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There isn't much out there about the fey-like villain under the moniker of 'Spryte' as of yet. Apparently a new appearance on the cape scene, she's attacked a few individuals at apparent random for unknown reasons. She's followed by a presumably master-generated orb of light that has apparent blaster powers.

Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/Wovenbun (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Abigail Litlocke
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMaster/Blaster
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Abigail Litlock stands at about 5', with a slight build that speaks of a past very much missing activity and physical labor. She appears very slightly translucent, the transparency growing further evident at the ends of her extremities, slightly elongated arms and legs growing dark but nearly glass-like in their transparency at the ends. Her black hair floats around her as though caught in invisible water, her face set with distant gray eyes, a constant, faraway smile, and pointed, elf-like ears. Wings like that of a pixie adorn her back, but don't seem to ever move much to keep her aloft as she floats gently above the ground, contributing to her strange, waterborne appearance.

She wears loose, flowing clothes, generally favoring pastel greens, pinks, and some yellows. The ᛗ that marks all case 53s is imbedded in the back of her neck, visible as her hair floats through the air.

Equipment and Resources

  • A dagger of sorts, straight-edged with sun and moon iconography on the handle.
  • Fey-inspired costume, complete with butterfly mask and sparkly green tunic.
  • Burner phone.
  • Panflute.
  • First-aid kit.
  • Taser.
  • Small apartment.
  • Laptop, clothes, the basics to live.

Skills and Specializations

  • Basic combat training.
  • Basic psychology.
  • Basic first-aid.
  • Basic musical ability.


Abigail always seems to be somewhere else. An odd smile, a strange laugh, she's always talking with a 'wisp,' an element of her power that always follows her. Despite being so off-putting, and acting as if she's somehow something other than human, she generally seems friendly, or at least some facsimile thereupon. Her wisp almost seems more expressive than she does- although, that's because it actually is.


Spryte's heart has been disembodied and floats around her in the form of a wisp. It appears as a floating orb of light that can only be within 30ft of Spryte at any given time, and if forced out of the range or dismissed it will fade and reappear adjacent to her within a minute.

The wisp feels all of the emotions that Spryte would feel, giving her her strange, inhuman outlook. When the wisp is dismissed or otherwise unavailable, the emotions it held are shunted back to Spryte, usually resulting in extreme levels of distress.

The wisp is made out of an energy Spryte calls 'motes.' The wisp gains these motes by being in direct contact with her, at a rate of about one mote per second of contact, and cannot regain motes in any other way. It can retain a maximum of about one hundred motes.

The wisp can use these motes to fire short-range bolts of energy. These bolts can be fired rapidly, but each costs a single mote. These blasts deal about the damage of a hard punch. Alternatively, the wisp can spend these motes to generate a small shield in front of it, at a rate of about three motes per second of shielding. Spryte has to balance between all-out attacks and saving resources for defense and endurance.

The wisp glows brighter the more motes it has, and when out of motes, the wisp bursts and disappears until Spryte next sleeps.

Spryte herself has her own minor blaster power, a light beam with a slow rate of fire that does minor damage, but can cause slight disorientation for a moment. However, if fired through the wisp, becomes a much stronger beam with blast damage at the cost of five motes.

Attacks in general targeting the wisp can also drain motes from it, usually enough that generating a shield would've been a better choice. And of course, messing with emotions or light could easily through it off.

Her case 53 mutations make her semi-translucent and fey-like, and almost lighter than air. Or at least, she slightly floats off the ground at all times. She can't actually fly though, merely hovering a few inches.


Abigail once felt love. A relationship that lasted for nearly half her life, from best friends of childhood to lovers in adulthood. She cared about noone more than Him.

But good things don't last forever, do they? Her best friend, her lover, broke her heart and left her behind, leaving a scar in her heart that she just couldn't bear. Heartbroken, she sought the impossible. She sought out powers- anyone who could take the pain away, take away her memory, take away the troublesome heart that kept her locked in the agony she felt every day without Him by her side.

No answer she found gave a permanent solution, but with each attempt she gained more leads to something greater. Eventually, through her broken determination, she found Coven. Or perhaps Coven found her.

She made the sacrifice in a heartbeat. Her memories, her Heart, gone. Her Wisp would carry the burden for her from now on.