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Notoriety Criminal
F / ?
Author /u/Beauf5 (capes)
Civilian name Kenny Oudart
Alignment Villain
Affiliation House of Mirrors (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationShaker 5
Born (2001-04-20) April 20, 2001 (age 21)
Boston, Massachusetts
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Only one public appearance so far. Cape was seen disappearing into thin air after vandalizing the side of a bank with the words "Eat the Rich" written in massive graffiti letters. Multiple cases of similar incidents have been reported across Devilfish. It can be assumed that these cases are linked to the same person that was seen in this sighting.

Character Sheet


Civ: On the taller side at 6'1 with lean muscles and a long face with well defined features. He has several piercings on his ears and nose as well as tattoos on his neck. His hair is brown and wavy while his clothing style is expensive and trendy. Cape: His costume is made out of non-chafing fabrics along with bits of hardened leather as protection for his more vital organs. Other than that, he has thin metal sheets sown into the fabric of his forearms.

Equipment and Resources

  • Well made costume with light body armor sown into the fabric that covers his torso and forearms.Additionally it has soft soles on his feet and is made out of material that doesn't make a lot of noise when moving around which is useful for sneaking.
  • Bag of 1000 ball bearings closed tight to stop them from rattling around.
  • Pouch filled with spiked caltrops.
  • Collapsible hunting crossbow with shoulder sling.
  • A thigh pouch that's filled with up to 10 crossbow bolts at a time.
  • An extendable baton for close quarters combat.
  • Cell phone
  • Air horn

Skills and Specializations

  • Knows how to use a crossbow with a level of proficiency thanks to multiple hunting trips with his dad.
  • Is currently taking classes in self defense, is still a noob though.
  • A talented artist, often expressing himself through graffiti art.
  • A very good liar.
  • Good driving skills.


Kenny is selfish, narrow minded, sociopathic and even uses Discord light mode. If you don't agree with him that makes you stupid, and if he does something wrong it's not his fault it's society's fault for making him that way. He deals with his problems and trauma by pretending they don't exist, until it's too late. If he doesn't like something then he gets rid of it, he doesn't care if someone else's feelings gets hurt because if they do they're just being a baby. He's blunt and crass, he always says what's on his mind without thinking. He's still in his pre-conventional stage of morality, meaning he follows rules not because he believes in the greater good or morals, but to avoid punishment and receive awards.

Everything that was just said is a lie. Kenny is actually a fairly decent person deep down. The sociopathic, asshole persona is just a front to make sure that people don't like him. He thinks that by making himself as unlikeable as possible, people won't associate themselves with him and will just leave him alone. If people are afraid of him, maybe they won't try to hurt him.


The cape is a shaker that can create up to a 10ft diameter bubble that can create two different effects upon creation within 60ft of him. No part of the bubble may be outside of his 60ft placing range upon creation. The areas of effect last up to 1 hour or until the cape moves further than 120ft away from it, whichever comes first. Upon creation, the bubble can apply one of two different effects and only that effect:

Conceal: All matter within the affected area becomes perfectly transparent, meaning all light passes through it thus making it invisible. If a foreign object or creature were to enter this area of effect, it will also become invisible. However, the invisibility ends once an object leaves the area of effect. Additionally, since the effect makes light pass straight through all matter within it, a creature who's eyes are within the effect will be blinded as light will simply pass straight through their retinas without actually being received.

Shunt: Everything within the area of effect is shunted into a parallel dimension where it will be held in suspended animation until the effect ends. This is Manton limited and if there are any living humans or other animals within the designated area, the power will not take effect and not shunting shall not occur. However once the effect ends, any objects that were shunted away will come back and potentially fuse with anything standing in its place. People will usually be able to tell the difference between a shunt and a conceal after some time observing the power since a shunt will usually produce an audible pop as air rushes in to fill the vacuum. If an object is cut in half by this effect as long as it is in the same position as it was before its other half was shunted it will reattach itself as if nothing had happened as the two halves fuse back together. Otherwise, it stays separated. This ability can be used to shunt away chunks of a building or wall.

Once created, the areas of effect stay in place. The cape is aware of the location of any invisible objects and can perceive it using their power while still being able to see through it as well, they also always know and remember the location of any areas that are currently shunted. The cape is not immune to the effects of their own power and can enter a conceal effect to turn parts or all of their body invisible. A 10ft diameter bubble is just the default shape of an effect area when using his power, he can change the dimensions of this shape to anything he wants as long as they fit those restraints. For example: they can make a 2ft x 5ft x 2ft rectangular prism of space on a wall to make it invisible in order create a kind of window for them to look through.


Kenny's mother died while giving birth to him, making his dad blame him for her death. Throughout his life he was constantly reminded of this fact. His father would threaten and verbally abuse him throughout his early childhood development, which of course had its repercussions. This long term emotional abuse from his father made Kenny lash out in several different ways. For example: graffiti, petty theft, tattooing himself just to piss off his dad. He even got into a gang and ended up getting involved with the wrong people. One day he fucks up and ends up being chased by both the police and other gang members in the middle of the city at night. With nowhere to go and an enemy around every corner, he triggers and escapes. After that incident, he ran away from that gang and cut all ties with them, luckily he never gave out his real identity to anyone and the police never caught him.