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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Shimme (capes)
Civilian name Michael
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Burnouts
PRT ClassificationBlaster 9, Trump 4 / Thinker 2
Status Deceased
Died Ashton, Washington
Cause of death Killed by Shredshot
Reddit Sheet
Chicane F | Shredshot B$

A complete unknown. At most, a few scattered reports of a villain with a ‘Crusader’ helmet and a crude costume generating blasts of metal have appeared.

Character Sheet


Gangly, all long limbs and a wide shoulders without the muscle to fill out his frame, unkempt curly black hair that’s getting too long - more homeless than rockstar looking. Large brown eyes that seem to always follow you, absorbing every movement and tracing every step, illuminated by surprise and wonder at seeming ordinary things.

His clothing is eccentric, all stolen fancy leather jackets, fancy shirts and pants that are best described as ‘extra’ and aren’t properly fitted, steel-toed boots and a big ‘Crusader’ knight helmet make up his costume. When he’s going ‘incognito’ he puts on sweatpants and a hoodie.

Equipment and Resources

Nothing but a large backpack with fancy stolen clothes.

Skills and Specializations

Memorized large parts of the bible. Not because he’s religious, because there was so goddamn little to do. Clever with making improvised weapons Comfortable with violence - doesn’t have any MMA training, more like street fighting. Experienced immense amounts of physical pain and gone through the sensation of dying several times. Not ‘pain tolerance’ so much as ability to push through things.


A dog with a car to chase that’ll never give up but doesn’t know what they’d do if they ever caught it. There’s an assumption that everyone is at some point going to fuck him over - he should try screw them over earlier. He’s a complete outsider looking in, badly acclimatized to this world and people’s behaviors. He was the mad dog of the Amityville VR world, and is flailing without direction outside it.


Trigger type: Multitrigger, Earthbreaker Cluster

Michael has two powers.

The first power generates cone-shaped blasts out of his hands of an extremely dense space-whale magic metal not known to science. This power can alter the angle of the cone and the range of the blast, these parameters have an inverse relationship (an extremely wide cone is short and vice versa).

This blast begins as a solid mass moving outwards, and as it rushes forward it increases in volume as if more matter was appearing behind it as it moved forward. At the edges of it’s range this metal becomes extremely brittle, and is prone to fracturing and splintering. It can do anything from leave jagged spikes to splinters in a target, depending on the parameters Michael uses while firing it.

This metal serves to dampen powers they are touching, minimizing powers proportional to how much of the metal is in the immediate vicinity. Thinkers might have to wait a little longer for their answer, fireballs are a pittance of their normal capabilities, flight sluggish and unresponsive. Absolute powers lose such absoluteness, a Master puppeteering a person struggles with the control, range and other factors. The general theme is ‘anemic’, with powers becoming a fraction of what they were. It’s maximum range is about 15 feet, at which it a fairly narrow cone maybe 4 inches across in diameter, while at it’s minimum it’s barely comes out an inch from him and would form a 10 foot (in diameter) circle in front of him. It travels forward at about 40 mph, with an instant acceleration when it starts and an instant deceleration when it hit's it's set max range. Due to the fairly extreme mass of the metal, ‘overshooting’ an attack while still hitting them might be compared to getting hit by a truck.

As an unfortunately necessary reminder for this RP, punching a truck coming at you is a bad idea.

These blasts last for two seconds, suspended in mid-air after reaching their maximum volume before fading out in moments, like an even faster version of that scene in Avengers. He can have up to two active at any time. Splinters that are broken off from the main body (EG if he made a cape look like they’d tried to tackle a giant porcupine) of the metal persist and do not fade away until they're picked out of someone/thing.