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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/unknownmercury (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name Zachariah Constantine
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationThinker (Mover
Status Lore
Reddit Sheet
A E? | BD A | C F | H E | IM C$ | J D+ | Q E+ | TC C | W F | WS D | Z E?

Nothing is known about this cape other than being the apparent culprit of a mass slaughter in an apartment building.

Privately, it's because he was the target of a harassment campaign by his neighbors in the building, which resulted in him triggering.

Character Sheet


Out of costume, Zachariah is a man of Middle Eastern descent with long dark hair, brown eyes, and brown skin. He has a large, well-kept beard, and wears a turban with Sikh symbology on it.

In costume, wears a dark cowl, hood, and mask to hide his identity, discarding the turban to avoid connecting him to his secret identity.


Zachariah was a kind soul for the longest time, believing strongly in helping his neighbors and avoiding violence at all costs. He still displays this out of costume, often going out of his way to aid people in need at cost to himself. He appears to harbor no resentment for those who are rude or malicious to him.

In costume, Raguel is an avenging force who believes in punishing the wicked. He uses his powers to find people who he thinks have wronged him or others and punish them with death.


Raguel can mentally "mark" up to ten people at a time. They are not aware of the mark. While the mark is active, he is capable of knowing their location in relation to himself, both direction and distance. If he has ten people marked and marks another, the oldest mark disappears.

He is capable of teleportation. For the most part, it is line-of-sight teleportation (not able to be enhanced by video or binoculars), but he can also teleport to any of his marks at will. When he does this, he appears in an unoccupied space within ten feet of them.