Ruth Laxwell

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PR Manager Ruth Laxwell
Author alargedwarf (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Ruth Laxwell
Affiliation Parahuman Response Team (Denver)
Age 30
Status NPC
Nationality American
Approver Nashoid & MisfitMaid
Trigger Type Untriggered


Standing at the relatively average height of 5,5 for a woman in her early thirty’s Ruth's appearance can be summed up in two words, “Overworked and Underpaid.”

On a good day she can be seen pacing into PRT headquarters with a moderately wrinkled suit, a black coffee, and two noticeable bags under her eyes that have persisted despite numerous attempts to clear them up through lotions and herbal teas.

Her pale skin and tendency to not only leave the office at late hours but also arrive before the sun has peaked over the city has earned her the title, “PRT’s Nosferatu” a title she’s begrudgingly embraced by plastering a sticker of a cartoon bat onto her porcelain white coffee mug.

Despite being a brunette and only in her mid-twenties she occasionally finds a streak of gray hair wrapped around her finger, a fact that bothers her relentlessly and that she attributes to her lack of time in the sun rather than being overworked.

Ruth remains moderately lean for her size and relatively fit, at one point she could have been mistaken for an athlete but a recent lack of cardio on her body has had a noticeable impact on her form. Her eyes are an unmistakable jade green that have the habit of meeting those around her with a piercing glare, often paired with what can be called a “resting bitch face”.

This deadly combination of facial features makes her seem quite hard to approach outside of meetings as she's plastered with a permanent scowl that makes small talk difficult. Ruth is in fact unaware of this effect, assuming that most of her coworkers are just introverted and or considerate enough not to bother her with small talk.


Ruth has never considered herself special and has truly never wished to be, leaving that aspect of life to the capes she works with daily. Besides, if how the local capes act is any indication of what being special does to a person then she’d much rather prefer to remain mundane rather than act like some of her clients. Seeing herself as more akin to a mechanic rather than an office worker, the head of marketing and public relations believes that any office should; like a well oiled machine run smoothly. If said machine starts to belch out black smoke it is her job to diagnose the problem before deciding what parts can be fixed and what parts need to be discarded.

Like any great mechanic she takes pride in being able to repair most parts without having to throw them out, after all why waste good talent when a couple new toys and a charity auction can do wonders for a capes public image. Although when a rusty gear eventually breaks after too much wear and tear it becomes necessary to minimize damage to the still running machine, another aspect of work she takes great pride in doing.

It’s safe to say Ruth has a bit of a cognitive disconnect with the rest of humanity, her world view of easily replaceable parts has not only rubbed a few employees the wrong way but has nearly gotten her in trouble with HR for threatening to fire lackluster employees on the spot. Viewing everyone as inherently selfish has assisted her in understanding the motivations of those around her, that being said she doesn't see selfishness as an inherently bad aspect of humanity. Rather a beneficiary aspect of the world that pushes society forwards. She just expects those working under her to stifle their ambitions a bit and work for the benefit of the group so that they all may benefit from any success.

Although not totally socially inept she does on occasion come off as somewhat awkward when she doesn't have time to plan out a conversion or press event. This manifests in her often becoming somewhat defensive or anxious to the point of hostility. This hostility is often short lived but a match that burns twice as bright often fizzles out twice as fast. Typically after an outburst she typically retreats back to her office or another similarly secluded place to recollect her thoughts. One such place is her flat in downtown Denver, despite its sparse living conditions and noticeable lack of furniture she’s still quite proud to be renting such an expensive apartment

Skills & Training

  • BS Marketing
  • MA Public Relations
  • Four years of High School Spanish
  • Trained In CPR
  • Capable of using a firearm with semi accurate aim
  • Proficient in Excel
  • BS Early Parahuman Childhood Development
  • Proficient in Photoshop and Adobe Flash

Resources & Wealth

Resting comfortably in the upper middle class Ruth has a good amount of disposable income. A significant amount of this income is placed into her savings account and 401k.

The goal of her savings account is to buy a permanent residence closer to the Denver PRT office. Aside from her government issued laptop the only valuable item under her name is a used Honda Accord with several dents lining the left side of the gray vehicle.

Equipment & Gear

  • Can’t be found without her large thermos
  • Often carrying briefcase even if empty to appear important
  • Often found carrying promotional pamphlets to pass out when prompted


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