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Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/FlashyAmoeba (capes)
Civilian name Mariko “Mary” Anjin
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMover, Striker)
Born (1996-07-09) July 9, 1996 (age 26)
Los Angeles, California
Status NPC
Other names The Tsundere Ninja
Reddit Sheet
Aces High F | Lady Fisto D+ | Ventus Dracon C

That ninja Flashy plays that has been around for so long it is no longer clear what is canon or not. Villain, has stolen stuff, ran witha short lived gang. Everything else might not have happened.

Character Sheet


A short young woman of Asian descent. From a distance might appear petite, but actually has a lot of muscle underneath her clothing. Dresses conservatively. Keeps her hair short, almost shaved, but wears a black wig cut in a bob. Fights in a blue ninja outfit with face mask. [Ninja](

Equipment and Resources

  • Ninjato: A short straight single edged blade.
  • Kunai: Five throwing knives
  • Shuriken: Ten throwing stars
  • Kusarigama: A small one-handed agricultural scythe with a small weight on the end of a chain that can be used for tangling or as a flail.
  • Claws: For hand and feet. Actually only useful for climbing.
  • Caltrops: small devices with spikes all over, []
  • Smoke bomb
  • Sai: A short, tapered metal baton with two forward-curved prongs for a handguard. Has no edges, but is used for parrying, bludgeoning, and thrusting with the blunt tip.
  • Naginata: A pole weapon with a curved, sword-like blade on the end of a shaft.
  • Machete,
  • Two khopesh,
  • FN P90,
  • FN Five-Seven
  • Two daggers,
  • A telescopic baton,
  • 25 throwing knives
  • Medkit,
  • A crowbar,
  • 50ft of rope,
  • A hammer,
  • A flashlight,
  • Several lighters,
  • Binoculars,
  • A GPS,
  • A pen and notepad,
  • A digital camera.
  • 1 roll of duct tape
  • Dark blue coat, outfitted with kevlar body armor cut down to fit her.
  • Gas Mask

Skills and Specializations

Basic understanding of evasive driving, forgery, communications, lock picking, and pick pocketing. Knows Jujitsu for disarming and disabling. Is trained in breaking electronic locks and security. Knows Chinese. Interested in and was going to study cyber security before she triggered. Has started learning money laundering and small business ownership since coming to Ashton. Has a gotten several connections with Ashton's criminal population.


Quiet, but snarky. Mildly claustrophobic. Is unwilling to kill or harm innocents. Very willing to kill lowlifes or criminals. Will try to injure and incapacitate cops and heroes. Favor quick, short plans with minimal danger. Keeps looking for friends in all the wrong places, like prisons, asylums, brothels.


Shinobi has nine versions/copies of herself. When Shinobi teleports she is technically switching to a different copy at a different nearby spot, but in practice it is blink teleporting. Shinobi must switch to a different copy to teleport. Shinobi can equip each version/copy with a different load out. Items can not be shared between loadouts. She can buy two knives and split them between two loadouts, she can not split the same knife between two loadouts. Each loadout has a weight limit of 100kg not counting Shinobi’s herself. When not being used each copy is effectively time locked when Shinobi switched out of them. Equipment, injuries, and status like hunger, thirst, and general healthiness remain on the copy.

Shinobi A breaks their arm. Shinobi switches to Copy B. Copy B escapes. Shinobi must later on switch to Copy A in order to heal the broken arm.

Shinobi can teleport/switch to a copy up to 50 meters via line of sight. She cannot teleport instantly, she choose where she wants to teleport for ten seconds. She can break line of sight on the spot, but she must remain within 50 meters of spot she wants to teleport. It is okay for Shinobi to move more than 50 meters away as long as she in back within 50 meters by the time ten seconds are up.

Shinobi can update a copy’s loadout by holding the object or touching the object she wants to add to her load out for 10 seconds. The object disappears and is added to her hammer space. Shinobi can not update a copy and start teleporting at the same time.

In a critical situation Shinobi can summon all nine copies of herself. Doing so locks her teleportation ability and her ability to override her load outs. Any copy killed during this time is lost for good. She must summon all nine copies at once. All injuries and fatigue from still living copies are put on the whatever Shinobi was used before all nine were summoned. So if the aggregate sum of injuries would kill Shinobi she would have to kill an injured copy to keep herself from dying when the injuries all merged. If every copy was shot once, the Shinobi when the rest were dismissed would have nine bullet holes in her.


Mariko was a normal young girl in LA from a middle upper class family going out with her parents to celebrate her getting into UC Berkeley. While driving to her favorite restaurant their car was knocked off the road and they were kidnapped. They were drugged, beaten, and tied up by about half a dozen men. After a day or so of being held captive, the kidnappers started to execute them via stabbing them while chanting gibberish and letting them bleed out. When the knife stabbed into Mariko she triggered.