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Natalie Howard
Natalie's 'costume'. Also features a mask.
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/Scrublord_Koish (capes)
Civilian name Natalie Howard
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker, Brute
Born (2001-11-08) November 8, 2001 (age 21)
Ashton, America
Status Active
Other names Replica
Reddit Sheet
Memento E | Natalie Howard D

There is very little to no information on Replica, aside from a few sightings of some kind of robot around Ashton.

Character Sheet


Natalie looks nearly physically flawless. Fit with a good amount of muscle on her.When simply going about her day, she has black hair draping over her shoulders. Generally gravitating towards either tidy clothing not out of place for a fancy party or job interview or bicycle leathers depending on her mood.

Her 'costume' is little more than a neat suit with some armor plating underneath, as well as a grey mask and gloves.

Equipment and Resources

  • Wealth Level: 5 (Cannot spend it frivolously)
  • A sparsely decorated apartment
  • A motorcycle
  • An old pack of pokemon cards in good condition.
  • A pair of combat knives.
  • A personal phone.
  • A mask for emergencies.
  • A swiss army knife.
  • Lockpicks.
  • A laptop.

Skills and Specializations

  • Highly capable using both hand to hand and her knife for combat.
  • Can easily keep a mental list of tasks.
  • Knows how to do first air rather well.
  • Rather good at maintaining situational awareness until emotions get high.
  • Doing tasks methodically so they actually get done.
  • Pretty good at first aid.
  • Enough knowledge of firearms to safely manage and unload them, but not much of firing them.


Natalie is by nature a rather violent person. Despite this, she has learned to keep it hidden away under a facade of near perfect calm civility. Despite this, high emotions have a tendency to cause this facade to crack.

When using her power, the more it is used, the harder it becomes to keep it down. Her shard pushing her aggression even further. Barely giving any thought anymore when pushed to her limits.


The cape is a breaker whose power is permanently activated. Looking like a more idealised version of their previous self. Not unlike a person sized doll.

When their form is damaged enough, parts of their body physically shatter and break off, as if shedding a layer from their entire body at once, being replaced with a near identical, if more decrepit looking variant of themselves being revealed beneath. Clothing being more shredded or burnt and showing inhuman parts as if they had been hidden beneath the skin and the facade was being torn off. These parts are all purely cosmetic, the entirety of her body being equally tough.

To break through a layer, the total damage taken must exceed a certain threshold. Damage done to parts covered in armor, power made or physical and blocking or deflecting blows lowers the effectiveness of damage done.

Should a layer be broken, the breaking process takes a second or two, and any 'excess' damage will not carry over to the next. (For example: Shooting the cape in the head with a rifle in their baseline form point blank will only break one layer.)

The effects of broken layers are elaborated on below.

Layers broken Durability of the layer: Physical capabilities Inhuman parts and special capabilities
0 (Baseline) A couple decent punches breaks through the layer. As does being on fire at all. A decently caustic liquid would break through a layer in a few seconds. Pushing up against human limits. N/A
1 Taking a beatdown from a trained boxer would break through, as would being forcefully stabbed with a knife. Being on fire for a dozen seconds also breaks the layer. A decently caustic liquid can break a layer in about half a minute. Can lift a couple hundred kilograms. Greatly increased stamina. Bits of metal become visible in 'damaged' parts.
2 A dozen shots from small arms fire or a damage similar to a baseball bat swung with proper form will break through. Being on fire for thirty seconds will break through the layer, as would a dozen seconds under a potent acid. About triple the strength of a peak human being, as well as being able to run up to 20 km/hr. Can do heavily strenuous work for long amounts of time without issue. Hands and feet become sharp metallic claws. Large patches of skin and the lower arms and legs are replaced by metallic plate armor. The claws can be used to stick to surfaces.
3 Repeated shots with higher caliber firearms. Being on fire for 2 minutes would break through the layer as well. Half a minute under a potent acid would similarly break the layer. Capable of bursts of speed via horizontal jumps that can also bring them onto single story buildings. Can survive high falls without much issue or damage taken. Punches are capable of leaving dents in steel and cracking concrete. No longer capable of becoming tired. Most of the body has been replaced with cybernetic looking parts, the human bits looking decorative at best. Arms, legs and torso covered in plate armor. Arms can be shot out similar to a harpoon/grappling hook up to 10 meters away. Can emit electricity similar to a stun gun through their body. Gains heavy resistance to electricity all over.
4 Several smacks from a very strong brute or being hit by a truck. Can be on fire for a good 5 minutes before the layer breaks. A potent acid could also break through the layer in a similar time. Capable of explosive bursts of speed and keeping up to cars on the highway with repeated long bounds, as well as jumping several stories high. Capable of tearing through steel with their claws. All human parts are gone. Looks fully like a halfway broken robot. Claws gain a chainsaw-esque effect that makes a horrible screeching noise. Can emit heavy bolts of unguided electricity to nearby objects or send it through their body. Electricity can heal the cape up to an 'undamaged' final layer. Max speed healing requires 5 seconds of a car battery or stronger to 'full heal'. Each full heal equivalent halves effectiveness.
5 The sphere is tough enough that anything short of a souped up tinkertech hydraulic press or throwing her into the sun is ineffective. Near immobile. Can at best roll at the speed of a calm walking pace. The layers are gone. The cape is reduced to a metallic sphere that can fit in a person's palm.

When they manage to calm down and stop fighting, their body will start to return to its more pristine state over some time depending the damage taken. Taking up to half an hour if all layers are gone. Natalie can stop this regeneration if wished.

Natalie does not need to eat, drink or breathe, and clothing she wears are incorporated into her breaker state until taken off.


At age 10, Natalie ran away from home after a bad fight with her parents, having always been a violent child with too much energy for her own good. And after living on the streets for a while, living off of people's pity and ganking other hobos for their stuff, she caught the eye of a rich businessman, and is taken in with a few conditions. She'd help out with keeping the house clean and protect the man's daughter. Being coerced after a while to be augmented by the man, apparantly a tinker, to better protect his daughter as a new requirement.

And so she grows up alongside the daughter. A bodyguard and servant. The tinkertech inside her pushing her far beyond human limits. And it eventually becomes a comfortable thought. Partially as her violent tendencies were unknowingly being surpressed by an implant. New tech occasionally being put in as she grew.

And then one day, the daughter goes away with friends to a cabin one of the others owned. Natalie had been sad that she couldn't come with, but accepted it.

Except when Claire didn't come back, both she and the father became more and more worried. The latter erratic, even. And then one day as Natalie laid down for maintenance, something went horribly, horribly wrong. Briefly screaming in pain as she feels her insides starting to tear before clamping down on it. Trying to keep her screaming down so she could be fixed. Having complete and utter faith in her master's craft even as she writhed and eventually passed out, delirious from the blinding pain.

When she woke and figured out that she had triggered, she made a request of her master. A rare occurence for her.

To look for Claire.