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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/CoolestArcan (capes)
Civilian name Eun-Ji Sun
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
Born (1996-11-16) November 16, 1996 (age 26)
Seoul, South Korea
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Eun Ji is a fairly average woman of Korean descent, though they land on the shorter side of the scale. Her style is a very carefully put together look of not caring, favouring a lot of band shirts.

Her costume isn’t the fanciest, most of the time and money going into her tinkertech. It’s mostly just a nice black coat with a wolf style mask.

Equipment and Resources



Appearance: Not that most would see it, but the reactor is pretty much just a big block of metal and panels. There’s been attempts to make it look nicer, but it’s stayed mostly the same for fear of it breaching containment

Abilities: Black Sunrise outputs a very large amount of a specialized matter/energy mixture, the foundation of the hard dark. While a lot of that goes to making the hard dark, it’s still a great source of power besides.

Eclipse Pylons

Appearance: Dusk: While collapsed, Eclipse Pylons are just bricks of metal about 5’ by 2’ by 2’. While setting up, they unfold into an about 6 or 7 foot tall tripod, with the main body dug into the ground.

Midnight: When the link to the network is established the main body unfolds even further, leaving most of it about 8 feet in the air. The flashiest part is a black orb at the peak of the pylon, which acts as the central power supplier for any tech in the area.

Abilities: Dusk: The pylons are meant to expand the power grid, but it’s not a very fast process. It takes about 5 or so minutes on a good day, longer if it's in an awkward place. Throughout the start of the process it sends out sonar pings into the ground, noticeable as rumblings in the immediate area, and being picked up on any sort of sensor or precision equipment in a very wide area. After the first few sonar pings, it starts drilling, sending power conduits down through asphalt. This is much louder, and takes up the bulk of the time.

Midnight: Once it’s linked, the pylons primarily serve to power her gear in the area, sending black tendrils into her tech. The other function is as a blackout generator, not by blocking out existing light but by sending out essentially dark light, rays of shadow. It’s about as dark as a moonless night, and blocks out the majority of incoming light. The bubble is mostly limited by line of sight, and has a radius of about 20 meters.

Sunset Armour

Appearance: Dusk: While running on its own power, the Sunset is still impressive looking, a large seven foot tall mech suit with an almost werewolf like structure, elongated arms and digitigrade legs.

Midnight: When linked to Black Sunrise, her shadow projectors cover the suit in a cloak of hard dark, leaving them as a half seen predator in the shadows

Abilities Dusk: On its own, the Sunset is still a big tough suit from the fact it’s made of inch thick metal, but it’s not much more than that. It’s a bit slow, but has a good bit of strength, and near perfect night and low light vision.

Midnight: Full power is a different story. The suit is strong, fast, and surprisingly mobile for its bulk. It could outrun the average sprinter, and its quick movements are limited only by the g-forces put on the pilot. The cloak of solid darkness acts mostly as a way to hide the suit, but can also slightly disperse incoming attacks, which temporarily destabilizes the cloak.


Appearance: Dusk: An almost comically large split blade sword, a good six and a bit feet long. Both sides of the blade are grooved, and the blades are capable of rotating to leave it as more of a bat instead of a massive claymore.

Midnight: At full power, very little changes appearance wise. The only thing, which is generally hard to spot, is some hard dark dripping from the grooves

Abilities Dusk: Without a power source, it’s basically just a very big sword. The one thing it does that stands out is flip the blades around to hit with a blunt end instead of the edge

Midnight: When linked properly, Tarbelcher’s name becomes apparent. It can fire a net of hard dark, trapping opponents in a gummy mess. The dark is tuned to be more stable than the rest, but it’ll still break down when facing enough force; a good few seconds of struggle, a power being used to cut through, etc.

Skills and Specializations

  • Some talent in design
  • Self defense training
  • Fluent in Korean and Mandarin


Mostly, she just doesn’t really get that the things she does are that bad. She doesn’t really have qualms about hurting people, she doesn’t care about the lives she’s ruining, it just doesn’t click. Beyond that, she’s fairly positive all around, a bit lazy, notably clingy to people she cares for, and puts up a front of being cool and stoic


Trigger type: Single Trigger, Natural Trigger

Skoll is a tinker with a focus on “hard dark”, semisolid shadow constructs. Her technology needs specialized power from a large reactor, the Black Sunrise. This reactor is very hard to move, so in order to get the power away from it, she needs to set up her own power grid. For tech, most will have two states, Dusk and Midnight. Dusk state is when there is no link back to Black Sunrise and the tech is running on its own power, where Midnight is when they have a link back. Skoll should be pretty weak outside of her territory, but a force to be reckoned with inside of it.

As for tech, she leans heavily into big and dumb tech, not a lot of slim and stealthy. Power armour vs bodysuit, claymore vs knife, etc.


Eun-Ji was born in South Korea, immigrating to the United States at a young age. Throughout her life she’s been fairly spoiled by her parents which had a big impact on her psyche. She had always done fairly well in school and work, never being the top student but usually towards the top half. Later in life, she went to a prestigious university, getting into a whirlwind romance and marriage. Which is where the trouble starts

She had always been a bit controlling and manipulative, and that just became worse and worse as it went on, ending in a divorce not even two years in. She had gotten the very short end of the stick, feeling like the legal system was targeting her, fabricating claims of abuse, etc. Months went by going through the system, just feeling everything weighing down more and more each day. She finally cracked and triggered when the case was finally settled, giving most to her partner.

Since her trigger, she’s mostly been working on getting her tech set up, finally prepared with an Eclipse pylon ready to go, and another one almost done