Right Track

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Right Track
Right Track.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/SLIME_PLUS (capes)
Civilian name Orlando Misieri
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Ashton)
Status NPC
Nationality Italian
Reddit Sheet

The Ward's latest recruit, still has to make a name for himself.

Character Sheet


"Lando" in his civvies

Standing at about 181 cm, Lando has a slim, lanky physique and a very pale, delicate complexion.

He has sharp features, with large, calm eyes that are as black as his short, orderly combed hair.

He generally dresses in comfortable, sporty clothing while in his civilian guise.

Equipment and Resources

Apart from his pay as a Ward, he has about 25.000€ in a trust fund left to him by his grandparents and parents.

  • Collapsible Baton
  • Taser
  • PRT Issued Smartphone
  • Reinforced Boots
  • Small Metal Projectiles (of varying sizes, shapes and weight)

Skills and Specializations

  • Basic First Aid
  • Excellent Photographer
  • Pretty Good Clay Sculptor
  • Basic Self Defence


Lando was a quiet kid before his trigger, the kind that is just too quiet for his own good. He liked nothing more than to be left alone, feeling he couldn't compare to others because he held no special talent.

After gaining his powers, though, he became very active and driven, aiming to make a name for himself and help further his father's cause.

He's still very awkward around people, especially those who are not his peers, but he's working on his social skills to fix this.

He harbors a great deal of hatred and contempt for those who make a living by exploiting or hurting others, especially for the ones who are part of organized crime... for obvious reasons.


Trigger type: 1.5 Trigger

Orlando's power allows him to create intangible, yet clearly visible cylindrical "rails" or "tracks" between an object and any point within a 100 meter radius. To create the track, he must touch a solid object, establishing the first end, and focus on a point within the radius. The two ends are then connected by a straight, transparent line that moves with the marked object. A maximum of six tracks can be active at a time, they can't exit the power's range, and must be at least one meter long.

Manton effect prevents the rail to influence anything living, but any object intersecting it can be "caught" and made to move along the rail in either direction.

Once on track, the object accelerates (or decelerates, if already moving) at around 1G (exactly 10 meters per squared second).

Objects can be stopped by obstacles on the track, and impact them with any accumulated momentum, continuing to push them after impact with increasing force until the obstacle moves, breaks, or the user is exhausted. This makes objects pulled along the rails capable of dragging pretty much anything with them and makes it possible for it to keep accelerating in spite of friction and other external interference. The rate at which the dragging force increases is dependent on Orlando's focus, if he gets distracted the object naturally slows down because of friction etc. since energy stops being fed into it, and it means that heavier targets require more concentration and mental strain. If an object fails to move forward within three seconds, the power loses its hold on the target, letting it fall away from the rail.

[His current maximum weight limit for a constant 1G acceleration is four (4) metric tons, or the weight of a loaded van, which he can keep up for about 1 minute or so, depending on how aerodynamic the target is.]

Only the portion of matter intersecting the rail is moved directly, so trying to move large, anchored or particularly heavy objects is very difficult or outright impossible without extreme strain, and even then, the influenced chunks of anchored objects end up being torn apart by the pull rather than moving the whole thing. It is impossible to remove locked matter from the rail through mere physical force, but some breaker, shaker or similar physics defying effects could dissipate the rail or remove the target from it.