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Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/Dachshund__ (capes)
Civilian name Elizabeth ‘Eliza’ Beste
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker(Master, Shaker)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

She’s known as a persistent yet painfully unsuccessful villain, having traveled to multiple towns and cities with consistently low levels of success due to her over-zealousness, consistently going to places with already present villain groups. Her power is known as Gasses and Monsters tinker.

Character Sheet


Civilian: Platypus is short and underweight, clearly once a beauty in the past. She has shoulder-length black hair which is messy and unkempt, with fluff and dirt she has yet to clean out, often staining her hair. Her nose is permanently crooked, broken on multiple occasions without chance to heal and now disfigured. She is missing her left eye after an early Chimera escaped and became violent and slashed her eye. She opts for dark, heavy clothing, trying to keep her face covered.

Costume: Her villain outfit is a Dark Green hood over the head of a Duck/Beaver Chimeras as a mask. Initially intended to look exactly like a Platypus, it instead turned out as a stripped Beaver with a bill and partial fur and partial green-ish feathers spotting the creature’s head. The mask also has a built in gas mask which replaces the right eye hole with a glass lens and the other eye being covered by straight skin. Also it has protrusions resembling tusks that function as the gas filter on the Duck Beaver Hybrid. She has a partial cape, covering her right side, the same color as the hood.

With the rest being a bodysuit with a light green pattern like a dye mixing into water along with black cloth on the shoulders, wrists, (Hides Toxin sprayers) and waist. (Partially Covers Gear Belt).

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 5, Stole a large portion of her rich family’s money but lacks income. She has already used much of the money she took.

  • Toxin Sprayer on wrists with slots for inserting vials that can mix together. Only currently has one toxin: A dark red gas that causes irritation to anything exposed, will irritate eyes and induce temporary blindness.
  • Kain, Dog Horse Hybrid. Fast, large jaw and hard bite. Very terrifying.
  • Two Knives (One extra in case she loses one), relatively cheap but surprisingly useful and has lasted quite a while
  • Taser, low voltage, stuns and hurts. Could bust small electronics

Skills and Specializations

Her parents insisted she learned a wide variety of skills, (Not many stuck) as such she is proficient in horseback riding which she keeps up by riding Kain. She became skilled in lying to keep up her parents image of her before she ran away. Finally, after becoming a villain, she learned basic knife skills.


Overzealous and desperate to make it in the villain world. She ignores other peoples advice to an unhealthy extent, deeming anyone who tries to help her as a patronising control freak, often reacting violently or aggressively with petty insults to such attempts. She desires approval and control, she decided that having control under an iron fist would give both of those things. She couldn’t bring herself to be a Lone-Wolf, even though she wanted to. She filled that void with a select few Chimeras she truly values above the rest. She is prone to outbursts and losing her cool. She is prone to grudges and is willing to do things against her better judgement to get back at people, even if they harm her or her prospects in the future She is smart, but she doesn’t apply it due to her nature. She is slightly below average at reading people, but is able to keep up facades and lie surprisingly well.


Trigger type: Single Natural Trigger

Dexter Tinker, (Multi/Hyperspec) with a dual specialty in Wide area, non-lethal, gaseous toxins and Fusing entire creatures together without prejudice on what aspects present themselves in the results. The power discourages fusing the specialties into a single piece of tech, however, the tech does benefit from tech from the other specialty. eg. Chimera’s boosted in toxins while Chimeras help toxins spread further or be more effective.



Eliza was born into the Beste Family. Her parents were rich, extremely traditional, popular with other rich people, overbearing and controlling. They dictated every aspect of her life, they said what she could do, what she couldn’t do. What she could eat, how she walked, what she said. She was home schooled so she never interacted with anyone. They expected her to be and made her into the symbol of femininity and grace. She was forced to choose between two suitors in the coming days of her eighteenth birthday. A control freak who used her like an object rather than a person, and a quiet and distant person who barely acknowledged her and stated he could never love her. On the day she was meant to choose, she triggered. On the following day, she stole as much as she could (About 1-2 million in cash, devices and valuable trinkets) and ran for the City, setting up using her resources she'd obtained. She was attacked by heroes but escaped without most of her tech. Then she'd try to set up in a new city, but fail, being attacked by villains trying to keep their power or heroes doing their job. Her next attempt is Devilfish, and she's got a good feeling about it.