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Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/ShdwPppt (capes)
Pronouns He/His
Civilian name Wyatt Watson
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker, Breaker
Born (2005-03-19) March 19, 2005 (age 18)
Janesville, WI
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Reactor E | Wisp Warden D-

Reactor is one of the newest members of the Devilfish Wards. Little is known about him on the public scene, though some have linked him to a certain Parahuman incident at a power plant in Janesville, WI.

Character Sheet


Wyatt is a short young man with a mess of curly black hair and roundish facial features. He has thick glasses and dresses very casually.

His breaker state can only be described as a cloud of flashing rolling lightning with a mix of stones and debris flying in the middle

His tinker tech usually takes on a brass-and-glass aesthetic, adorned with lots of rubber cables and spinning turbines.

Equipment and Resources

  • Ward's Base Pay
  • Custom Utility Belt
  • Comms Device

Skills and Specializations

  • Like most tinkers, a good understanding of engineering and the scientific method.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Problem solving.
  • Rudimentary combat training.


Wyatt is highly curious. He's always trying to innovate and come up with new ideas, trying to fix things, often things that aren't even broken yet. Ultimately he needs adulation from others, to impress people. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the strongest grasp of social graces or the emotions of others. Many say his work-ethic is unrivaled, but he is often subject to extreme burn-out. Long nights throughout his whole childhood have taught him to treat even the most basic rest as a last resort.


Reactor has a broad Tinker specialty, focusing on mainly field gear, such as weapons, armor, tools, etc. but all of his designs are bulky, unwieldy and require unrealistic amounts of power. Most of his tech utilizes his Breaker state, which provides power to the tech, and in return provides direction for the Breaker state.

Reactor's Breaker state is a storm of telekinetic force and electricity. It is highly difficult to control without the assistance of his tinker-tech, often causing nearby objects to float or become electrified. Exiting the form is an ordeal, as he must reabsorb the energy leaving his body and this usually winds up leaving Reactor unconscious for hours. While the Breaker state is not solid, it is susceptible to damage. If smothered or grounded for too long, Reactor can actually discorporate. This makes it extremely difficult to for him to exit his breaker state and can take several days to reform.

The process of 'reforming' relies on things in the environment being able to hold enough charge that the energy that makes up Reactor's anatomy in his breaker state doesn't dissipate into the atmosphere. If he was surrounded by, say, capacitors while discorporating, then he would be able to reform within hours. In the middle of a city, his 'energy' might be able to assimilate enough electricity and radiation over the course of several days to reform. In the middle of a forest, it might take so ridiculously long he'd be considered effectively dead.

Trigger type: double, natural


Wyatt grew up with middle-class parents in a conservative Wisconsin town. He was considered the geeky type by most of his peers, but had plenty of friends despite that, and was generally an amicable kid. He took great interest in science and engineering from a young age. In elementary school, Wyatt had his first encounters with sleep paralysis. His condition was incredibly severe, every other night he awoke with pressure on his chest and an eerie presence in the room. This was highly traumatizing for him.

In fear of what awaited him in sleep, Wyatt would stay up for days at a time, sometimes having frightening episodes or passing out in the middle of class from exhaustion. From this, he grew anxious of social activities, and even going to school altogether. His classmates would ridicule them, and the adults in his life didn't exactly understand what he was going through. He felt othered and ashamed.

When his parents did finally manage to get him to a doctor, things didn't exactly get better. The medicine he was given did help him sleep, but it was less sleep and more like being knocked out. Sure, he didn't wake up in the middle of the night, but in the morning and throughout the day he was like a zombie. His emotions were deadened and he had no energy.

It was difficult and costly for his parents to switch up his medication, it seemed like nothing helped at all. Up into high school he constantly battled for barely passing grades, and had distanced himself from his peers. One week he decided not to take his meds, and sure enough the sleep demons returned.

When his first trigger happened, he was asleep in his bed beforehand. When he awoke, his senses became abstract and he was a mass of roiling force and electricity. He had blown the wall off the house, injuring both of his parents next door. Confused and afraid, he ran, feeling a need to find energy, to find any kind of comfort.

He rampaged through town to find the nearest power plant, where he was quickly met by the local PRT, mistaking him for a C53 or a criminal parahuman. He was quickly dispatched by them, and discorporated into the environment. He was presumed dead, but when he reformed several days later, the authorities quickly paired the unconscious parahuman teen in the powerplant with the destroyed house a couple miles away.

Wyatt moved in with his uncle in Devilfish when he began designing tinker-tech and joined the local Wards.


The Reactor Suit

Reactor's first and signature piece. A walking hunk of brass, glass and black rubber, designed to contain and exploit his volatile breaker state.

  • Appearance: A huge suit, comprised mostly of black rubber, brass plates and glass. The suit appears to be made for someone 7 feet tall and built like a brick shit-house. It has a series of inter-linked brass plates up and down the chest and legs, and a big glass dome for the helmet. Two huge brass gauntlets adorn the wrists.
  • Abilities: This suit is designed to contain Reactor's breaker form and exploit the electricity and force produced by it for combat purposes. It is moved through Reactor's telekinesis, and serves to block the outside world from the uncontrolled discharges of his breaker form. The gauntlets can let loose blasts of electricity and concussive force, or direct his telekinesis, allowing him to pick up objects and toss them. The suit isn't especially protective, but he doesn't have much in the way of vitals that need protecting. It does increase his natural strength somewhat, as in his breaker state he is relying on telekinesis, not muscles.
  • Limitations: This suit will not allow Reactor to output a lethal amount of energy, neither force nor electricity. It is designed for patrol purposes and the subdual of malcontents only.
    • Strength: Can lift up to the full force of his telekinetic abilities, 2132ish kilograms.
    • Telekinesis: Can't punt much more than a cinderblock. This is mostly used for utility.
    • Electricity: Low joules, high voltage. Similar to a stun-gun.