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A man with red hair, freckles, and blue eyes looks at the camera
Notoriety Criminal
F / ?
Author /u/whilowhisp (capes)
Civilian name Shea McIver
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMover (Shaker)
Born (2001-03-17) March 17, 2001 (age 22)
Dublin, Leinster, Republic of Ireland
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Shea is a Teleporting Cape who arrives with a shockwave wherever he jumps to. Leaning towards heroic but with a love for a good fight, known for unpredictable movement and collateral property damage, though he tries not to hurt civilians, if possible.

Character Sheet


Short, wild red hair, blue-eyed, fair-skinned, and covered in freckles, the picture of a stereotypical Irish immigrant. When dressed as a civilian, he favors worker’s jeans with holes in the knees, graphic tees, runners, and the occasional flannel overshirt.

As a Cape, his outfit is a grey hoodie, hood up, with a black neck gaiter with a wide skeletal grin on it, wrap-around goggles, and long black trousers. He wears a different pair of runners, spray-painted black. Under the hoodie, he wears a bullet-proof vest he bought off eBay.

Equipment and Resources

  • Standard Police Issue bullet-proof vest under costume (bought off eBay)
  • Baton Style Cattle Prod (also bought off eBay)
  • Notebook (Pocket-sized)
  • Sharpie (Black)
  • Zip Cuffs (a dozen or so)

Skills and Specializations

  • Track star speed (100 meter Dash)
  • High school education
  • Amateur MMA training
  • Classically Trained Pianist
  • Speaks English (nearly unintelligible at times) and Gaelic


Playful and loves a good fight, he speaks with a heavy Irish accent which leads to him not speaking at all while in costume. He loves to go drinking with friends, sing bawdy songs, though he has a softer, quieter, side. He likes to play the piano and is classically trained.

While in costume, he emotes via body language, but largely is the same person.


Trigger Type: single natural trigger

Shock-Step (Blink Shockwave-Terminus Mover): Teleportation (hereby referred to as ‘jumps’) that creates a directional shockwave at his destination in the direction he has traveled.

Single jumps cannot exceed a distance of one-hundred (100) meters and Shea must maintain a line of sight with his destination at all times. Any break in the line of sight will lead to the jump ending at the obstacle and immediate detonation. Any attempt to jump further than one-hundred (100) meters will result in the jump only traveling the maximum distance, regardless if there is a safe place to appear. The intensity of the shockwave upon detonation is directly proportional to the distance traveled in the case of a single jump.

Between initial teleportation and the shockwave detonation, there exists a period of approximately two (2) seconds. During this period, Shea is capable of making subsequent jumps covering a distance up to one-hundred (100) meters. The number of subsequent jumps accomplished increases the intensity of the final detonation.

Chained jumps will always detonate once he has traveled one-hundred (100) meters, or when two (2) seconds of time have elapsed from initial teleportation. Any attempt to change direction mid-chain will lead to an immediate premature detonation.

Upon detonation, Shea must wait thirty (30) seconds before attempting another jump.


Born in Northern Dublin, Ireland, raised an only child to two blue-collar parents, he spent his years studying piano, playing Gaelic football, and doing track and field. Shea moved to America after getting his diploma. It was a year or two before he met Christopher Nielson and their relationship was quick and heated. They moved in together in three months and spent half their time fucking, madly in love, and the other half fighting, knocking each other stupid about their one-bedroom flat.

Christopher was jealous, insanely so, and ran off anybody Shea tried to become friends with. They fought over Shea’s job performing at a restaurant so Shea quit, they fought about drinking with friends, they fought about everything. They ended up sending each other to the hospital for stitches so many times, but they both loved each other.

Eventually, though, the love faded, and the fights got worse and worse, more and more tedious, and more and more frequent. Eventually, Shea decided enough was enough. He was tired of the bruises and the arguments, he wanted out, but he was living with him at the time, and he had no family or other friends.

He started to save up to prepare to leave him, over the days and weeks, trying to more fights, but it was inevitable.

They fought, punched each other, shouted, and Shea told Christopher he was leaving him. Christopher was furious, he beat him, Shea fought back, but Christopher was bigger and stronger. Eventually, Christopher stormed out and Shea woke up in a hospital two days later.