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Notoriety Criminal
E / ?
Author /u/KatyushaKommander (capes)
Civilian name Roshal
Alignment Unknown
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStranger / Mover
Born (1996-07-12) July 12, 1996 (age 26)
Munich, Germany
Status NPC
Other names Shade
Reddit Sheet

Sightings of a "Ferocious Demon in the park" from local pastors. Local Teens reporting that some "Small grey dude was playing with squirrels." A few experienced Wards claiming to have seen a "shifty dwarf" EPA Inspectors at Intrepid Creek claim to have seen something moving through the shadows during their latest inspection.

Character Sheet


His civillian outfit is typically a Long, black trenchcoat. He finds that trenchcoats tend to be the best thing available to him to block the sun from most of his body. On top of that he carries around an Opaque Grey Parasol and typically wears a bandana over his face. With a pair of sunglasses.

If he's out at night though, he'll wear the same kind of casual-wear that most other people do.

Whilst "On-the-job" so to speak, he wears a black hoodie, tracksuit pants and a facemask + Black goggles combo.

He has multiple varying colors of Tracksuit and hoodie, and will wear a different color each night. After all his power makes hiding quite a bit easier.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level 1

A small Multi-tool

A Pocket-knife

Skills and Specializations

He's good at research, owing to his previous experience in university, and can crack open most computers with simple security.

He's incredibly good at hiding, and making quick getaways.

Popping up in the middle of the hallway at random, and spooking the night-security


He's secretive and keeps to himself. Preferring to avoid attention, there are few things that could prompt him out of that shell.

A Surprisingly good guy once you get through his ashy outer-shell. He's an animal person and makes frequent trips to the park to observe the wildlife.

He has both a fear of the PRT/Wards and a respect for what they do. He fears their reaction to what he is currently, but would be more than willing to help them out if he can do so without catching their eye.


He can "jump" into a shadow and use them to travel unseen for a short duration. Typically only about a minute or so, after which he requires a brief rest to do so again. He can hide within a shadow, unmoving for up 5 minutes before he needs to reveal himself and rest for a short while.

When hiding within the shadow of a living creature he can hitch a ride in their shadow if they are moving. Allowing him to bypass most security measures, or just be lazy and let someone else do the walking for him.


Shade retains no memory of his former life, knowing only that he seems to retain some skill with breaking into and securing digital networks. His new form is jarring, but then he's not sure what he previously looked like. Nor is he sure how he became what he is.

To go along with his lack of memory he's decided to leave New York and adopt the name Roshal. He's ended up in Devilfish, and is using an abandoned section of the mines as a kind of lair whilst he figures out how to approach people with his new appearance. He's had a run-in with a priest prior, who thought he was some evil demon who'd come to claim his soul or such nonsense. So he figures that churches are likely off-limits.

The specific section of the mine he's chosen is frequented by the EPA. He's found a small and well hidden room near to the surface that he's currently actively using as his hideout for the time being. Little does he realise that the EPA is onto him, and suspects that someone or something is down there with their inspectors.

He's experimented with his new form and found he has the ability to hide inside shadows for a limited time. As well as use them to travel. Through this he's discovered that he's limited to travel between connected shadows, and that if he hides in the shadow of a person that he can hitch a ride in their shadow for a time. Allowing him to effectively avoid many forms of traditional security system. However he does tend to burn really easily in harsh light, so he's going to have to find some way of offsetting that if he wants to operate during the day occasionally.