Starving Artist

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Starving Artist
Starving Artist (the helmet is not part of her costume)
Notoriety Criminal
A /
Author /u/PM_ME_UR_SIMURGH (capes)
Pronouns she/her
Civilian name Alex Yukimura
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born (1999-01-21)January 21, 1999
Aspen, Colorado
Status Deceased
Died August 3, 2019(2019-08-03) (aged 20)
Chibombo, Zambia
Cause of death Endbringer
Residence Downtown
Nationality Japanese-American
Other names Sublime
Reddit Sheet
Asbestos C | Astrohaunt B? | Knockoff F? | Misfit A$ | Retcon E | Zettai C?

Character Sheet

Starving Artist with her buckets and paint roller
Approver Nyra
Mod Rin


She looks like she's 16 or 17, all of five foot nothing. Short black hair with NEON GREEN highlights, and mocha-colored eyes. Her costume is a black and NEON GREEN bodysuit, with a respirator for a mask.

Equipment and Resources

  • She has a highrise 2-bedroom apartment downtown, one bedroom of which has been converted into a chem lab. It's nice.
  • A car. It's nice. The backseat and trunk are full of vials and stuff, and is its own sorta portable lab. Her car and apartment labs collectively account for three hours of maintenance.
  • $10,000 in liquid currency (cash and Bulletin-approved bank account).
  • $200,000 in investments (via Bulletin-approved financier), the interest helps pay the bills. Not easy to turn into cash otherwise.
  • She's got some contacts who are beholden to her (read: addicted), such as a lab supply company, her landlord, and a couple cops.


  • Her costume has a bandoleer filled with vials of assorted colors, and a belt with many vials and flasks in its pouches. In total she has about 20 vials and flasks on her at any point.
  • She has two gallon-sized paintcans attached to belt hooks. One is full of assorted equipment such as flasks, a portable burner, glass and plastic tubing, etc. The other is empty and used for mixing.
  • In combat, she carries a big paint roller on a stick.

Skills and Specializations

She can throw a vial like no one's business. A very talented creative person in general, and enjoys making everything from sculptures to tattoos when she's not drugging it up.


Her passion is her art. Everything she does in some way boils down to furthering it and spreading it amongst those who would benefit from it. Unfortunately, she has a rather warped reality on what constitutes "helping" someone, and absolutely no thinking of the larger-scale implications of what she does. She sees a problem, determines if her art would help solve literally that problem, and implements it at once. It doesn't help that she is very addicted to her own brew.


(Trusted Power)

Starving Artist is a tinker with a secondary thinker power. Her Tinker power is, quite simply, the power to create chemical substances that can do a variety of effects. Her Thinker power is the ability to design large-scale factories and devices for the production of (conventional) chemicals.

Starving Artist's unused maintenance hours are converted into points of chemical "use" per event[1], unless she refills her components at either her car, home, or another such sufficiently-stocked location. Unless otherwise noted, she cannot make and/or use multiple chems in a single turn of combat. Chems that perform opposite effects (such as Wake Up! and Don't Wake Up!) cancel each other out.

Her Thinker power does not allow her to make Tinker chemicals. It does, however, allow her to use (conventional) devices to find novel ways of synthesizing large amounts of chemicals. Given enough base materials, in her lab(s) she can produce about a kilogram of cocaine in 24 hours.

[1] For example, if she has six hours of maintenance, she can use eighteen points of the stuff below.

Tinker Chems

(Asterisks* indicate that there's some special usage condition with this chem. See description for more info)

Cerulean Nightmare (8 points*)

  • Appearance: Warm to the touch, a glistening deep blue fluid that feels heavy and thick
  • Abilities: Upon contact, this vial will dissolve through anything it touches and keep going, until five seconds pass, when it catches on fire. Fire cannot be put out by oxygen deprivation.
  • Notes: This is SA's emergency vial. Only uses it in life or death situations. Only one can be used per event. This cannot be given to others. She always has this on her when in costume or going Out.

