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Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/RelapsingThinker (capes)
Civilian name Jermaine Hutton
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Pantheon (San Diego)
Born (2000-01-28) January 28, 2000 (age 23)
Status NPC
Residence Downtown, Ashton
Height 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


He has almond brown skin with dark brown eyes and black hair. His hair braided into dreads that just barely hang down to his ears. The tips are also dyed a light brown and the sides and back of his head is faded. He stand at 5’9” with a slim build that lacks really major muscle. He has a tattoo of fractured heart on his inner right wrist.

His costume is rather simple as it consists of a black leather jacket that hangs down to his waist, some black jeans that are torn around the shins and thighs, and a white mask with a black spade over the left eye.

Equipment and Resources

He has a small apartment in Downtown. 6k in a savings account, a black 2016 Camaro and 4k in acquired jewelry.

  • A pair of dice and a pair of loaded dice
  • Double sided coins
  • 300 dollars in cash
  • 9mm that has a empty clip
  • Deck of Poker Cards

Skills and Specializations

  • He is pretty good at drawing.
  • He can cook ,but nothing too over the top. He is mainly good with sandwiches.


He is always trying to get ahead and move up in life. He knows to do so he has to use everything that is around him and in him to do this. This leads him to view most people and things as stepping stones to reach his goals. Even after getting his powers, he is risk taker and is willing to put everything if it means he can have the lavish life he dreamed of. His does have a bit of compassion for those for the poor and people who remind him of where he used to be.


Trigger Type: Natural Single Trigger

He has a passive Thinker ability which allows him to see how much something is worth. This isn’t is just based around monetary worth ,but also sentimental value people hold in something. His power shows worth through a coloring system with a copper like color for things with little to no value like a random shoe in a dumpster, silver for things decent value like a new phone, and gold for things of high value like a watch that was given to someone by their dead father or an expensive sports car. This power is calibrated to the person that has these things. So if he looks at a rich person who has an expensive diamond emerald watch it will glow bronze or silver while for average person it will glow gold.

His main ability is a Master/Thinker ability that allows for him to wager and gamble for just about anything from people. Powers can’t be wagered, but mental/physical skills and items can. Personal attributes are also something that can't be wagered. The master ability activates whenever the winner of a wager is decided. It forces the person to give the winner whatever was betted. He isn’t immune to this effect so if loses, he is forced to give up what he offered. Now his power does have a few conditions that must be met for the ability to work. First, all parties in the bet must verbally agree on their own. So you can't be forced to agree. However, agreeing can be as simple as saying yes. Second, all parties need to have something up to be taken. The value of what is being put up doesn’t matter. Third, there must be a chance that he can lose the bet.

Stolen Skills

Language Skills: Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish.

Fighting Skills: Proficient in Boxing and Capoeira

Acting Skills: On pair with a local theater actor