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Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/Melodic-Harp (capes)
Civilian name Ashton Tuffnell
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Found Family (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBlaster (Striker, Mover 4)
Born (2004-01-01) January 1, 2004 (age 19)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

New member of the Found Family hero team, seen as the living personification of THE HAM!! Tends to be portrayed as the hot-headed showboat with an ego the size of Jupiter. Known to hate mercenaries and paid minions. Known former villain, resented by many in former city.

Character Sheet


There is a thin line between lean and bone-thin, and Ashton straddles this line. He is somewhat tall, at a nice 6 feet. He is average in terms of looks, not particularly handsome. Marred by a thin scar that starts at the bridge of his nose and ends at the corner of his lower lip. His eyes are a dull shade of gray and his hair, black as coal. He wouldn't look out of place...anywhere, really. Except for at a mutant convention, maybe. Plain and normal, he seems almost harmless, but there is a quiet air of desperation about him that gives him an air of eagerness.

In costume, Myrmidon is an armored soldier with a Galea of sorts worn over his head. His face is further covered by a collar-mask that extends from the body-tight red suit he wears within his armor. The armor itself is burnished and reflective, made of a light metallic material, it occasionally lets out a hum when Myrmidon's power peaks. His arms are also mostly uncovered, except for his forearms which are covered by a gauntlet-glove that leave his fingers uncovered. They are made of the same material as the armor. His torso and his chest are also reinforced with a few insets of a hard plasticky material.

As Ripple, he has had a costume change and uses a Green and Gold costume with a black faceplate to hide his face. It isn't armored and offers no protection besides what any normal costume would.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 5

Shared Resources with the Found Family

Available inheritance and financial contingencies placed by his parents before their untimely demise.

Skills and Specializations

  • Runs really fast.
  • Dexterous
  • Quick Wit and Quippy
  • Acting (Really good at it)
  • Can swear like a sailor


Ashton tries his best to conform to his own mental image of what he thinks his parents want him to be. While he does have a penchant for quips and wit, he does it for the sake of doing it, to maintain an image of a sarcastic hero who hams it up for the viewers. He is arrogant and flies into rage when his abilities are questioned. Despises failure and will work himself to the bone if it means he will have an edge in the next encounter.He hates mercenaries and vigilantes who can be bought out. His memory of his trigger, the death of his parents and his resentment of their futile charge into death makes him wary of foolhardy pursuits, but as all men are, he is a hypocrite and will break those rules if he is sufficiently motivated (read: sufficiently angry).

Ashton. outside of his cape persona, is someone who likes to stand up for himself, enjoys solitude and loves writing random stuff for fun. His idea of fun is a bit skewed as well, finding otherwise enjoyable hobbies as tedious.

He falls somewhere on the autistic spectrum. Is also a narcissist.


Trigger type: Second-Gen

Mover (Type EF/FF) Shaker

Ripple glows with a dim, almost imperceptible, corona of light that shines off of him as if it is being reflected off him than being emitted from him. This light forms around him and his costume and feels really weird to touch. It releases a buzz and its effects usually stun any organic being that touches it. It can be conducted through metal. This glow grows over time as he "charges up" in 10 to 12 seconds and when it reaches its peak, the light is more visible, but still dim and weak, like the moonlight.

When attacked, Ripple surges backwards and leaves the glow behind as an hazy clone that surges towards the attacker and explodes with electricity. This is about as strong as a stun gun set to low. While non-lethal, its strength comes from how it can be conductive through virtually any normal material and how it acts as an EMP.

Ripple's surge is always perfectly backwards by 3 feet to 4 feet. The clone, however, can move forwards and sideways, if need be. Ripple has no control over the clone's direction.


Ashton is the son of Bubble and Squeak, a small-time villain team in the suburbs of San Jose. Their powers synergized well enough that they were capable of taking on the other stronger villains in the area to maintain the status quo.

Bubble, who was Sasha Tuffnell in her civilian ID, could create thin rings that she could throw like a lasso that closed in on an area while shocking things within it randomly. Squeak, or Ryam Tuffnell, was a cape who could shoot projectiles that create contact explosions which are harmless but disorient the target.

Ashton knew of their illicit activities and kept the secret quite unwillingly. He wished to strut without fear and pick on the weaker students in his school, but it would raise alarm bells, seeing as he was otherwise a quiet and weak boy. He felt like if these people knew that his parents were dangerous, they would not mock him for being a beanpole or for his inability to speak up.

He fell in with a gang and began his descent into debauchery, drugs and alcohol were traded for money which was in turn used to fund their nefarious activities, which included alcohol and weed.

He had lied to the gang, saying that he was an orphan living with a foster family he hated only to fit in with the group. He acted like they did, emulating their little actions and oddities, learning how they behaved by dissecting them from within. He learnt how to act out of necessity. Everything from dumpster diving to car jacking became normal to him, almost performing them with casual ease like the rest of the ragtag gang of delinquents.

But all good things come to an end and they were caught.

While they waited at the police precinct, Ashton couldn't help but fidget. He tried to talk his way out of it, claiming tall things and hoping they would be let off with a slap on the wrist. And they almost would have...were it not for his parents choosing that very day to look for him out of concern. When they saw him in there, Ashton knew immediately that his choices had been wrong. The crushing disappointment they felt at hearing about his activities and the penetrating gazes of his former mates paired with the trauma of having his safe shell of an identity excised made him trigger.

He ran away a few days later, becoming another villain named Myrmidon in another city. After a few months of this and becoming the nemesis of another villain named Dart, he was caught by the PRT and put on trial for his crimes and sentenced to 2 years in prison for assault with Parahuman powers against civilians. He was brought out on Parole for good behaviour and asked if he could join the Wards. When they declined, stating that his prior actions would be hard to accept in their organization and with the larger public.

Now, after a lot of negotiation he was taken in by the state, he was quickly adopted by Wulfric Sigmond who had a knack for collecting second-generation capes and turning them into heroes.