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Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/InviMustache (capes)
Pronouns she/her
Civilian name Nima Solberg
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Radiant B

A child of a famous Hero, Nima became a Cape when she was just 12 years old. She recently moved to Devilfish with her mother.

Character Sheet


Nima's Costume.jpg

Civilian: A young girl with all the natural exuberance of a puppy. She's on the short side--only reaching 5'1" and it's unlikely she will grow any further, much to her eternal dismay. She has a tendency to wear bright colors, though she still mostly relies on her mother to buy all her clothes for her. Her skin is light and her eyes are blue. She often keeps her black hair long enough to reach just beneath her waist.

Cape: Due to her Trigger event, her public identity is widely known. As such, Nima forgoes wearing a mask. She typically wears a white and black high collar jacket that exposes her midriff, white pants, a pair of black and white calf-high boots and a transparent sarong. She keeps a pair of fingerless gloves on her at all times, just in case. Lastly, she wears a utility belt stocked with her gear.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 3

  • Nima is granted a weekly $30 allowance.
  • Her mother makes a decent living from her work as a Professor at Devilfish State University. Enough to provide a comfortable middle-class lifestyle for both of them.
  • She has a pet Shiba-Inu named Mochi.
  • A small pouch filled with a variety of sweets
  • A compact first-aid kit
  • A pack fully stocked with zip-ties for normal criminal ne’er-do-wells.

Skills and Specializations

  • Adept at close-quarters combat. Focuses on fist fighting but is also capable with batons and staves. She has a personal rule against bladed weaponry and firearms.
  • First-aid training
  • Plays the piano and guitar


Upbeat, outgoing and alarmingly friendly even outside of her duties as a Cape. Nima’s hyperactive demeanor earned her a fair number of fans in her career as a hero, though that same impulsive inattentiveness conversely means authority figures are more often than not exasperated with her antics.

Though she’s not above stints of childishness, she does take her job seriously. In her eyes, doing what’s right is more important than anything else. In that, Nima is a paragon whose stubborn righteousness was born from a mix of her admiration for her deceased father and her own inexperience and naivete.


Trigger type: Single inherited (second-generation Cape)

Nima is capable of covering herself in an aura of light, which acts as a protective shield. The light has an additional compulsive effect, capable of forcing any number of individuals Nima chooses in a 50-meter radius to focus only on her. Individuals who are caught can shed the compulsive effect if they are able to exit the area of effect, or otherwise become unable to see the light.

Nima's power also enhances her physical attributes, allowing her to lift a maximum of 3,000 lbs. She's capable of crossing a hundred meters in under 10 seconds. Her increased stamina and endurance allows her to sprint without stopping for an hour and to tank a speeding bus with only minor injuries.


When she was a kid, a tiny part of Nima couldn't help but resent her father.

Admittedly, it was a childish, immature nugget of selfishness she would sooner bury in a shallow grave than listen to, but that didn't mean it wasn't there. Festering. Rearing its ugly head whenever he broke another one of his promises and she had to hear her mother make excuses in his stead.

Daddy can't make the piano recital but he'll make it up to you. Daddy won't be home in time for the holidays but he'll get you an extra nice present when he comes back. Daddy's business trip was extended so he'll be a little late for your birthday.

She loved her father, busy as he was with whatever he did for his work. He was nothing but kind and doting whenever he came back home, always willing to humor her requests. But she could only take so many excuses before she grew sick of them. When her school held its annual sports day, she was already getting ready to hear another apology.

But for once, he was there. As Nima stood at the ready--waiting at her spot for the last leg of the relay race--her eyes scanned the crowd and spotted her father, waving beside her mother.

When Nima took hold of the baton, it was like a thousand volts passing into her heart. She's always been one of the fastest kids in her grade, but at that moment, she felt as if she could've outrun a car. She passed her competitors with ease, taking the head of the pack with a grin that would've put the Cheshire cat to shame.

Halfway through, she glimpsed at the stands again and felt her heart sink. Her father is on the phone, features dropping into a serious frown she was all too familiar with. A face that meant she would be receiving another apology she didn't want to hear. He said something to her mother, watched her features drop into a disapproving scowl and for a moment, Nima thought she might stop her husband.

But then she relented too. Her mother nodded, and her father began to stand.

Nima stumbled.


Her mistake took away her lead. The other kids blitzed by her without a second glance, and Nima cursed under her breath as she rushed to make up for the lost time. Even as she desperately sprinted, her eyes glanced at the stands, at the back of her father as it began to move towards the school gates.

Don't go.

Her mother didn't stop him, only sighing and nodding as she began preparing another excuse. Nima grit her teeth and kept on running despite the tears that threatened to leak from her eyes.

Look at me.

The finish line. She had to at least let him see her cross the finish line.

Look at me!

The world tumbled. Bent and buckled like a sapling in a storm. Or maybe she was the one who snapped. She wasn't sure. By the time she came back to her senses, everything had gone quiet. No cheering. No shouting. A dead silence fell over the field.

The baton fell from her hands, clattering to the floor and rolling to a stop by the finish line. When did she cross it? No. Not important. Nima turned back to the stands, hoping her father was still there. Maybe he saw her win, at least.

Her father is still there, eyes wide and glued to his little girl. She felt a laugh bubble out of her burning lungs. Nima raised her hand to wave then stopped at what she saw. She looked down at herself.

Why is she glowing?