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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/LifeisaRPG (capes)
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Ashton)
Status NPC
Height 6 ft (180 cm)
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Salamander is usually hunched over giving him a height around 5,6 his full height, however, is 6ft. He has taunt scaly green skin his body is extremely toned muscles are very apparent. His face contains 6 eyes, they are placed 3 on each side, his eyes seem to be like black orbs. His mouth also seems unnaturally wide almost like a Cheshire like grin. Also, he has a large prehensile whip-like tail about 3ft long and his fingers come to a sharp point resulting in finger-like claws.

Equipment and Resources

Currently Sal has taken over an abandoned warehouse. Salamander also has a local pamphlet about the PRT and the wards. He also managed to obtain a bowler hat found somewhere.

  • Bowler hat

Skills and Specializations

Sal is a very good hunter able to move silently and track down prey. He also is a great climber and swimmer.


Salamander believes strength isn’t about physical might to him strength is self-discipline. Not letting emotions or your base nature control you to Sal being in complete control of oneself is the mark of true strength. Salamander also resents how others look at him as a monster or treat him as some kind of freak. To this end he goes out of his way to appear normal, he prides himself on being well-mannered and well dressed. This is also one of the reasons he became a hero to show that he and others like him are not monsters.


Salamander is able to digest the DNA of something, for example, a person or animal then produce an egg. In turn, the egg will produce a clone of that being If that happening to be a parahuman then the egg will produce a copy, but the powers will be weaker or a weaker variant. The clones will have 25% or 50% tops but at 50% the clone is hard to control. These clones often have slight mutations making them distinguishable from the DNA host. As for the drawbacks Sal can only control two clones at any given time. Also, it takes 5 minutes to produce an egg and 10 minutes to hatch one. It should also be noted that the more DNA Sal consumes the stronger the clone but the harder it is to control. The difficult drones may refuse or do something completely different as soon as it wasn't being paid attention to. Salamander would have to stay on top of the clone and keep a close eye on a difficult clone if he wanted to make sure it followed through. It should also be noted that in times of defiance the clones fall back on their base nature. For example, if the clone is a villain and their base nature is an aggressive attack first kinda thing. Then they are more likely to attack without a command to or something to that effect. Clones are controlled via imprinting on birth and through a mental link with Sal that has a range of 250ft. THEY HAVE NO MEMORIES FROM THE DNA HOST but the skills and muscle memory of the host transfer over.

Salamander also has advantages due to his altered biology. For example, Sal's fingers come to a point resulting in finger-like claws. Also like a salamander, he can regrow his limbs and tail in a few weeks. Another feat of his biology is his six eyes three on each side of his face his eyes are well suited for murky waters and low light. However, Sal can’t see very well in bright light. Furthermore, both due to his powers and his biology he is very resistant to poisons and disease.