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Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/amassmanytwigs (capes)
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Found Family (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger
Born (2006-01-01) January 1, 2006 (age 17)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

An explosive fight with her parents, that led to her being on the run from the law. Several confrontations with police, where wires left scarring lacerations. A re-branding, trying to get away from her father's violence, and a collapse of Fusebreak's reputation. A hero, operating with the Found Family, who has a tendency to go a bit too far.

Character Sheet


A fairly fit white girl with a few burn scars on her arms, and neck. Has a small-ish nose, brown eyes, and is five foot six inches- fairly tall for her age. Her civilian clothes usually have internal tubes so she can always have a wire ready to rip out and attack, as she feels it's necessary to keep her weapons on her.

Her costume, meanwhile, is fairly standard. She doesn't see the need for much armor, and too much would actually interfere with her power- a problem when it gets cold enough and having too many layers and still fighting without ripping them becomes difficult. Wears as thing a mask and goggles as she could find, purely so she can defend her eyes when it becomes necessary.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 4

Lives with the rest of the Found Family, in a room with a window wide enough that she can fly out of it whenever she wants. Said room is arranged very strangely, because she can fly and nobody else is going in it so why shouldn't she have a hammock a few feet from the roof?

Other than that, she has no car, but she has the rest of the Found Family's resources to call on, and can probably get a cab if she can't fly somewhere.

  • Costume
  • Phone
  • Electric Resistant cloth
  • First Aid Kit

Skills and Specializations

  • The education of someone around 13, at most
  • Hockey
  • Basic medical training


Violence begets violence begets violence begets violence, and Summer knows this. She wants to be a good person- she really does- and she thinks the Found Family is helping her with that- but she knows, overall, she's failing. She enjoys fighting, and she relishes a chance to fight a Brute. She wants to chase down her father again- a bad idea- and loves the feeling of having power. Not a "I can't contain the beast", thing, more like... she likes fighting a bit too much, and that worries her.


Trigger type: Single, dual-bud trigger

The cape is followed by a number of wires that always begin approximately one inch from their flesh, mid-air, but that can be moved and shifted along their body. They can vanish wires when they need to be concealed, but they can also be shifted under clothes. Each wire is electrified and lacerating, though if the cape wishes to use them as manipulation tools, they can also be wrapped in insulating materials.

The wire is sharp along two sides, with two flat sides that are less damaging. Each sharpened side is around as sharp as a kitchen knife, but slightly less so than a razor. The shock is about as much as a tazer at max individually, though the cape can lessen individual wire's effect, and multiple wires can be stronger than this when wrapped into cables.

Wires individually aren't that strong - lifting maybe a mug at most- but can be wrapped around each other to hit stronger, and lift larger things. Each wire can be approximately ten meters long, at the longest- but they can be manifested as much shorter. The cape can sense via touch through wires.

Each individual wire has around the same strength as a steel wire of equivalent size- it can be bent under a normal person's power with effort, though they are far strengthened when wrapped into cables.

Additionally, the cape has a small Alexandria package component, consisting of flight (that can be aided by being pulled along by wires) and a general resistance to electric shocks, including that of powers. This is in addition to a minor brute aspect- the cape's flesh has minor wires within it, making them more resistant to bruising, splitting attacks, slash attacks, and most non-elemental forms of harm.

The flight component's max speed that can be sustained under its own power is around highway speeds (120 km/h or so). However, the flight has trouble accelerating, decelerating and turning under its own power, which can be partially remedied by using wires to pull or push themselves along, brake to a halt, or anchor and turn around.


When one has a child simply because they feel they have to, one best never let that child know that’s the case. It might hurt even more than being told they were a mistake.

Summer Thomas, child of the… ‘heroes’ Polymer and Fusebreak was born for this reason. Fusebreak was a violent man, who had been wronged. Triggered in an industrial accident- after which the higher-ups weren’t prosecuted. Fusebreak fixed that. His power itself was an Alexandria Package, though he wasn’t too fast or durable- but he did have his primary power. Balls of sparking smog that he could throw, which left hideous burns and shock-marks all over a body, along with confusing senses- filling up noses, ears, and mouths.

Polymer, meanwhile, created soldiers. Her epiphany was in the fashion isle of a grocery store- a realization that the world was becoming in many ways worse and less, and she could do nothing about it on her own- and she created mannequins. They spread plastic wherever they walked, and while they weren’t particularly durable, she could make a lot of them.

They found each other after Fusebreak had gotten amnesty for the… many crimes he had committed. He became a hero, member of the PRT- and an effective one, at that. Polymer was a member of an independent hero team that frequently collaborated, and these two junior members… tolerated each other. And for Fusebreak, that was true love. Polymer just wanted to feel loved.So they married. Polymer believed she needed to be married, and Fusebreak wanted someone to do things around the house, and didn’t want to pay for a butler. It was a match made in purgatory.

Three years or so into their marriage- when they were both nearing their mid-twenties- they decided to have a kid. So they would have to stick together. And as such, Summer Thomas was born.

Her early life was… unhappy, to say the least, but it wasn’t the worst it could possibly be. She got decent enough grades, and though he threatened it once while drunk, Fusebreak never used his power on her. She was terrified of him.

That was, until, her parents drifted further apart then they started. They stopped sleeping in the same room. Eventually, they started arguing, and… they settled it.

But neither of them wanted their child, Summer. Summer didn’t understand- wasn’t there going to be a court case? Anything- but no. They both were willing to give up the house, if it meant giving up Summer. But… neither of them wanted the house.

So as things slowed down, Summer- around eleven- became more and more confused. She asked her mother and father so many questions, until, after a night of caping, early in the morning as he stared into porridge, Fusebreak said the quiet part loud.

In many more, more profane words, he said that Summer was obsolete. That neither of them wanted or needed her, and that she was worthless.

Tears immediately well in her eyes. Her thoughts whirl around- is he lying, mom- mom would want her, right- and that is when she came in, slightly after him. Had to make the after-action report.

She was tired as well, and Fusebreak told Summer what had happened. What he had told her. She agreed, and said she’d probably be adopted by some foster home. Far away from both of them, out of sight, out of mind. Far away from her friends.

She triggers, knowing nobody truly loves her.

After her trigger, she bounced around the country, homeless for a while, forced into foster care, etc, etc, never quite staying in any one place. At times, she was a full-on villain- robbing grocery stores for whatever food they had that wasn't a bag of chips stolen from a gas station with a stabbing wire, or joining villain teams to have some sense of security. But Fusebreak was chasing her. Still officially a PRT hero, his rep had been ruined by her- though he always claimed she was under Master control.

Every time they fought, they ran into the problem that neither of them could... do much to each other. Fusebreak's brute strength and flight was better, but Summer's wires could eventually break through his effects and bind him for long enough to allow her to escape. She was offered amnesty by the PRT, but her condition was always that Fusebreak be put in prison, and not be let out. This was never accepted.

Seven months or so ago, she arrived in the town of the Found Family's previous residence, before they moved to Devilfish. She was desperate, in whatever clothes she could steal from a thrift store with a wire. She started her standard string of robberies- and this time, this was noticed by the other kids and investigators.

They found her, hanging outside a gas station on the edge of town. They offered her sanctuary, food, and... friends.

She jumped at the last one.

After that, there was a protracted legal battle involving the best lawyers available. Rewire made sure not to get involved- she would make things worse, after, of course, it was made sure she wasn't actually Mastered. Probably. Maybe? (Hint- she isn't.)