Starving's Art (3 points)

  • Appearance: Varies. Comes in assorted pills and vials.
  • Abilities: Produces various hallucinations when taken. Lasts about thirty minutes.
  • Notes: She makes these in one-off batches, each with their own trip. Collect them all before they're gone!

Foam Slayer (4 points*)

  • Appearance: Jet black, stored in a special vial.
  • Abilities: This vial is intended to be kept exposed on the owner's person. Stored in a special vial that dissolves upon contact with PRT confoam, the chemical inside contains a fast-acting catalyst that will liquefy all the confoam it can reach at a rate of 1 cu. ft. per second. It fizzles out after neutralizing 50 cubic feet of confoam.
  • Notes: If the PRT is hunting Starving Artist in particular, they can deploy a variant confoam that is resistant to this agent, however this is too cost-prohibitive for widespread use. Must be prepared ahead of time. Selling this or giving it away requires case-by-case mod approval prior to the exchange.

Grey Glue (3 points)

  • Appearance: Grey and thick.
  • Abilities: Three seconds after being exposed to air, it becomes sticky af to anything solid. As in, you won't be getting it off of you or anything. After an hour, it becomes brittle and can be safely chiseled away. Sticks to itself. It has similar properties to confoam except for not expanding.
  • Notes: Covers 10x10 if spread by Alex's roller, 3x3 if thrown.

Heartbreak (8 points*)

  • Appearance: A small, cloudy pink fluid. It tastes tingly.
  • Abilities: A drop on the skin will erase inhibitions and manifest desire. One of the side effects is being able to feel your heartbeat, and any partner's, like beats of a drum reverberating through your body. And the only downside is that it's highly addictive. Well, that was only a downside for the buyer, really. A painless, beautiful, experience.
  • Notes: Due to the abilities of this drug, it will not be appearing in-game. It's here as a trade good and something for if two people want to fade to black :v

Wake Up! (1 point)

  • Appearance: Crystal clear liquid, but somehow sparkly. Tasteless.
  • Abilities: Removes the need to sleep for 72 hours. Doesn't remove the need to sleep, just delays it. Expect a crash if you don't keep the high going. It is impossible to fall asleep during this time.
  • Notes: Starving Artist is basically on this constantly.

Don't Wake Up! (4 points)

  • Appearance: Yellow liquid, that gives off fog when exposed to air.
  • Abilities: Tinkertech tranquilizer. Takes effect only on touching bare skin. One drop will make the average person groggy. More than a splash puts them to sleep instantly unless they're on Wake Up! or have a relevant Brute rating.
  • Notes: Lasts ten minutes in open air before losing potency.

Sip-Vials (1 point)

  • Appearance: Assorted colors, with seemingly no correlation to effect.
  • Abilities: Creates or counters a specific emotion. Literally drink the sadness away. Extended use causes permanent damage to body's regulatory system. Lasts a day unless you've developed a tolerance.
  • Notes: Requires ingestion.

Dragon's Fire (6 points)

  • Appearance: A dark maroon fluid.
  • Abilities: Upon impact, explodes into a cloud that coats everything within 15 feet (4.57 metres) in a clinging pepper spray that lasts 15 minutes. Works on skin contact, not mucus membranes.
  • Notes: Starving Artist is immune to this effect, as well as any allies she has been giving a chemical countermeasure treatment.

Mess Minimizer (1 point)

  • Appearance: A clear thick goop
  • Abilities: When applied to a surface, prevents her drugs from activating. She uses it on her paint roller to allow her to spread shit around.

Creation Serum (0 points*)

  • Appearance: An assortment of vials.
  • Abilities: Starving Artist is very addicted to her own shit. This is a combo treatment to sate all the assorted addictions and things going on in her body. Going without this is Very Bad. Taking it if you aren't Starving Artist is Very Bad. She doesn't like giving this out, and won't be giving it out unless under duress (this should be obvious, please don't make me actually figure out what this does to a normal person because it won't be pretty).