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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/MissRoamer (capes)
Civilian name Mason Edwards
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born (2001-10-06) October 6, 2001 (age 21)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Spade is the new kid on the block. Talks like he's the big shit when really he's the little shit.

Character Sheet


Mason is built like a bull. He's got dark skin and a cleanly shaved face, which makes him quite the stud. Hair is dark and kept in a loose dreadlock ponytail.

As Spade he wears a silver suit, with spades as pauldrons and placed over his groin and gauntlets, while his black helmet also looks like a stylized one that conforms with his face, and has a movable visor.

Equipment and Resources


Skills and Specializations

HE'LL WHOOP YOUR ASS AT MARIO PARTY! Also he is decent in a fight, and can pick locks and hotwire cars, and can always land a 3 point shot.


Mason is a pretty laid back dude who just happens to have powers and a need for money. Can't blade the guy, can't ya? Spade however will put up a show, play around with his targets, but will get serious and fuck shit up if needed.


Trigger type: Single Trigger

Spade's a Brute who saps the strengths from others which fuels himself. People within 50 feet of him begin to weak to the point where they collapse underneath their own weight and can't move. Other Brutes and people with higher grades of strength tend to get their strength sapped quicker. There's really no limit to how much strength he can absorb, unless people aren't around. Animals are also fair game. No durability just strength.

They would start feeling themselves getting heavy around 30 seconds in, and 2 minutes or so more they will start collapsing unless they move out of range. It takes him five minutes to drain someone to total exhaustion, He starts off baseline but would gain around the same amount of strength that is being lost by others, which means that more people = more strength for him. He gains around 350 lbs per guy in his range, and 230 per chick (can vary between people but that's a good estimate). His gained strength wears off just as fast once they are out of his range. The power is always on and requires some focus to deactivate.