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Sentinel Costume.PNG
His In-Costume Appearance in a Photoshoot. Public Identity
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/fire209 (capes)
Civilian name Jacob Colt
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Found Family (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker, Breaker, Trump,
Born (2005-05-09) May 9, 2005 (age 17)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Status NPC
Residence Found Family Manor in Devilfish
Reddit Sheet
Fabula E | The Grey Lady D$

Public Information

One of the Found Family, Jacob is one of the newer members to join their hero line up, though he's actually been with the found family most his life. In interviews he's revealed his hobbies include tinkering and video games. He's not the most friendly member of the Family. Public Identity.

Physical Appearance

A scrawny 16 year old, at 5'6". He's fairly gangly, and has red hair and green eyes. Fairly sharp, and freckled face.

He has a decent costume, but it isn't seen much as in combat he enters one of his multiple breaker states.


A little shit. He wants to prove he's a worthy member of the team, which is somewhat admirable, but he goes about this by trying to outshine everyone else. This comes across as him coming across as him being a bit of an asshole.

Resources and Equipment

Wealth Level: 4 A standard-issue taser for defense.

Brute-rated cuffs purchased from online.

(Tinkertech Below)

Lives in the Found Family house, has a cell phone and a decent budget allotted to him for tinkering.


Good at video games, enjoys playing them.

Decent athlete, as per training to be a hero.

good knowledge of the local cape scene, has done a lot of research online.


Infinite Worlds Tinker/Thinker/Breaker/Trump

He has a breaker state that very rapidly flickers between nigh infinite breaker states, each staying for but a fraction of a second before it flickers to the next. Due to the highly rapid and random flickering, his breaker state can't usually do anything of use. However, he has a tinker sub-power. A tinker with a trump bend, able to create tech that works to interface with powers. Notably, his main tech involves creating objects to help stabilize his breaker state into useful forms, but it also extends into creating tech to help him in these forms, or to help other parahumans control or otherwise limit or interact with their abilities. Damage doesn't transfer from his breaker states to his normal state, but 'killing' or knocking him unconscious in the breaker state knocks him back to his normal state, unconscious.

In addition, has a minor thinker ability that lets him get understanding of powered effects with time to research them. This lets him work with tech attuned to that specific powered effect or parahuman.

Trigger type: Second Generation Tinker/Thinker/Breaker/Trump

General Tech

Breaker Forms

Tech for Others

Old Tech/Forms


Jacob padded up in his armor, seeing the jewelry story being robbed by a couple robbers. Fucking finally, a chance to prove himself by himself. Clamping down on his chest, Jacop depresses the small light, and it flickers to life. Then he activates his breaker state, and suddenly shifts into a blurry fractal mass constantly flickering for a few seconds before it is jerkily halted in the form he had attuned that disc to, his favorite form, The Frost Beast.

Gaping, massive jaws with frigid blue teeth opened and let out an echoing howl, and the robbers inside the store startle. He couldn't see them in this state, but the beast's senses expanded outwards, a type of echolocation combined with a good sense of smell and some kind of heat sense let him pinpoint their locations.

Lurching forward, the beast enters the store, gunfire from the robbers fracturing and chipping some of it's icicle-like fur, but not doing enough damage. Before long they are all nonlethally subdued. Although the beast's instincts drove to kill, Jacob at least had a hold over that or he wouldn't be allowed to use it in the field.

After the requisite time, the puck seemingly attached to the beast's chest slightly darkened, and Jacob flickered once more in infinite fractal patterns before returning to his base self, triumphant.


His mother and father were villains, part of a cluster trigger with each other that fell more on the kiss part of the spectrum than kill.

His father was Black Star, a Breaker/Trump who would automatically enter a breaker state to counter the nearest parahuman, with a minor sub-power to get faint flashes of what a given cape's power was. He is currently incarcerated at a normal prison for 34 years.

His mother was White Star, A Thinker/Trump who's able to get detailed information on what a parahuman's abilities are on sight alone, along with a minor breaker sub-power that reactively attunes her body to counter incoming attacks. She is also incarcerated at the same prison, but for 48 years.

They were both captured by the PRT when Jacob was very young, only 2 years old. After 4 years bouncing around in the foster system, he was adopted by Wulfric and brought into the found family, where he would remain.

Unfortuntely, unlike the others, Jacob didn't trigger early on. In fact, he seemed almost a dud, not triggering to any new powers despite his closeness to other capes and his parentage. Over years, with the victories and other children unlocking their powers, Jacob grew resentful, jealous that he didn't have a power.

It all culminated recently with some win or the other, he was invited to the party of course, but hearing of the things they did and the victories they had, the resentfulness grew to a peak. In that very room, he Triggered, gaining his abilities just 2 years ago.