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The girl on the right dressed as the guy on the left.
Notoriety Criminal
B / ?
Author /u/frustratedFreeboota (capes)
Civilian name Mera Warren
Alignment Rogue
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born (1997-10-30) October 30, 1997 (age 25)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Charcutie B | Magical Girl Yokai C?

"Oh shit, Plasticine? They've got some pictures on liveleaks that'll make you sick."

You probably haven't heard of her unless you follow underground parahuman fighting rings online, but there's a few body mod blogs that have a selfie with her showing off some extreme but temporary changes.

Anyone that searches her name online will find her social media with she/he/they/any pronouns listed on the bio, and a link to her OTHER social media profile, which is marked NSFW and has a profile picture of her fursona.

Anyone able to access PRT files has access to a psychiatric profile and detailed powers testing. (The powers tester later being fired for allowing excessive cruelty towards a sheep)

Character Sheet


A six foot woman with a died red short mohawk. Built like a woman's rugby player, dressed in tank tops to expose her arms, maximise skin contact. Wears big jackets that she can dramatically throw off. Street wear is black denim jackets and jeans. Her low tier costume for fights and such is adding a muzzle and a russian army greatcoat. Her high tier show off to other capes costume is a taxidermied mix of a hyena and a crocodile turned into a fur coat with a little onesie sort of hoodie with scaled sleeves and a crocodile tail hanging off the back. Its a fursuit made with her power.

Equipment and Resources

Carries one can of pepper spray in the outer pocket of her coat, a burner phone in her trouser pocket, and smart phone in her coat pocket.

Skills and Specializations

Amateur Sculpter/Potter. Streetboxer. Former Doom speedrunner, was able to play and follow Quake. Does Obstacle Courses and endurance runs when they come up as events, but never competively. Has taken a few courses on tattoo artistry and piercing.


Friendly but controlling, with a love of power over other people physically and attention wise. Tends to go in for a lot of hugs, shoulder bumps, high fives, even if people have already flinched away from her once. Into the cape life for the money.

Excitable and more personable online. Frequently types in *hugs* and *uwu*, moves in a few Furry circles. Her sona is a hyena/crocodile/dog chimera with an elaborate egyptian backstory that she will tell you about if you aren't careful.

Trans-inclusive bisexual, hasn't ever been able to keep a partner for long due to the intimacy issues and complications raised by her power.

Squeamish at suspenseful horror movies, excessive gore, scenes of parental abuse in films.


What's it do? When touching them with her skin, Plasticine treats other living or dead bodies as though they were made of a sort of weak and malleable dough, regardless of how tough they were before. If she's got gloves on or is using a weapon, there's no difference in how she interacts with people, but otherwise any pressure she applies to people will start to reshape them.

How's that work? Poking someone will leave a little hole in them. With a bit of leverage she can tear off a hand, and with a punch she can leave a fist shaped dent in someone's face. Being punched by people still hurts, Plasticine's power only applies when she is initiating the impact. The people behave as normal towards other people and biologically they're the same, just moved around a lot. She can remove part of this clay from someone and add it to someone else, swapping body parts, heads, etc. Its still made of human, just a vague sort of malleable human.

How long does it last? People stay changed for 8 hours and then slowly shift back to their original shape over the next 24 hours. Using her power on a body that was already affected by her power an hour or more ago doubles the remaining duration. She hits you again an hour later and the remaining 7 hours until it starts to change back is doubled to 14 hours. An hour later and 13 hours becomes 26 hours. Once that time is up, its another 24 hours of everything moving back into position, painlessly but awkwardly and discomforting.

Can it kill? Not with internal injuries or blood clots or any awkward complications, the body just functions for the duration of the power. Even after the power wears off, any body parts that were taken away and weren't put back in time will be scarred over like an old wound. Plasticine can't kill you with her power, you'll stay alive unless she suffocates you by taking away/sealing up your mouth and nose, and that would take a few punches to the face or a bit of sculpting. Injuries and swapped body parts and added mass won't have any side effects until the power wears off. In the event of separated body parts, this means that a limb that was removed can be reattached and will be fine, but if it stays detached then it will be permanently severed after 24 hours so you'd have to stitch it back on or something. Sufficient deformation of someone's eyes/ears/nose will stifle that sense as surely as a blocked nose/plugged ear/gag.

What counts as a body? Animal skins and furs, bones, animals, people. Clothes made out of materials other than cotton or fur won't be affected but still carry the effect, if she can punch someone in a fur coat then it'll leave a dent, if she punches someone's armour then it won't do anything/will do less, depends how much the person underneath would normally be affected by a punch.


Daughter of a failed boxer, pushed from an early age into competition. There were rumours that her father's training veered into abuse but noone thought anything of it until the neighbours complained of noise. Cops found him alive but mouthless, his hands and feet bent at awkward angles. She was arrested attempting to leave the city by plane, coming quietly. The local PRT strongly implied they would have her tried for assault if she hadn't signed up for the nearest Wards to Wisconsin. She was nearly 18 and after a few months of counselling and image meetings that couldn't make heads or tails of her power she left to make a living on her own, using the brief pay from her time in the Wards to move to the West Coast.