it is outside of their body, and a hair that falls off their head won't be a giant hair. A bullet fired from a giant gun would make a big flash but just be a normal sized bullet. The magnetic and conductive properties of anything made big with them are unchanged, they can't make giant and powerful magnets and they can't just light a really big torch and use it to burn things.