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Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/FungalStruggle (capes)
Civilian name Lilliana Fink
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born (2004-04-20) April 20, 2004 (age 18)
Spokane, WA
Status NPC
Nationality American
Height 4 ft 11 in (150 cm)
  • Alive, lives in Spokane w/ Villain team (father)
  • Dead (mother)
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Lilliana is a small girl, standing roughly 4'11 with a thin build. Her skin is pallid, unhealthily so. She has long black hair and grey eyes, with gaunt features that make her look slightly hollowed. She has a good deal of puncture scars on her forearms and thighs. Casually, she wears an oversized blue hoodie and synthetic pants (the swooshy kind), and her costume consists of a black and red (as opposed to black and white) gothic-maid style dress, dress shoes, white socks which have gained a few crimson stains, a medical mask and a frilly headband.


Lilliana puts on the persona of a very animated, peppy kid who loves tinkering and doesn't care about what other people think of her. However, she's actually quite introverted, needing time alone and doing nothing to really replenish the energy she expends in her maniac act. While resting, she's far less aggressive and more conscious of people, but still has no qualms with what she generally does. Her guise is part of her desire to be a famous cape kid.


Bloodport: A small implant connected to the bloodstream at allows for easy extraction without having to stab whatever it's in whenever something needs power. Serum's is located on the underside of her wrist.

Bolter: A handheld pistol that fires special bolts, each roughly the size of a thumb. These bolts are designed to embed themselves in soft flesh, and upon doing so, begin extracting blood, leading to the bolt glowing fluorescent red before detonating in a small blood-powered explosion with a 4-inch radius, deepening damage (somewhat comparable to a 9mm explosive round). Bolts can be pulled out, but have barbs that cause tears when removed roughly (although such damage is far preferable to what would normally happen). Uses blood as propellant for projectiles, needing to be plugged into a bloodport or stabbed into something full of blood every 3 shots.

Blubber: An implanted device that siphons fat tissue from the body to power a personal shield that reduces (generally cannot nullify them) the power of physical impacts by roughly 60%. The amount consumed directly corresponds with the force of the blow, with the force of a strong punch taking one "bite" in volume of fat. Potentially detrimental if left on, as fat leeches out of her like a deflating balloon.

Skills and Specializations

Practiced with smelling blood from a distance, good at keeping character, googles things in her spare time (generally at the public library since she can't get free internet or a computer under most circumstances), knows big words.


Biolfuid Tinker

Lilliana's tinker specialty is composed of devices that modify, are fueled by, or affect/are affected by bodily fluids and semisolids (blood, phlegm, bile, sweat, fat, list continues. Does not work on tissues like muscle or skin, since they are firmer solids).

Serum faces down the man charging at her. A normal man. MANageable. She smiles under her mask at that thought as she brings the bolter to bear, aiming for his gut. Before she can pull the trigger, though, she's struck in the face with a thrown rock. She flinches a tiny bit, but very little, with the rock leaving almost no damage to her face. She fires, with the bolt piercing the man's t-shirt and embedding itself in his flesh, charging a few seconds as he stumbled back before it detonated, leaving a hole in his abdomen.