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Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/Magos_Nashoid (capes)
Civilian name Clyde Daniels
Alignment Mercenary Villain
Affiliation None (unknown)
Born (1986-10-13) October 13, 1986 (age 36)
Ashton, Washington
Status NPC
Residence North-West corner of Ashton
Nationality American
Height 6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Weight 200 lb (91 kg; 14 st 4 lb)
Spouse(s) Diane Daniels (Deceased)
Partner(s) Isaac Salton
Children George, William, Joel, Paul, Randal, Hank, Howard, Edward, Luke, carl, David, James, Matthew, Jake, Diane jr. (Skeletons)
Reddit Sheet
Blu C | Duelist A$ | Packrat D+ | Phalanx A | Vigor C-

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Character Sheet


Skeletron in his rarely used civilian garb.

Clyde is a big man weighing in at about 200 lbs and measuring 6 foot 2. Clyde is a pale Individual, who doesn’t get much sunlight since he usually only gets out while wearing his full body costume. Clyde possesses neatly groomed facial hair, and short brown hair. His eyes are a pale blue color. Despite spending most of his time directing his minions rather than actually engaged in combat, he is very fit and can hold his own should the need arise.

Equipment and Resources

60,000$ [From Mercenary work alongside Ozone], a small apartment with two months rent paid in advance to a landlord that doesn't ask many questions in the Ashton ghetto, and a trio of Delivery Vans with several fake plates and papers for each one.

Skills and Specializations

  • Close Quarters Combat [CQC] training on par with the average PRT trooper.
  • Competent First aid training
  • Experienced Handgun user [Competent with other Firearms]
  • Experienced with Hotwiring a variety of Vehicles.
  • Excels at making Pasta [Good enough for Gordon Ramsey]
  • Decently skilled with the Trumpet and the Fiddle
  • Fluent Spanish
  • Decent Mandarin


Once a subdued quiet man, his trigger has influenced him into become an outgoing eccentric man. He is fond of games and making light of bad situations. He is primarily focused on either entertainment or survival. Alternatively he desires no small amount of renown. He is willing to kill and cheat his way to victory if he must. Despite all this he greatly desires friends, though George and his other Skeletons do much to help with the loneliness, he values friendship and companionship highly.


  • Clyde can create skeleton minions that possess human-level intelligence and sapience.
  • Clyde can create a Maximum of 15 skeletons in total
  • It takes Clyde about a minute to materialize a new skeleton. creating several in a row can cause Clyde to get Migraines, though this does not stop him from
  • making them. he makes a stationary holographic skeleton and it slowly became solid over the course of a minute, but that it would flicker out of existence if he stopped halfway through (It only takes on sentience/sapience after this process is complete)
  • The skeleton minions are perfect replicas of Clyde’s skeleton from the exact moment that he triggered.
  • Clyde’s skeletons are affected by physics as though they were equal in Mass with Clyde. They can hit as hard as Clyde can, and are able to lift as much as Clyde can.
  • The Skeletons remain animated as long as they are within Clyde’s range of 120 yards. If they are moved outside of that range they collapse like puppets with their strings cut.
  • The Skeleton’s are able to willingly cut their own strings in the event that they are trapped and unable to return to Clyde for orders.
  • For the purpose of other people's manton limitations, the Skeleton’s are considered to be living human beings.
  • The individual skeleton’s are not affected by mental manipulation, but this can usually be circumvented by affecting Clyde himself (which spreads the effect to his skeleton’s)
  • Skeletron needs to give direct instructions (Verbal/Written/mimed) to his Skeletons, but they can act independently to a degree if unable to receive further direct orders. Skeleton’s can ignore direct orders if they directly endanger Clyde’s life (for instance, Clyde would be unable to order a skeleton to harm or kill him through direct or indirect action The skeletons would grab him and run if they thought there was an overwhelming chance that he would perish, In addition to that they are also incapable of directly harming him
  • The skeleton’s possess perfect 20/20 eyesight and hearing, and smell on par with a healthy young human. Each skeleton has a unique Voice, and can speak any language that Clyde is fluent in. *A skeleton can be forcibly de-animated by destroying the skull and the spine, they are minimally hindered by damage to other extremities and can detach and reattach individual pieces at will
  • Skeletons possess sentience and individual personalities, when one skeleton’s body “dies” his personality is saved by Skeletrons shard, and placed in the next skeleton That Clyde creates, ensuring that his Minions learn from their mistakes.
  • The skeletons have the structural strength of regular bone
  • Skeletons can not share senses with Clyde or vice versa
  • BOTH the spine and Skull must be destroyed to kill it fully, if only the spine is destroyed then all that will be left is a disembodied talking head, but if only the skull is destroyed it just becomes a blind/deaf/mute skeleton
  • His shard's conflict drive also gives him the almost obsessive need to fight side by side with his minions and to lead by example
  • He requires vague knowledge of the room the skeleton is in (or general vicinity if outdoors)