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Shellshock suit.png
Shellshock's HYDRA armor
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/Scrublord_Koish (capes)
Civilian name Alejandra de Leon
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker
Born (2006-02-18) February 18, 2006 (age 17)
Sonsonate, El Salvador
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Memento E | Natalie Howard D

Shellshock is currently a Ward in Devilfish, tending towards being extremely loud and flashy during public appearances. Seems to be rather short tempered at times.

Character Sheet


Alejandra doesn't look like much. Black hair tied back into a tail framing a face that has clearly seen better days. A few scars marring her face. She stands at an unimpressive five foot nothing and looks like she hasn't had a bite to eat in weeks.

Equipment and Resources

  • Wealth level 4 (Ward salary)
  • A baton
  • Phone (both civilian and for Ward business)
  • Ties for criminals

Skills and Specializations

  • Pretty good at avoiding attention when needed.
  • Acting. (Mostly just lying and acting like she's fine.)
  • Mediocre at lockpicking. (She learned quickly enough to put the lock back as it was after practicing.)
  • Great at situational awareness.


Due to her long time of captivity, Alejandra doesn't have much when it comes to self esteem, compensating for this by being loud and boastful. On the other hand, she has a tendency to be spiteful and hold grudges long past when others would've forgotten them on on a perceived wrong.

Her need to compensate practically skyrockets when out as a cape, preferring flashy, over the top moves and attitudes to keep her self image and ego as great and large as she can get them.


Shellshock is a multithread tinker with a focus around an armored frame and gear that works directly with it. She cannot simply 'make' a gun or power armor though. Each piece of tech is fairly mediocre on their own when compared to other tinkertech. Its potential comes to the front with their 'main' function though.

With about ten seconds, Shellshock can shift a piece of gear around their frame, essentially modifying the base frame to be focused around the function that the tech had previously performed and shifting the previous focus to its regular gear state. A jetpack may become a mobility oriented frame with jet boosters while a pair of wrist mounted blades would grant them an extra pair of bladed arms. While shifting, the gear shifting to be the new focus and the old one do not have their usual functions, any additional armor it may have given generally going away at the halfway point.




Growing up in the slums of Sonsonate, Alejandra had heard more than once from her parents that one day they would move up to America. That once they did, they would never have to fear going without food again and Alejandra and her older brother would be able to study to become doctors or lawyers and have the good life they deserved.

So of course, she had been ecstatic to hear from her father that as a present for her 16th birthday, he had arranged for the four of them to head northwards and make the trip. Promises of a better life awaiting there.

Except she couldn't quite shake the gut feeling that something was wrong as she hopped on the back of a pickup truck a week later. She didn't mention it though. Everyone was in high spirits and this was the chance of a lifetime. And they made it to America, alright... right into the waiting arms of men and women with guns, the man her father had said would bring them here being handed more money than Alejandra had ever seen as they were shoved along at gunpoint.

The weeks that followed were hell. Any defiance, real or not, was harshly punished. Barely kept alive with the horrible food they were given. And she had to watch as her family was sold off one by one. With her only remaining because apparantly a client with 'particular tastes' hadn't returned from a business trip yet.

And despite all of this, she didn't truly break. Simmering in her rage towards the captors. Not that she showed any of it. One of her captors was true sadist, occasionally picking someone to hurt just because, and she didn't want to catch his eye.

Until one day, she had been trying to sleep when being awoken by the sounds of yelling. Apparantly someone had gotten free and their hands on a gun while most of the traffickers were away and people were trying to escape, one of the others who had been captive with her wildly gesturing for her to run.

So she did, sprinting on shaky legs for where she thought the exit was. One of their captors being tackled to the ground by him when they neared the exit, knocking his gun to the ground.

Alejandra was paralyzed. Run for the exit or grab the gun and shoot the man? And after some hesitation, went for the gun, fueled by her rage. Except she had waited too long, and the traffickers were regaining control, multiple guns being trained on her.

She triggered right there, a captive once more as she was dragged back, deeper into the building.

It wouldn't be another two weeks before the police raided the building, the first being filled with beatings (he held back so as to not damage the 'merchandise') and the second with her scrounging together what she could to try and make one of the blueprints in her mind for the next escape attempt before rescue came, the police raiding the building and freeing them. Finding a scared teenager clutching some kind of bladed glove thing among the captives.