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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/MinaPunisherofKnees (capes)
Civilian name Ralph Listheim
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Unknown)
Born (1998-10-22) October 22, 1998 (age 24)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Served in the Wards briefly under the name Eye in the Sky before stepping out of the public eye to join Internal Affairs. Does not have any real public presence.

Character Sheet


Civilian: When not in his cape identity Ralph wears normal, business casual outfits, with the glaring exception of what he wears on his face. His disorder has left parts of his body damaged to the point of necrosis, requiring surgical removal, including both his eyes and ears. As such, he sports a pair of tinted glasses and over-the-ear headphones to conceal this fact.

Cape: Less flashy than his more public counterparts, he keeps to a business suit with full head helmet. Think Daft Punk but less showy.

Equipment and Resources

A very generous Hero salary, plus his personal Wards trust.

Switchboard has permission to use most non-Lethal PRT weaponry. Has two trained animals, Watchdog and Witness.

  • Watchdog: his service dog from pre-Trigger. Keeps him around for when he goes out as a civilian. Golden retriever, absolute sweetheart.
  • Witness: a diabetic African Grey Parrot. Very sassy. Very fat. Bullies Watchdog. Claims to be a Parahuman. Currently unproven.

Skills and Specializations

In addition to the standard Law Enforcement training, and Thinker experience, he has taken up painting. He’s gotten very good at landscapes.


Still recovering from a decade and a half of being trapped in his own body.


Trigger type: Natural Single

Switchboard can tap into the senses of organic beings within 2 blocks. This includes things like Sight, Touch, Hearing, along with more internal senses, and power based senses.

Upon touching someone, Switchboard can form a link that allows them to share the data they’re gathering with that person, acting as essentially a human hub of sensory information. They can overload this connection to others, bombarding someone with a bunch of information. When doing so, the connection swiftly deteriorates. While this can’t do true physical damage or permanent harm, the effect is incredibly disorientating.

Minor Thinker power: His shards handle a large chunk of the processing of information. Switchboard is not constantly analyzing information, instead he has a vague awareness of the data being received in the background, and can ‘tune into’ this information if he notices something.