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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/DominusKhan (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name Mason Carter
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationShaker , Striker , Mover
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Pillar F

Not much is known about Pillar yet, he is simply another hero looking to do some good.

Character Sheet


Civilian:' Dark skinned 6'5 male, high top fade, emerald green eyes, facial hair set into a chin strap, and thin eyebrows. Marcus has an athletic frame composed of lean muscle.

'Costume:' A light brown cape and hood, a metallic black re-breather, googles with red lenses, black and grey camo pants with a black utility belt, black gloves, black combat boots and a sleeves armored vest.

Equipment and Resources

'Wealth:' 4 Black Mercedes, Mid-end Apartment, 50k in Savings, Civie Job as Construction worker.

  • Construction Re-breather
  • Military Surplus Infrared goggles
  • Police Surplus Armored Vest

Skills and Specializations

  • Rookie Boxer
  • Construction Experience
  • First Aid
  • Empathic
  • Weight Training (375 lbs Bench Press and 500 Ibs Dead Lift)


Mason is a good and optimistic individual. He tries his hardest to remain empathetic and cool headed. He's often talkative when he wishes to be, and protective towards people he considers friends and allies. When faced with an enemy or locked in combat, he tends to get enthusiastic and will often make witty comments to throw off his opponents. Mason values the importance of loyalty, if anyone he considers a close ally breaks this trust and faith he puts into them, Mason will immediately develop a deep rooted hostility towards them. Mason can also be described as a petty individual when he feels as though he'd been slighted or disrespected. Mason wishes to make a positive impact upon the world through his deeds, to forge a legacy that will remain grounded long after he passes.


'Trigger type:' Standard Natural Trigger (Striker/Shaker)

Pillar has the ability to convert any inorganic mineral he touches into sand which he can telekinetically control and convert into tough stone.

Conversion: When touching a (non manton-protected) mineral or an object containing such minerals, he can rapidly reduce the material to a sand-like state.

The spread of material conversion is regulated to a maximum 15 foot radius, and converts about 1/8th of a cubic meter per second. (At max about a full cubic meter per turn if held for the entire time) He can precisely control the speed of his conversion, slowing it down into an overtime effect, turning seconds into minutes. He can also delay this effect to one-two turns even after releasing the object.

He can precisely control where his conversion targets,and what path it will take. Forge uses this aspect of his power to pass through walls made from minerals with ease or burrow into streets.

Control Pillar has telekinetic control over the sand he creates down to a minuscule grain. Pillar's range of sand control reaches 60 feet, and he is limited to moving a total of 30 Cubic Meters worth of sand at a time, And each cubic meter of sand can exert a maximum of 150lbs of force.

He has an absolute awareness and slight tactile sense over his sand particles. Using his control, he is able to pull off a variety of techniques that further his versatility, For instance:

He can create localized sand storms, send waves of sand to knock over opponents, create flying platforms which he can ride on and form the sand into various shapes. He can even compress sand particles to harden it into a walls about as tough as particle board.

While he has fine control and efficiency he requires time and concentration to fully utilize it. For instance, forming sandstorms and large constructs take around 2 turns to complete. The maximum speed he can telekinetically move the sand is about 50mph.

Creation The key component of Pillar's power is converting his sand to solid gray stone, at the cost of losing telekinetic control once it's fully converted.

He can still convert the stone back to its sand state if it remains within his 60ft range, at a rate of 1/8th of a cubic meter per turn. Pillar can also create a variety of objects, obstacles, crude weapons, armor and even platforms if given the time to do so. His stone creations are incredibly well made and built to last without issue.

The durability of the stone is at the same level as solid concrete. And the sand cannot be converted into stone while touching organic surfaces.


Mason Carter was considered a delinquent by his peers and adults, having a habit of causing trouble wherever he can. This often led to him participating in fist fights with other students and antagonizing his peers. He also developed an eagerness to commit acts of vandalism in order to 'relieve his stress' as he calls it. Mason's troubles stem from his degrading relationship with his eldest brother, growing emotionally disconnected due to his own problems at work. He wishes to mend their destabilizing relationship by garnering attention towards himself. After failing to do so through normal means, he decided to retort to more drastic measures.

Little did he know this was only furthering the rift between him and his brother, to the point where it starts to bleed into his brother's efficiency at work. This causes his eldest brother to start neglecting him entirely, treating him more like a burden than family. He ceased to respond to anything regarding. Mason, including his school life. This equally caused Mason to start lashing out more, even going so far as to sabotage his brother. One day, Mason broke into his brother's workplace then started to wreck the area with a baseball bat. His rampage led to a section of the building undergoing construction. During the destruction of the area, an earthquake struck causing a portion of the roof to collapse on Mason, burying him under. 

As the earthquake continued on for what felt like seconds, the heavy rubble began to crush Mason, constricting air from getting into his lungs. Panic, fear and pain swarmed Mason's mind. As the debris steadily smothers him to death while the earthquake disorients him, Mason's thoughts were only geared towards his own survival. He inevitably triggers with his ability, disintegrating the rubble piled on top of him into sand. Having escaped from his near death experience, he started to reevaluate his actions and choices. Since he lost his parents, before his brother became distant, and when he actually saw the consequences in the things he did. Mason allowed his life to fall through his fingers like grains of sand, and now he must rebuild it for the sake of himself and everyone else around him.