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Rebel Cape.jpg
Rebel in civies
Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/Jessica_T (capes)
Civilian name Chloe Hart
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker (Brute, Mover, Blaster)
Status NPC
Height 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Reddit Sheet

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Character Sheet


Rebel stands at about 5'9", and certainly stands out in a crowd with her purplish-pink hair, blue-green eyes, and punk wardrobe. Her hair is usually pulled back in a messy bun with the front trimmed in angled bangs, just about covering her right eye. Both ears are pierced, along with one nostril. With all that, plus the perpetual smirk... She clearly knows what kind of look she's going for.

She blurs the line between civilian clothes and a costume, typically wearing a battered green army jacket with pink streaks and curves painted on over a band T-shirt, ripped leggings under shorts, and chunky boots. In 'costume', she adds a lightweight kevlar vest and a basic black domino mask, although the mask is usually obscured by twisting streaks of light scribbled over the upper half of her face in a mask made of her power.


The world's a fucked up place, and the Powers-That-Be are more happy to enforce the status quo than to actually fix things. Gangs run rampant, ruining people's lives, and even when the heroes win, the villains are rarely sent to prison for good. Meanwhile, everyone in the gang's territory is getting fucked over while the Protectorate gets to play cops and robbers. Fuck that shit. Rebel's experienced it first hand, and is going to bring the truth to the people with her own brand of punk justice, whether by glowing graffiti, performances, or just punching someone in the face. No killing people though, that'd give the Protectorate an excuse to put her away. Get on her good side, and you've got a friend for life. As long as you can put up with all the swearing, that is.

Equipment and Resources

$2000 in bills, about another 200 in the form of a jar of quarters.(Laundromat)

  • 1990's vintage GMC van, the interior modified for comfortable living. Basically, mini-camper.
  • About two weeks worth of civilian clothes.
  • Bucket of cheap burner phones
  • Decent Laptop, with a encrypted network uplink.
  • Secondhand electric guitar, metal flake purple paint.

In addition to a lightweight kevlar vest, Rebel's 'cape toolkit' contains whatever burner phone she's using that month, a basic first aid kit, heavy duty zip ties, and 'business cards' with her PHO handles and emails, and a VOIP number.

Skills and Specializations

Creative swearing, Parkour/Free Running, Guitar playing/singing, graffiti art


Rebel is a photokinetic, whose power primarily manifests as coruscating magenta light, sparks and streaks of it building up around her as she 'charges up'. She can use her light in a variety of ways, from boosting the impact of melee strikes with point blank blasts, to slinging 'neon bolts' at range. Her power has both a kinetic impact and a thermal effect, with most of the damage of a bolt coming from the impact itself. She can adjust the power of the bolts, ranging from 'hard punch with minor scalding' to '12 gauge shotgun slug with second degree burns' at the upper end. The more powerful bolts require more 'recharge time' topping out at about one second between bolts at maximum power. as opposed to 2 bolts per second at the low end. If she wants to avoid burn-out, she can only use two high power bolts per minute, and more than five or ten in a row will lead to burnout and over-use effects. The lowest power bolts can be rapid fired for five minutes, although most of the time she prefers to move and fire in bursts. All neon bolts travel at approximately 300 FPS, and will dissipate after five seconds or so if they don't hit anything.

Another application of her light manipulation is in her creation of 'light graffiti', which has a wider color palette than her 'weaponized' power. The tangibility of her creations is inversely proportional to their lifespan, with most of her graffiti being immaterial, and lasting for approximately 48 hours. On the other end of the scale, people subdued by Rebel are often found restrained with 'ropes' of light, shown by camera footage to last approximately fifteen minutes. These are also not sufficient to contain parahumans with brute ratings, and sufficient force on a small enough area can break them. IE, someone trying to saw through with a knife could drain them in five minutes.

Finally, The largest manifestation of Rebel's power is a breaker state that reduces her to a barely humanoid silhouette, trailing wisps and afterimages of light, a dimmer trail behind her lasting five seconds or so. In this form she has heightened speed and agility, the ability to run up walls, and slower falling, along with being semi-corporeal. She can't pass through people or solid objects, but could run through a chain link fence, for example, and bullets pass through her. Phasing like this drains charge in equivalent to the amount of kinetic energy she has to dissipate. A passive phase through a fence or to escape handcuffs or a non-brute melee attack would take about ten seconds of charge, for example, whereas a burst of assault rifle rounds or a shotgun blast at close range could take sixty. Energy attacks can be partially converted back into charge, causing these types of attack to be less effective. Her top speed is approximately 30 MPH, with brief dashes carrying her up to 30 feet at a much higher speed. In this state, she can't fire neon bolts or augment melee strikes. 20-30 seconds gives enough time to 'recharge' from a dash to avoid side effects, and using more than two in quick succession can lead to burn-out. 5 minutes in this state alternated with 5 or so out to recharge will allow for sustained use, pushing past 10 minutes without recharging leads to burnout. In this state, she can't fire neon bolts or augment melee strikes.

Over-use of the various subsets of her abilities leads to burn-out, which manifests as exhaustion, coupled with headaches that progress to migraines if she continues using her power. When depleted without being given a chance to 'recharge', a power subset is also additionally disabled.

Versatility: Rebel's fairly creative. She hasn't really discovered new depths to her powers yet, but she also hasn't been pushed to her limits in a cape fight, generally preferring to escape before the authorities can arrive. Occasionally, she'll find a fairly deserted area to cut loose in and experiment.