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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/Magos_Nashoid (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name Carl Jackson
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate Captain (Little Rock)
PRT ClassificationBrute (Mover
Born Little Rock, Arkansas
Status Lore
Reddit Sheet
Blu C | Duelist A$ | Packrat D+ | Phalanx A | Vigor C-

Captain of the Little Rock Protectorate, which doesn't sound like much to outsiders, but when you consider he leads a department who's jurisdiction covers the bulk of an entire state.

Razorback is a brute of an extremely high caliber, making him a thorn in the side of local villains. Despite the testosterone fueled stereotypes associated with Big Beefy Brutes-

-Razorback subscribes to the 'Southern Hospitality' school of thought, his demeanor more fatherly and gentle-spoken than people would expect when looking at the 8ft wall of Muscle.

Character Sheet


Physical mutations are not unheard of among capes, in Razorback's case, his power has permanently increased his size. Standing at 8ft in height, and weighing nearly 700lbs. Razorback is a brickwall of a man.

His gentle blue-eyes and the greying of the hair around his temples gives him a fatherly look, or so he's been told.

His costume is a simple but well made bodysuit, not overly form-fitting, not overly ornate, notable is the emblem on his chest, a stylized 'R' over the outline of the state of Arkansas.

He wears a simple red and black trim domino mask, his civilian ID being practically non-existent because of his permanently altered stature.


Never shying away from the chance to share a word of encouragement to someone who needs one, Carl is more soft-spoken than you'd expect, but a competent leader. Following the death of his wife and son (lost in the same drive-by where he triggered) Carl dove headfirst into heroism to cope.

Carl, now Razorback, found his calling in the Protectorate, having worked his ass off til he earned his command position, Razorback has held the position proudly and competently for a little more than a decade, and shows no sign of faltering anytime soon.


Razorbacks power is two-fold, his power augmenting his biology to a level of durability, strength, and regeneration, that he'd make a competent street level hero.

What knocks him up the power rankings a few levels is his powers breaker-aspect, which multiplies his biological strength, durability, and regeneration to 3 times its normal level. Letting him ignore bullets for the most part, throw vehicles, and regrow an entire arm in a little over 5 hours.

This makes him formidable high-tier brute, and while he is capable of utilizing his power for a so-so mover rating, but has trouble doing so without unnecessary damage to the ground underneath his feet.