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Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/Shimme (capes)
Civilian name Thea Meier
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker 8, Thinker 1
Born (2001-04-02) April 2, 2001 (age 22)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Chicane F | Shredshot B$

Character Sheet


Equipment and Resources


Name 2P-1S

Character: Thea Meir

Appearance: Two gloves not dissimilar in shape to MMA gloves, metal plates on the outside. Rugged cabling attaches to a small powerpack on the belt.

Abilities: Upon touching an inorganic object, he may designate that object to folds itself into a new shape and/or may choose to move it within 15 feet of it's original location at 20 mph. He cannot cause an inorganic object to fold around an organic one.

If touching an object whose volume exceeds 128 cubic feet, then he will be only able to effect at most 128 cubic feet of that object. He cannot move more than 500 lbs of matter in this way per designation.

'Loose' materials tend to hold themselves together well, to the point that he could clump dirt together into a freestanding 8x2x8 'monolith', although he cannot force a liquid to remain condensed after it's moved into position. As soon as the material is moved to the intended location, all forces on it drop.

EG - He touches the ground and portion of concrete moves itself upwards, forming a barrier to protect him from an incoming fireball. He then strikes the barrier, using it to slam into the charging fireball flinging cape.

EG Number 2 - Standing outside the vault door, he starts punching it, the metal moving itself out of the way in chunks till he can freely walk into the cash-filled room.

He can activate these gloves (collectively, as they share the same power source) 3 times every 10 seconds.

Name: L.O.A.D. Blower - Lethal Ordinance Abbrogation Device

Character: Jackson Meir / Retort

Appearance: A metal belt that gently illuminates, divided into 5 segments. Will integrate with his suit when he creates it.

Abilities: Any high speed projectile (Under 1 KG and travelling at at least 50 mph) that comes within fifty centimeters of him will break apart and travel around him before being fused back together on the opposite side of him with it's velocity unchanged. This has 5 charges. When a charge is used one of the 5 illuminated segments on the belt will dim. It takes thirty seconds after a hit without taking any more hits before the belt regains a charge, which are done consecutively rather than concurrently.

This will be rolled his suit when he makes it, becoming a part of it.

Duration: 2 hours

Notes: Please don't shoot children.

Name: L.I.C.K. D. - Low Impulse Charging Kinetic Device

Character: Jackson Meir / Retort

Appearance: Ignore the stuff on the left. Big bold colors, clean lines, a classic styled supers outfit. Abilities: The suit throws itself around, and he just happens to be in it. A top speed of 40 knots, taking 2.25 seconds to reach it's top speed. At it's normal maximum speed it has a turning radius of 50 feet.

He can use an 'afterburner' mode after reaching his top speed for a massive speed burst at the cost of losing most of his speed afterwards for a period of time. This has a 'spool up' time of 5 seconds as energy gathers, creating a soft blue glow as he prepares to use it. When he uses it, his speed triples to 120 knots. This lasts for 10 seconds, after which his maximum speed drops to 10 knots flight speed for 90 seconds. His maneuverability is exceptionally bad while using at his boosted speed.

Has a little bit of padding that'll minimize some small impacts, a punch won't bruise as bad and the like. An optional undersuit for when it gets cold.

This suit has a minor amount of 'self-repair', when any part of the suit takes damage it forces the damaged material back into place, undoing fabric tears, fixing broken wiring and circuitry. The suit pushes off dirt, stains and other cosmetic flaws. Essentially it always looks fresh and clean. This property is not tied to electronic/electrical components.

Purely cosmetic repairs are rapid, happening within a second for smudges, fabric tears and other small imperfections. Anything that damages the actual function of his suit will take longer, with a flat rate of 20 seconds before the damage is fixed.

Duration: 5 hours

Notes: Has a small tag that says 'Not Machine Washable'.

Name: Bigger, Blacker LOAD BLOWER with the improvements of this. TL;DR, he doesn't' have giant glowy weak spots.

These keep the benefits of the previous iteration of the LOAD BLOWER

While active, his defensive LOAD BLOWER system will begin to redirect harmful energetic events away from him - constant, low level stuff is the name of the game here. He could work in dangerously radioactive enviornments, stay inches away from flames nearly indefinitely - directed ‘energetic’ weapons and attacks get redirected by his displacement field just the same as projectiles would.

Name: Collection of Indiscriminate Shot Torpedoes

Character: Retort

Abilities: On activation, material starts ripping off from the surface level of objects within an approximately 10 foot diameter of him, significant ambient energy sources in this range are gathered, and it starts to circle him at the edge of this devices range. Imagine him going to a burning house and ripping off gouts of flame from the building, the flames circling him.

After a maximum of 15 seconds of charging or of about 1000 lbs. Of material, this fires everything it’s gathered in a direction of his choosing, pelting people. This can be fired at anywhere from 40 miles per hour to 120, pre-determined before-hand.

It tends to gather into ‘streams’ of target material, rather than a single blob or a loose gathering of material in a bubble around him, constantly swirling while it’s charging. Tends to be dispersed enough that lethal attacks, especially on the superhumanly durable would take concerted effort.

Skills and Specializations




Every time Jackson did better, the expectations rose.

All the damn time. Whenever he mastered something, whenever he medaled, it just raised the bar higher, the pressure on Jackson increasing, until a passion, a sport he loved became an all-consuming, oppressive force on his life.

He was the golden kid, a prodigy who could do no wrong, with his success assured to the minds of everyone else... they just needed to push him farther.

Then there was a crack in that image. Distracted by the stress that was being heaped on him, he fell badly during a jump, and broke an ankle on the ice in the middle of a competition. It marked the beginning of a downward spiral even after he'd healed and recovered, his confidence shattered.

His parents saw their child losing the thing that had been so defining in his life, saw his dream - their dream - slipping out of grasp and resorted to the only thing that they knew worked.

Mr. and Mrs. Meir pushed their son harder than ever. When that didn't work, when he kept doing worse and worse it turned to yelling. Shouting. Then verbal abuse.

Jackson started to hate the sport that he once loved, the thing that he was so damn good at. He wasn't performing out of passion and drive like he once had - he was doing it because he was obligated to, because he was becoming afraid of his parents reactions if he didn't achieve to their expectations.

It showed. Compared to what he'd once been, he sucked.

On his earlier successes, he was going to try out for the US Olympic Figure Skating team, only fifteen years old.

The weeks leading up to it were worse than anything that came before it, and by the time he was travelling to try out, he was exhausted, a nervous wreck, terrified of what would happen if he didn't impress on the ice.

So he never went on the ice.

When his name was being called, when it was his time to perform, he was in the locker room experiencing an intense panic attack, unable to walk out of that locker room let alone make a serious attempt. That was when he triggered.