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Plumifrons in her Changer form.
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Shimme (capes)
Civilian name Jimena Gutierrez
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationChanger 7, Brute 4 Mover 5 Stranger 4
Born (1994-12-19) December 19, 1994 (age 28)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Status NPC
Nationality Bolivian-American
Height 6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Weight 183 lb (83 kg; 13 st 1 lb)
Reddit Sheet
Chicane F | Shredshot B$

Leaked video shows a reporter in handcuffs freaking out and transforming into a monstrous reptilian form before escaping police custody.

Appears to be stealthy, fast, some kind of stranger ability.

Known to have stolen a significant amount of fissile material. Presumed member of the Hounds.

Character Sheet


Image caption here, blah blah blah

As a human, Jimena Gutierrez is a beautiful woman, with long black hair that stops mid-back, full lips and a smile that puts you at ease. If she had a choice in her clothing she tends towards expensive designer brands, and always wears gloves - oversized mittens over long white leather gloves that come to her elbows if she has to. Large, knee-length coats, three inch heels, always wearing full-makeup, real pearl earrings, an elegant brooch, she dresses more like some kind of Russian Princess than a one-time reporter from mid-sized city.


Possessed of a cutthroat mindset, intelligent, charming and proud beyond a fault, Jimena is obsessed with her own cleverness and the adoration of others - or, failing that, status. Jimena chooses to view her new form as a sign of her own specialness, the subconscious idea of her ‘real’ self being a manifestation of who she ‘really’ is being unbearably repellent.

Equipment and Resources


Skills and Specializations

Graduated with a Bachelor’s in Journalism, Summa Cum Laude

Researching, writing, investigative journalism, was a cross-country runner in high school and still keeps up with it.


If any skin on her body below her collarbone is seen by another human, she will involuntarily begin to transform into her monstrous form. The rate of this change depends on how much of her skin is shown, if she’s not wearing gloves this change can take a couple minutes, if she’s in shorts and a tshirt it would take perhaps 15 seconds. Once achieved, she can remain in this form as long as she likes once the change happens, slowly reverting to her human form, assuming nobody can see her, at will.

This form can be thought of as a stalking predator, similar to a jaguar. If she chooses to be stealthy she can be extremely quiet, her body is incredibly strong for her height and actual fitness (comfortably bench pressing 400 lbs), particularly so for her upper body. Her tail is prehensile, about as strong as both of her arms, capable of lifting someone up off the ground, and only slightly shorter than she is from head to toe.

Her hands and feet end in catlike claws useful for climbing, sharp as scalpels. A full jump from her can reach an incredible 6 feet vertically, and she can sprint in bursts of over 60 mph.

Together this enables some fairly extraordinary feats of agility. Running across a brick wall by sinking her claws into the brick is possible, quickly climbing across ceilings and up the sides of buildings, hanging only by her tail, it might be described as monkey-like.

This is counterbalanced by a fairly short endurance, unlike a baseline human she isn’t really capable of long distance running, becoming exhausted much faster in this form than as a human. A full minute of hard running or pitched fighting would leave her completely exhausted, to the point of being sick.

Her night vision is excellent and comparable to a cats, eyes reflective in the dark.

Her tough scales offer some protection, offering an almost impenetrable barrier to normal blades. They might even protect against the smallest of bullets, but would be defeated by a common 9x19mm parabellum round.

The most impressive part of this power is based around the frills coming from her head, elbows and back. At will, these can produce multi-colored mesmerizing bioluminescent lights, subconsciously drawing the attention of anyone that is perceiving her towards her. Wonder and awe are typical reactions to this, similar in effect and intensity to seeing a particularly beautiful landscape. These lights interfere with the short term memory creation of people who see them, extending back several seconds to before they were turned on. Upon losing sight of these lights, people affected by them will be unable to recall seeing her or interacting with her in the time they were in effect.

To be effected by this power, you must be looking at her in real-time, in person. Organic sight, vision filters such as night vision goggles, prosthesis/mundane and tinkertech, or power augmented/power analogues for sight transmit this. Recordings and remote viewings do not, a video taken and viewed later, someone monitoring her remotely through CCTV and other such methods would not transmit the power.

[Think similar to the Silence from Doctor Who]