Seaswept Princess

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Seaswept Princess
Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/MissElizabethClaire (capes)
Civilian name Eden Marie Davis
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationShaker, Master
Born (2005-04-13) April 13, 2005 (age 17)
Jackson, Wyoming
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

SP is known publicly as the brand new member of the Ashton Wards. She transferred there recently. While she’s not popular to be recognised at first sight, her power and costume is public knowledge. She has somewhat of a reputation for being a bubbly teenager, though those who’ve met her in real life say that she’s actually a bit of a misanthrope. She controls water that slowly expands with use, and her body changes the longer she controls that water. It’s not public knowledge that she’s trans, although it is on the PRT files.

Character Sheet


Eden is 5’5”, and fairly slim. Despite her age, she looks a little younger - she’s been mistaken for being twelve or eleven before. Her hair is light brown, and curls over her shoulders. It’s not quite long enough to tie properly into a ponytail, yet. Her eyes are hazel, as well, and her skin is somewhat tanned from being forced to spend a lot of her time outside. As a corollary, she’s in somewhat good shape. A little flabby, especially since she hasn’t started either puberty yet. Her costume as Seaswept Princess takes the form of a large white domino mask, blue dress and blue flats, all deliberately designed to resemble the ocean. The mask sweeps back across her ears, resembling crashing waves at the upturned ends. Her dress follows the same seafoam patterning, with two pauldrons above her shoulders that resemble sea form as well. The dress part itself is mostly mottled green and blue, with a few splashes of white across it. Underneath the chest part, she wears fairly compact body armour, but it’s hard to see that.

As she continues to use her power, her body changes slightly. Her skin takes on a green tinge, and her ears become more pointed. She also becomes slightly taller, with more curves and softer (and wetter) skin. She looks slightly off, though, fitting neatly into the uncanny valley.

Equipment and Resources

  • Subsea Staff. A two-foot weight scepter with a "crown" of coral at the end.
  • Knife-proof armour worn under the costume.

Skills and Specializations

She knows the basics of how to fight hand-to-hand and with her scepter, after one of the Protectorate members of her previous city gave some impromptu lessons. She can carve, kinda, although the last time she tried to make something she almost cut herself. And she can lockpick, surprisingly well.


Eden operates largely on a “first strike, no second” thought pattern. While she’s willing to trust people initially, the first sign of messing up often gets you barred from meaningfully interacting with her. If you’re proven to have nothing but goodwill, she might give you two chances. She generally prefers the company of books to that of people, though. She may also have slight anger issues, but prefers to take it out on punching bags. Right now, she’s annoyed that she’s been taken out of Wyoming and into Ashton.


Natural, Single Trigger. Her power lets her manipulate water, and on the surface it seems relatively mediocre to weak. She can't create it, but can pick up more as she works. But the quantity of water she's working with expands as she acts, and she's capable of freezing water (in space) and turning it into an extradimensional space with boundaries wherever the water was - in this extradimensional space, everything within is redefined to be its own kingdom under the sea- selected people have gills and can breathe, gain webbed hands and feet, and get an overall redesign. Throw a wave of water at the side of the building, lock it there, and swim up to the roof? Doable, and when the effect evaporates, everything's left dry and more or less in place. She also changes physically somewhat the longer she manipulates the water. She controls a maximum of nine thousand gallons of water, and the maximum volume increases the more she uses her power. She can move it at the speed of a brisk walk.


Eden was born in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming. She was named Ḍ̶̛̱̥̟̲͔̭ͥ̇̃̋̕ͅē̞̟͙͙̹͙͎̼̞̐ͩ͒͒͆ͨͮ̀̀͘a͕͎ͨͤ̊̾̂d̠̭̪̬̗̣͑ͦn̷̬̳̘̋̅ͫͬa͖͚̞̍ͪ͗̕m͈͈̪̯͙͙͔͚̽ͦ͋́̾̋̊̀ḛ̴̗̦͔̗̫̲͈͌, her father’s desired son. She was raised to be just that. He took her fishing, hunting, and everything else that he could think of doing with his perfect boy. The only problem was that Eden hated it. She hated all of it. It culminated at thirteen, when she asked her father if she could buy a dress that she saw. He stiffened, and before the day was out they were on a trip to the lake with a couple of his friends. It was a nice lake, all things considered. But it wasn’t nice for Eden. She spent the first couple days learning how to cut up the rabbits that the adults were hunting - not that they were any good, drunk off their asses. But it was the fifth day that it took a turn for the worse. One of the friends found out she couldn’t swim, and suggested that they gave her some impromptu lessons. They took a raft out to the middle of the lake, and chucked her off. She struggled back on time and time again, and they kept laughing. They gave up that night, but it kicked up right again that morning.

It was another three days before people started packing up. She began to pack up her own tent, but her father shook his head. They weren’t leaving, he explained. Not until she could swim across the lake and back. He pushed her into the shallows, and she gave it her best effort. She really did. But she got picked up in the current halfway across. She screamed for help… and none was coming.