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Notoriety Criminal
D / ?
Author /u/PM_ME_UR_SIMURGH (capes)
Civilian name Adrian Finn
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Olympia)
PRT ClassificationBreaker
Born (2003-11-23) November 23, 2003 (age 19)
Olympia, Washington
Status Lore
Reddit Sheet
Asbestos C | Astrohaunt B? | Knockoff F? | Misfit A$ | Retcon E | Zettai C?

An indie hero operating out of the Olympia suburbs, Snicker-Snack has just begun making a name for himself. He was recently spotted at the Ruby Cornet, and made a good chunk of change fighting other nobodies.

Character Sheet


Snicker-Snack is a smol teenage boy, with wavy blonde hair and curious green eyes. His costume right now is just a cheap generic domino mask, a torn-up Backstops jersey, and some blue jeans.

In his breaker state, he turns into a four-dimensional being made of fractal blades and edges (get your edgelord jokes out of the way) that constantly shift and twist.

Equipment and Resources

He's a kid, living with his parents (Wealth 2). They don't know he's a cape, but he's told his nerdy loser friend Lewis, who acts as a helper.

Lewis gave him a cell phone he says is totally untraceable. That's about all he's got, really.

Skills and Specializations

Adrian knows CPR from health class, and can also play the flute.


He's trying to stay positive, stay happy, trying to get out of that rut that'd driven his headspace into a bottomless pit. It's not always working, but the heroics help, knowing he's making a difference one way or another.


Trigger type: Natural, single-trigger

Snicker-Snack is a hard Breaker with minor Shaker and Thinker aspects. He turns into a recursive, four-dimensional being made of sharp blades and edges. Looking at him is hard, both due to the reality warping and because the light catches the blades all wrong, showing reflections of things that shouldn't be there. It's weird.

On demand, however, Snicker-Snack can reach into his chest cavity and pull out swords (more accurately, his hand becomes the sword) that have various minor effects. Hot blades, cold blades, electric blades, fear blades, and so on. While versatile, the effects are relatively minor, these effects alone would hardly warrant a 1 rating on the PRT threat scale.

Being near Snicker-Snack increases perception speeds for both himself, allies, and enemies, proportional to the number of nearby people. However this does not change reflexes or thought patterns, it just tends to leave people in that "watching a trainwreck in slow motion" headspace. Thus it's largely flavor meta-wise, but Thinkers might have some weird interactions.


t/w self-harm

Adrian was always the smart kid in class, the first one to raise his hand for every question. Through elementary and middle school he never had to study, and every kid wanted to do group projects with him because they knew he didn’t mind doing it all himself. And people said school was hard!

And then his parents got him into the local high school for the gifted kids. He was so excited… but by the first week of school he’d felt like he’d been given a once-over by a mobster with a pillowcase full of padlocks. He was supposed to be smart, but holy shit.

He scraped by, but what had once been straight-As were now Cs and Ds on the report card. Had his parents made a mistake, putting him here? He was supposed to be gifted, right?

Adrian fell into depression, not that you could tell from the outside. He kept up appearances, hid the scars with long-sleeve shirts, forced himself to smile and pretend conversation at the dinner table. Summer break came, but instead of getting better, now he was stuck with a bored melancholy. He fills the time with more cutting, now it’s just a habit rather than a subconscious need for endorphins. His friends are calling, but he leaves the phone unanswered, and eventually they stop.

He’s in his room, running the knife along his wrists, when the door slams open, and the knife slips, digs way deeper than it should. There was blood, a lot of blood, but it didn’t hurt. Adrian looks up to see his mom, a horrified look in her eyes, one hand holding her phone and the other covering her mouth. It was as if time slowed, and he could feel himself trying to hide the knife at a glacial speed…

Someone shakes him, and he opens his eyes. He was on the ground, mom yelling at 911, and he felt weak, so weak, but… something was different now. Things would be better now.