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Szpak Mask.jpg
A simple mask of a bird with a beak protruding and the head designed to wrap around Szpak's. Painted a simple white with blacks and red's filling in details.
Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/LizardFolkofNeptune (capes)
Civilian name Jonas Stromberg
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Mafia (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMover
Born (2002-10-06) October 6, 2002 (age 20)
In the mountains of Asheville NC.
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Though born in the mountains of Asheville in a small town Jonas does not care to remember, in no way was he ever going to stay there. His plans were sped up however when he triggered and escaped a seemingly inescapable situation in front of semi-reliable witnesses. Spurred on by his fear of hurting his family, his power whispering in his ear, and plain old wanderlust Jonas started making his way north and taking the name Szpak for activities mainly villainous but occasionally arguably just. Now in Devilfish he has decided to stick around for a while. Szpak has made no big splashes yet (although if you ask around enough or dig through the internet you may be able to find him from his acts on his way up to devilfish) Jonas plans to change that, and soon.

Character Sheet


Jonas is a small but not physically remarkable person, short at about 5’3 and skinny although not malnourished. Both in and out of costume has well combed brown hair, brown eyes, and tidy but not extraordinarily so clothing. In civilian clothing wear he usually chooses well-worn boots, with a preference for jeans and jackets. His costume is surprisingly similar although all black with the addition of gloves and a hand carved and painted bird mask, with a ribbon for securing it to his head

Equipment and Resources

Although currently living in his “hideout” (a long time abandoned house on the outskirts) Szpak has built up a small hoard with his illicit activities, and it is only growing. Hopefully one day he will be able to buy a house properly.

Gear that Szpak carries around:

  • A cheap burner phone
  • A pocket flashlight
  • An extendable baton
  • A multitool
  • A hunting knife
  • A lighter
  • A polaroid camera
  • A small pistol “for emergencies”

All of this is stored in a backpack

Skills and Specializations

  • Amatuer photography
  • Wood carving
  • Has gotten fairly good at sneaking around
  • Bad at lockpicking but still better than most
  • Has gotten into a track routine so is somewhat athletic at least
  • Decent at fighting
  • Pretty good at wall/rock climbing


Just a bit of a jerk really. Arrogant and unfriendly, although you won’t be able to get him to stop talking if he deems you “interesting.” Has few friends and a fair amount of hobbies. If you talk to him long enough you may get the impression of “overly dramatic and angsty.” Does have some very strict rules about what kind of crimes are acceptable, and can border on extra violent vigilante when those rules are violated. Power drives Jonas to restlessness and ambition a noticeable amount.


Trigger type: Single, natural trigger

The cape has the ability to teleport roughly ten feet, and while posture cannot change the direction they are facing (so they can turn but can’t go from running to crouching, but can go from facing left to facing right or up.) Additionally they have the ability to reorient which way gravity is facing them (such as having gravity adhere them to walls or the ceiling rather than the floor) and must reorient this at least 90 degrees every jump. Gravity, friction, and momentum (outside of punches or running) do not carry across jumps although can be quickly regained (if the cape is falling off a building and teleports they will not get squished if they teleport to a wall) The most interesting part of this power is the timing of the teleportation. After the first jump they must wait 1 minute and for their power to recharge, but after each jump 30% of that is cut out of the recharge time. Their power does have a minor thinker power, just enough enhanced reflexes at any time to get a grasp of the position, situation, and aiming a teleport if their normal reflexes would not be able to by the time the power is charged again. This is important as there is no practical limit on just how many jumps they can do in any given time, so they end up going extraordinary fast after enough time. There is a limit on this as the power only starts speeding up when it registers the cape to be in immediate danger (such as in a fight or falling down into an abyss) and otherwise still requires a 60 second cool down before jumping again, and if Szpak were to ever move more than 300 feet from where the danger located is they return to the normal 60 second cooldown. At the faster levels of jumping it is likely they would not be able to be seen at all, although they are still limited by the fact that their body does not change positions between jumps.


Jonas knew he shouldn’t have gone exploring the mines, but the few friends he was able to make insisted. Now, tumbling down an abandoned, unmarked, and uncovered shaft, with no hope of anyone being able to save him, and even the conception of “up” lost in the ever growing darkness Jonas reaches out to… something it doesn’t matter much and *moves.* About a half hour later he emerges from the mine to see most of his group ran off and the few dumbstruck ones that remain.


After his trigger Jonas could not find even less joy in the idea of sticking around his tiny town deep in the “american south” then before, and with the danger he perceived to be bringing to his family as a cape (with a few suspicious witnesses to his trigger) he went on the run. After a few months he found himself in Devilfish and something just felt right, maybe he’ll stick around a bit. Now, time to get down to business.