Sister Selaphiel

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Sister Selaphiel
Notoriety Criminal
D / ?
Author /u/fire209 (capes)
Civilian name Valencia Roberts
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMaster / Shaker / Changer
Born (1999-09-10) September 10, 1999 (age 23)
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Status NPC
Other names Sister Superior, Saint Valencia
Reddit Sheet
Fabula E | The Grey Lady D$

Sister Selaphiel is a parahuman who's made her way around the country spreading her religion, though she hasn't done much yet. Believed to have been one of Golden Calf's Thralls, she speaks of a heavenly entity of gold and eyes, seemingly believing it god who came down that day to the people.

Is known to be a cape capable of manipulating her hair telekinetically, and also manifesting eyes that propagate master effects. Little to nothing at all is known about the more permanent applications of her power.

Character Sheet


Often seen wearing a Habit without the hair piece, she has brilliant golden hair, almost as if it were made from the metal. her eyes are also a shade of gold, but the pupils are clouded over, as she is blind. A kind face, and standing at roughly 5'2", she doesn't strike the most intimidating figure without use of her powers. Her skin is fairly pale.

Equipment and Resources

  • A few cars, mostly standard fare which her devout followers come along in.
  • Several followers, 7 people who have accepted 'the gift of God', and are fully mastered.
  • An abandoned old church by the outskirts of Devilfish that she's purchased discreetly via one of her followers. it's in the process of renovation, but for now there are several of her hair minions there under orders to keep watch, essentially a power-based security camera system from hair and eyes. Has a fairly large back-end, which she will turn into a small complex. Currently under renovations, to eventually open.
  • A few rented apartments throughout Devilfish belonging to her followers. They live and work normal lives, for the most part.

The general stuff of several people, mostly collected from her followers. Clothes, personal possessions and the like.

Wealth Level: 7

Skills and Specializations

  • A large amount of knowledge in regards to the Christian religion, albeit with some highly warped and twisted details. Is rather skilled at prayer and forms of meditation.
  • Good at textiles, she trained in them after gaining her ability and they let her finely control and weave her hair into clothing and constructs in combat.
  • Speaks Latin
  • Generally skilled at household tasks. Cleaning, cooking, etc.


Highly religious, she believes that her experience in Jerusalem led her to see God. She's often friendly with heroes, and distasteful of other villains. She'll eagerly bestow 'the gift of God' onto the unknowing people, especially those who come to her church.


Her hair is made from some golden, alien material, with similar properties to Kevlar, being very tough but surprisingly light, and nonflammable. She can extend and control her hair up to 10 meters while still retaining the strength and dexterity needed for combat applications, but can go up to 20 at the cost of reduced power and taking longer to perform precise actions. Within the 10 meter region her hair can extend and seem to split into more strands rapidly, able to form large masses of hair which to use in combat. She is also capable of feats of great strength while using her hair, using it to lift up to 1 and a half tons. She is able to wrap herself in a sort of ‘hair armor’, protecting her from attacks (Similar to Kevlar armor with excellent resistance to blunt force), but this form of armor is vulnerable to aerosolized attacks, or anything that could filter through it (Fire however can be defended against fairly well). She can use her hair as a method of locomotion and movement, capable of lifting herself on 'legs' or tendrils of hair, moving up to 30 miles per hour so long as she has the anchor points needed.

The second part of her power is the ability to create multitudes of eyes amongst the strands of hairs, each attached to a strand of her hair. She is capable of seeing through these eyes, and when an eye focuses on something, it projects a weak master effect onto them, usually some kind of emotion like fear, devotion, anger, etc. The more eyes focus on someone the greater the effect, though for parahumans it roughly caps at enough anger to make a somewhat rash judgement (Like starting a bar fight with anger, or hesitate to fight a person with fear) but it can’t really make them do something they normally would not, and it gets to this level once roughly 20-30 eyes are looking at them. With non-parahumans the effect is more amplified and nuanced, able to influence them more greatly to perform actions they normally would not do, though not so great as to cause them to do things like kill themselves. These effects tend to break down normal mental barriers, making non-power based anti-master defenses ineffective.

In addition, she is able to split off some of her hair to create a separate mass of hair and eyes. It isn’t capable of doing much or moving very fast, but is capable of following simple instructions, and record some data it sees for her to later see when she connects to it. However, the main effect of these creatures is that she is able to create small ones roughly the size of an apple, that can either enter the bloodstream or be ingested by a non-parahuman, and when having done so, they are fully under her master effect’s control. She is able to see from their eyes and greatly influence their mental state, and is able to speak to them mentally. These hair masses can be removed by a fairly safe surgery from people skilled in such things, but is often ignored by healing powers. After 2-3 months their body begins to break-down the masses of hair and eyes, so they need to be regularly applied to remain effective. The ingested/injected masses have no effect on parahumans who consume them, and people who trigger under their effects lose all immediate master effects.

When fully enthralled, individuals will become rather religious if they were not before, and tend to decorate their domiciles with images or statues of eyes, and present positive emotions when presented with this type of imagery or of Sister Selaphiel.

Trigger type: Single Natural, Master/Shaker/Changer


She was a fairly average girl, only 19 at the time on a trip to Jamaica with her friends. She was rather devotedly Catholic, and when Golden Calf emerged from the sky, she was one of many to fall under it's sway. Being blind, she wasn't able to see much of it's splendor but she felt it. The caress of god upon her, and she knew without a moment's doubt that this was the lord. She carried out it's demands with nary an ounce of hesitation, helping to round up the 2 other friends she had brought on the trip to be brought to the parting of the sea.

When Golden Calf was finally killed, Valencia was filled with horror, and deep sadness. Not at the actions she had taken, or the death of her friends, but at the death of the Endbringer. With that, she triggered, finally gaining sight. Seeing this as a parting gift of the lord, Valencia quickly went back to the United States figuring out her newfound abilities and putting them to good use.

Finding Devilfish as a place of high activity, she knew the lord called her here to begin spreading it's word.