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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/VoicesDontStop (capes)
Civilian name Sigmund 'Sig' Schultz
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None
Status Deceased
Nationality German
Reddit Sheet

Not known publicly yet, fresh trigger.

Character Sheet


Long blonde hair, blue eyes, average build. Cape costume consists of military surplus gear (boots, gloves, cargo pants, military jacket, plate carrier with pockets, riot gas mask with detachable filter, kevlar helmet)

Equipment and Resources

  • 9mm pistol (Sig Sauer)
  • Fixed blade knife (Milsurp Kabar)
  • Kevlar helmet
  • Gas mask
  • Mask filters
  • Flashlight
  • Chemical mace

Skills and Specializations

Not many, he's young and a fresh trigger. His main skills consists of drinking and getting high with his friends.


Sig has 4 rules. Service with a smile, customer satisfaction guaranteed*, loyalty is reserved for the fattest wallet, most importantly have fun.


Riot can dial up people's emotions to extreme levels by flooding people's brains with the associated neurotransmitters (seratonin, dopamine, endorphins, ect) . Riot chooses one emotion and no matter if the victim is feeling that emotion before being affected or not they will be overcome with that emotion. (Examples include anger, joy, fear, love, sadness, shame, disgust, ect) Riot must have a line of sight on the person to affect them, but does not need to maintain LOS after affecting them. Riots power lasts about 20 min after being hit with it. If Riot wants to hit a person that he's already affected with a new emotion the first one will completely clear and the new one will replace it.