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Notoriety Criminal
E / +
Author /u/NerdifiedGames (capes)
Civilian name Lena Dunlevy
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker (Striker)
Born (1993-09-26) September 26, 1993 (age 29)
Kansas City, Kansas
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

In a small town in Minnesota, a body has recently shown up, the face and head shredded to ribbons. Parahuman involvement is suspected, but nobody knows who or why. Unrelated, a back alley doctor has recently moved into town, asking no questions as long as no questions are asked of them. Rumor has it that they operate for free, but nobody is sure why.

Character Sheet


An average height woman with shoulder-length brown hair and green eyes. She likes wearing dresses and bright colors, but her wardrobe has become more practical and dark-hued since she's been on the run. She does not have a costume, as her breaker form doesn't need one.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level 3

  • Small two room apartment (Clinic room and living space)
  • Basic medical supplies (Bandages, anesthesia, etc.)
  • Cell Phone

Skills and Specializations

  • Rudimentary medical knowledge/first aid skills
  • Above average sewing skills
  • Above average cooking skills


She tries to live her life unassumingly, but her aggressive and bloodthirsty arm makes that difficult. She reluctantly searches for ways to feed its bloodlust, and tries to make up for it by healing people and doing good deeds like volunteering. She tries her best to hide her existence from those in power, but has recently realized that she can't keep avoiding conflict if she wants to keep her arm content.


She enters a floating breaker state that is split in half down the middle. Her left side is made of a thick, sticky, white goo, like glue, that can heal cuts and gashes on contact, as well as repair broken objects. Her other half is made up of what is effectively glass, as sharp as a knife, whirling around rapidly and slicing anything it touches like a blender. The form is vaguely humanoid, but it has no legs, floating above the ground. The injuries made with the glass form cannot be healed by the glue form. Any material displaced from her form can't be returned, and she suffers from missing patches of skin and gashes, proportional to the displaced amount of glass and glue respectively.


She used to be a stereotypical housewife in Kansas who was unable to work due to severe epilepsy. Her husband supported every effort towards the treatment of her disease so she could lead a normal life. Nothing worked and he became increasingly frustrated. Eventually, he found a doctor on the dark web who promised instant relief from brain-based ailments. A trans-orbital lobotomy. she told them she didn’t want to turn to something dangerous for something that might not work.

One night you entered the house to find a strange man talking with her spouse. The man pulled out a taser and used it to incapacitate her. She woke on the ground to immense pain. There was a long ice-pick jammed past her eye, into her skull, swirled around by the man above her. It felt like her mind was being torn apart. She triggered at that moment, using her power to escape, and accidentally killing the two men.

She realized then that she no longer had control of her right arm, as it seemed to have a mind of its own. She tried to use her newfound powers to fix them, but her abilities only repaired the smallest cuts. She panicked and used her abilities to shred the bodies to a pulp, which she then buried in her backyard. She knew people would ask questions, so she left her home and moved North to Minnesota.

Her newly independent arm continued to act up, even in her unpowered state. While it had been largely content after the killing of her husband and the doctor, it slowly started to act more agitated and aggressive, until it started lashing out wildly at passersby. At one point, it punched a man walking by hard enough to break his nose, and she was forced to flee. For a few days afterward, the arm was less active, and with horror, Lena realized that she had to sate its bloodlust to make it calm down.

Ironically enough, whether it was the surgery or the powers, her epilepsy was cured, and because she needed income she decided to use her healing powers for good. She operated a small clinic out of her new apartment as she learned to live with her uncooperative limb. She required her patients to be put under anesthesia, in order to keep her powers secret, and in return, she would ask no question. She healed what she could, but if the damage was too severe, or flesh had to be removed, she fed her rogue limb, in an attempt to keep it sated. It was never enough, neither in scope nor in frequency. It kept growing more agitated.

One night, a man came in with a gunshot to his gut. Lena put him under and activated her breaker state to heal him. Her arm lunged at the man's face, and before she could pull away, his face had been mangled, and throat cut. The man was dead, and horrified, Lena knew she'd have to skip town again. She moved to Devilfish, and opened a similar clinic, operating for free as penance for her crimes.

This time, she'll have to take more extreme measures to keep her arm satisfied.