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Notoriety Criminal
D / +
Author /u/fire209 (capes)
Civilian name Beatrice North
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Mafia (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker (Brute, Mover, Blaster)
Born (2001-07-12) July 12, 2001 (age 21)
Chicago, Illinois
Status NPC
Residence Small apartment in Devilfish
Reddit Sheet
Fabula E | The Grey Lady D$

Public Information

Pele is a known cape from Chicago, a breaker seemingly capable of changing into a large, fiery demon-like form capable of flight and firing beams of plasma, as well as generally setting alight anything nearby. Known for her fiery temper, and affiliation to the Chicago Mafia.

Public identity known to be Beatrice North due to powered mutations making it impossible for her to have a hidden identity.

Physical Appearance

Outside of her breaker form she's a young Caucasian woman, roughly 5'4", with a few notable permanent power mutations. Her eyes glow like incandescent bulb with a warm, yellowish orange light. her hair additionally glows with internal light, and the fingernails on her hands are twisted into claws, roughly an inch thick. Obviously a parahuman. Her breaker state is even more recognizable, a demon made of incandescent material, heat roiling off it and charring whatever flesh she had in her more human form. A living incarnation of rage and hate with a wingspan of 10 feet.

In her normal state, her Coven Rune is an Othala, in the middle of her back. When in her full breaker state, it is on her forehead, glowing with red light against the normal incandescent white.


Quick to anger, and light a fuse, Beatrice is a 'problem child.' Where normally such impulses would be curbed in youth, use of her ability throughout her late teens and in the past years has twisted her mentality to be ready to anger in a moment. She has poor self control, and will lash out at perceived threats or slights. Maybe with time and a strong hand she could learn to control these impulses.

Resources and Equipment

Wealth Level: 4 A large amount of clothing

A burner phone, and a more standard smart phone.

A 9mm handgun, and 3 magazines of ammunition

She has a small apartment owned by the Mafia in Devilfish where she stays, as well as a Harley Davidson motorcycle that she owns and takes care of, making sure to keep it in pristine condition.


She's a fairly solid mechanic overall, one of the skills she'd taken interest in and honed. Especially in things in relation to her Motorcycle, which she takes meticulous care of. Nothing trained or university level, but she isn't bad.

Absolutely the worst cooking you've tasted. Just dreadful.

Has tried to take up Meditation, but failed, calling it a 'useless waste of my fucking time for book-fucking monks'

Decent pain tolerance.

Has trained herself to be able to become fairly angry at will, calling up past memories that make her mad, though this only gets her to the baseline of her power.


Pele is a breaker who's power is nearly always partially on, only receding when she is rendered unconscious. The angrier she gets, the more this breaker power unleashes, her bones beginning to glow under her skin and heat increasing around her, but her power only truly activates when she wills it to and is angry enough, her skin charring off, incandescent wings unfurling from being wrapped around her chest as she grows 2 feet in height, long, thin prehensile tail unfurling from being wrapped around her waist, whipping around, 10 feet long, becoming an incandescent demon, near white hot and difficult to look at.

In this state, how powerful she is varies based on how angry she is. In addition, she is invulnerable in this state. However, when she takes damage, the sort of 'cap' for her rage decreases. For mechanical purposes, her power and cap is measured in terms of temperature, which is the heat of the surface of her skin, and the relative heat of the beams of fire she is able to fire from her mouth. In addition, an aura of heat roils off her, heating things around her based on the temperature she is at. More or less it takes a blow on par with a gunshot (Type 2 on the armor chart) or a direct blow from a heavyweight boxing champion to decrease her cap by 1 stage, and when she has no stages left she is rendered unconscious out of her breaker state, but unharmed. Blows stronger than 1 Type 2 gunshot may reduce more than 1 stage (A Type 4 on the armor chart decreasing it by 2), depending on the level of damage linearly, for example one with the force of 2 gunshots is 2 stages. For multiple concurrent blows under the level of a stage, it works in almost a combo meter, where if the pressure is kept up they add together, but if she is given room to breathe for a second or two, it resets.

The placement of a hit does not matter for the damage amount it counts for actually damaging her, but blows can push parts of her around, for example a blow to the leg could make her unbalanced, but not actually damage the leg.

Due to manton protections she is immune to the hazards of flame and heat, as well as choking on smoke both in and out of breaker state.

Outside of her breaker state she is capable of lifting up to 300 pounds with both hands and striking with the force of an middleweight boxer, generally fairly strong and athletic. In addition she's capable of manifesting small amounts of fire and controlling it within 5 feet of herself. Generally nothing more than for parlor tricks or serving as an impromptu cooking flame or lighter. Her control with the fire may improve with time, if not necessarily its potency. She retains the Pyrokinesis in her breaker state, but it does not increase in potency like other aspects. Her claws outside of her breaker state are as sharp as a cat's claws, sharp, but not really close to a real weapon.

Trigger type: Coven Breaker


Pele unfurled into her breaker state, skin charring as her incandescent demonic form is unveiled, shrieking into the air as it glares with unbridled hate at the opposing Mafia cape who was here to test her powers. A basic bruiser by the name of Jawbone, who looked completely cool in the face of this shrieking demon, smoking a cigarette while staring at her with a sense of resignation, of a man who has done this job many, many times.

She inhales and spits a short gout of flames at him, a small cone that he quickly covers his face with, flames washing over a forcefield just around his body as she charges in under the cover of the flames, lunging forwards to slash at his covered arms before a fist slams into her head, knocking her sideways, and just barely not cutting off the the first cap. Snarling from the pain of the blow, her body glows dangerously, still at baseline but edging towards the upper cap, heat rolling off her as she lunges forth once more, careful to dodge any blows as a more precise blow might blow her past her first cap already.


Beatrice wasn't always connected to the mob- she was always a distant relative. But maybe something in her blood, or how she was raised in a neighborhood in Chicago made her a hothead, ready and willing to hurt others to get what she wants. So she was sent by her parents at a young age to some mob connections to try to learn to curb her temper. But it wasn't a success, she just lashed out more, becoming more of a little rebel, a hothead. Searching for any solution, they eventually made an odd deal on her behalf- in exchange for her losing all memories of them, and effectively her whole childhood, she would receive powers that would help her manage her anger.

Well, that was a rip-off. But now, freshly a parahuman, and effectively nowhere to go, she called upon who she did remember- the mob connections she trained with. She was brought into the Chicago mob, her status as a Parahuman smoothing things out where her anger issues might otherwise bar her, and soon she was inducted as a member.

They tried to help her with her anger, though it was not much of a success, especially since any real help might stunt her ability to use her power to its fullest. Finally, in frustration, after a few years of trying to make it work, they decided to send her off to another branch of the mob, a newer one that might make better use of her abilities. Off to Devilfish she went.