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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/RelapsingThinker (capes)
Civilian name Kendrick Park
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born (1999-09-21) September 21, 1999 (age 23)
Ashton, Washington
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Information on Rival is limited ,but he speculated to a Master in both categories of masters due to his interactions and the floating entity that is usually with him. His appearances have been few ,with only a few small robberies under his belt.

Character Sheet


[face] [stand] [costume]

Kendrick is mixed between African American and Korean. His hair is black and has two large braids that wrap around to the back of his head. These are dyed blonde to give a look of a crown on his head. This leaves the sides of his hair trimmed down to a slight fuzz. His eyes are an obsidian black ,and his skin is light brown. He stands at 5’9” with a lean build.

Equipment and Resources

  • Golf club spray painted gold
  • Fox Labs 5.3m Shu Police Pepper Spray
  • A burner phone
  • Three gold smoke grenades

Skills and Specializations

  • Average at Painting
  • Has a good understanding of Psychology
  • Mediocre at French and Korean
  • Average at Hand to Hand Combat
  • Good at Skating
  • Excellent Fashion Sense


Kendrick at his core is envious ,determined, and overconfident. He despites not being the better than those around him. His strong determination makes him strives and do whatever it need to be done to attain that position whether by hook or crook. The way he acts stems from his delusional belief that he is the main character not just in his own story ,but of everyone else’s. To him he is the reason things move and when he is gone the world is still waiting for his arrival. He does have the capability to not be a dick to someone ,but it’s only when they prove their worth to him and are below him.


Primary Thinker (Mimick/Idol): Kendrick can mimick the skills and personal traits of a single individual within 6 meters of their Stand. Personal traits like cadence of speak, accent, even down to the way they move and hold themselves. He also mimicks all skills even those given to capes from their shards. He can swap between people at any moment as long as they are within range of his stand.

Secondary Master (Protection Projection): Kendrick manifests a stand with a range (4 meters) from themselves that floats and acts as a conduit for their abilities. Physical abilities are below that of the average person. So their speed is around 10 mph, can lift 120lbs max, and they have base human durability. Damage is reflected from the stand onto Kendrick. They also moves and acts in response to Kendrick’s will.

Secondary Stranger (Vision): When mimicking someone, that person is unable to process that anyone is looking at them or paying attention them. So for example, if he does this to a doctor, he could look at them right in the face and their mind would jump through hoops reasoning out that Kendrick isn’t looking at them.

Secondary Master (Bubbles): When mimicking someone, that person mental toughness becomes as fragile as a bubble. This means petty insult like “You smell like a poopyhead” would upset and hit like a deep cutting mental break down. This only affects how they feel rather than how they handle it.

Secondary Stranger (Dance Magic Dance): When he mimicks someone, he gains that person’s reputation. This makes it so that anyone looking at him will see him in the same light ,and with the same intensity as the person being mimicked. For an example, if he was to mimick Blackguard, he would be treated with the same fear and anger that he brings to people.


Kendrick grew up in a loving family that taught him that he was special and no one in the world was like him. He took this idea to heart and it has warped his view of life. The big conclusion he came to was that if he was special then no one else was. He was the legendary hero in their story ,and they were the pawns and worshippers of his grace. He made his time through school all the way up to highschool and even college a competition of superiority.

He would study harder, work out more, and do all he can to just flaunt small victories over people. He didn’t have many friends because of this ,but that didn’t phase him. Everyone against him was just a “hater” who was jealous of him. How could he blame them for being what they were supposed to be was his mindset. Now there were always those who surpassed him which when he could would underplay and try to bring them down. He couldn’t tolerate the idea that someone was better at most they had to be lucky in his eyes. This diluted mindset is what lead him into situation that caused his trigger.

It was during the conflict between the Golden Horde and the Russians. He was caught in the fighting on his way home. He was surrounded by people running away and shouting for help ,and the first thought that came to mind was how useless they were. He broke into a sprint seeing the heroes join the fight in attempt to stop it ,and he knew that this was his moment. He was going to show those colorful fakes that he didn’t need powers to be greater than them. He quickly found someone hiding before cover with a panic expression.

As he got close to them, a stray from the gunfire hit in the shoulder. He soon found himself down on the ground holding the wound and trying to not coward from the pain. The panicked girl saw him and tried to crawl out to help him behind the cover they had. This attempt exposed them to another stray bullet killing them right in front of Kendrick. The sight sparked a unraveling of emotions. The main being hatred for himself as he saw how useless he is ,and how idiotic it was to think he was special. This realization caused him to trigger.