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Shell Hair.png
Shell relaxing in her warehouse.
Notoriety Criminal
D / +
Author /u/Shellmerc (capes)
Civilian name Kylie Forest
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker
Born (1997-04-09) April 9, 1997 (age 25)
Status Deceased
Nationality American
Weight 65 kg (143 lb; 10 st 3 lb)
Reddit Sheet
Celestial Wind E- | Division E | Phase E? | Wake F

Character Sheet


The voices are getting louder.

Kylie is a short Caucasian female with deep red hair, styled in a messy cut just above her shoulders. She wears oversized tops, typically a baggy hoodie, striking a contrast with her unusually skinny jeans. Her build is strikingly unremarkable which leads her to dress the way she does; stylish but covered up. Kylie has a tendency to talk with her eyes when in costume, or when her friends start to act up.


Diagnosed in her youth with ADHD, Kylie has never sought treatment in an attempt to mitigate it. She's been quoted as saying, "What fun would that be? I'd miss all the interesting things!" But couldn't be persuaded to explain what sorts of things she would miss. Her sentences are generally choppy, interspersed with tangents or random thoughts. If this is due to her ADHD, power aggravated or not, is a matter for debate. Possible power aggravated or based mental instability, in absentia analysis indicates she may have been misdiagnosed as a youth. Further absentia analysis has lead to a warning of danger that her cape persona poses for the general populace, though not actively malicious Shell is still to be considered a high risk to approach.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 3

Shell has laid claim to a small warehouse cutting deals with transients in the area; they keep watch for her and keep people out of the warehouse while in exchange she gives them an warm, clean, and safe place to sleep and basic hygienic supplies.

She makes her money through back alley deals with capes, Toybox, or corporations never asking their motive, faction, beliefs, or, if applicable, powers. As a rogue Shell doesn't view her work as villainous, she embraces the things her power allows her to do.




Name: Teddy (Medical Assistance Drone)

Appearance: Teddy is surprisingly healthy for a lobotomized drone kept functioning with a mixture of power and a nutrient slurry. Her skin blends with the dark metal of her implants, making it hard to tell where they begin despite the general low quality many have due to their age from the earliest times of Kylie's career.


-General administration of chemical agents via a syringe assembly that takes the place of her left hand.

-Precision cutting, stitching, clamping, and stretching via an "auto doc" system that makes up her right arm from shoulder down.

-Enhanced vision, magnification available to be streamed using a wired connection port in the back of the neck.


Name: Johnny (Heavy Mover)

Appearance: Johnny is still a fresh conversion, his skin is still full of colour (where it hasn't been replaced with mechanics) and he's as gaunt as one would expect a homeless man to be. The upgrades Shell has provided him with crisscross down his arms, artificial muscle fibers, originally planned to help the man as he had suffered from frostbite but she went a little further.


-Increased strength, punching through cinder blocks and lifting capacity.

Skills and Specializations

Tongue twisters! Kylie can talk for hours about nothing in-particular.

Coding the control programs for her friends to allow them to connect properly to their upgrades.

Kylie also speaks not so fluent German but has spent a few years self teaching Italian.


Trigger type Natural, first generation. (Multi-threaded, (Mad Scientist x Controller x Hyperspecialtist)) Drone Bio-tinker

Shell is a bio-tinker whose mental state influences each of the works she produces, unfortunately for those around her this can mean that they'll end up with upgrades whether they want them or not. The voices she hears end up finding their way into the friends she creates, control systems forcing the drones to follow her commands even if she isn't aware that they don't have a choice.