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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/LifeisaRPG (capes)
Civilian name Cullen Tanaka
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Ashton)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Cullen is known as the son of PRT Squad Captain Julia Tanaka of the New York PRT. To those who have meant him say that he is like his mother. Who is often remarked as being very calm and even zen in any situation. Specter is known as a relatively new stranger cape who prefers staying out of the limelight, instead focusing on his work and training.

Character Sheet


Cullen is of Asian descent giving him tanned skin and jet black hair also like his mother he has dark green eyes. Cullen has a toned athletic body like that of a martial artist or gymnast. He has scar on his right brow and tattoo of king boo on his left forearm.

Specter has a white costume with light grey trim. The costume has some armor plating built into the costume mostly around vital areas. Specter also wears a metal full face mask and a large hood. Along his waist, he wears a tactical belt with a few pouches and a holster.

Equipment and Resources

Financial assets: Ward paycheck

Car: KIA Soul

Home: Loft in New York owned by parent

Contacts: New York wards, PRT Squad captains, New York PRT director

  • Extendable baton
  • Tanto (knife)
  • 2x Handcuffs

Skills and Specializations

Cullen’s mom Julia Tanaka a PRT squad captain helped train Cullen. Resulting in him being a very proficient marksman and trained in MMA. He also is very familiar with military tactics and has mastered being able to stay calm in dangerous situations. Outside of the cape life Cullen is a decent cook and goes to a parkour gym to learn and practice. He also practices the art of tai chi and uses it to de-stress and relax.


Specter is a very calm and self-confident person, and is often sarcastic towards those who annoy him. He’s highly cunning and can imagine brilliant strategies to succeed in his missions. However, despite being a hero he doesn’t really care about being the image of a hero, he just does his job. He is more motivated to take down villains then being a shining symbol of hope and justice. It should also be noted that Cullen doesn’t hate villains at all he just views them as part of the job. Specter sees villains like firefighters view fires, don’t hate it or love it just something that is part of the job and needs to be dealt with.


Trigger type: Natural trigger

Specter can enter a phase/phantom state then move through inorganic objects with ease. If Specter comes into contact with something organic while in this state then it will snap him out of it this can be rather dangerous. That being said Specter doesn’t stay in this state if he doesn’t have to he prefers to move through objects quickly then change back.

Specter also has the ability to possess an inorganic object. When phasing through an object he can decide to “push himself into it.” If he does so he can then control the object and manipulate it to a certain degree. The force he can exert on the possessed object is slightly higher then the force he could exert on it in his physical form. For example, if he possesses a car he could drive it and steer it or if he possesses a cup he could tip it over. When he possesses an object coming into contact with organic object won’t dislodge him so if somebody picked up a cup that Specter is possessing then it won’t affect him. Specter has the same durability as the object he possesses but the pain is dulled. It should also be stated that the bigger and more complex something is the less control he has over it, things like tinker tech are to complex for him to control. Another thing Specter can't do something he normally wouldn't be able to do for example he could possess a helicopter maybe start the engine but he wouldn't know how to fly it.