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Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/A_Worthy_Foe (capes)
Civilian name Zac Hynes
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Unknown)
PRT ClassificationMover 4, Changer 2
Born (1985-10-01) October 1, 1985 (age 37)
St. Louis, Missouri
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Zac Hynes is the image of someone hanging onto who they once were. Caucasian male, late 30s, dirty blonde with cropped facial hair and a high & tight haircut. His muscles are well-toned and his body is covered in scars. Zac is amputated below both knees, and usually wears normal prosthetic legs or sometimes running blade legs in costume.

Equipment and Resources

  • Bomber Jacket, altered to accommodate Overcast's wings.
  • Fighter Pilot's helmet, equipped with a radio.
  • Parachute pack.
  • Thermal gloves & pants.
  • The latest smartphone.

Skills and Specializations

Zac was a track runner, although much of that skill has faded away. He is proficient with firearms and hand-to-hand combat. Obviously he has years of practice with flying, both for show and practical reasons.


Zac Hynes enjoyed a good degree of wealth and opportunity in his youth, but has turned to less glamorous and even despicable means to keep it up. A healthy degree of cynicism and self-medication influences most of his decisions, but his recent 'wake up call' has changed that. The cynicism is still there, but a hint of regret and maybe a little optimism have seeped in.


Overcast has two large wings extending from slits in his back. The feathers, bones and muscles are all composed of a variety of organic, non-magnetic metals and alloys. The bones are highly resistant to bending and are more prone to snapping, the muscles are pliable and resistant to puncture, and finally the feathers are incredibly sharp and sturdy.

The properties of the feathers allow them to act like impromptu weapons and a bullet resistant shield. The feathers are sharp enough to be able to hack through flesh and bone with enough leverage, making the wings not unlike huge, unwieldy, overly-wide swords. Overcast's feathers can stand up to small caliber gun fire with little to no issue, but as for automatic gun fire, only for a few moments before the feathers begin to dent and fall out. High caliber rifles will penetrate without issue, and shotgun blasts can be blocked once or twice before feathers are sent flying.

The wings are fully flexible. The feathers can even be adjusted by manipulating the follicles they sit in. They can also be retracted. Every part of the wings can shrink and fit together in a neat package small enough to fit inside his back, and this process can be reversed to extend the wings again.

Overcast also possesses the ability to manipulate his own velocity. He can't activate this ability on the ground, or while gravity is holding him to a surface and he can't selectively manipulate different parts of his body; he must manipulate his body as a whole.

He can instantly go from zero to 100 km/h, allowing him to take off incredibly quickly. From there it takes time to reach full potential. Overcast's flight capabilities are comparable to the SR-71 blackbird, almost able to break Mach 3 at top speeds and reach heights of 22 km. It takes roughly 10 minutes for him to reach his top speed.

The Manton Effect protects Overcast from suffering most of the physical and mental deleterious effects of such high speed and high altitude travel. He doesn't lose oxygen, and is largely immune to g-forces.

Overcast's wings will not allow any kind of flight on their own, as the human body isn't built for that, especially not with huge metal appendages. His velocity manipulation can propel him through the air, but can't guide or slow him down. However, both of his abilities combined allow him incredible flight powers.

Trigger type: Rapid Natural, Cannot Second Trigger


Zac Hynes was attending a high school track event when the school was attacked by Parahuman criminals attempting a kidnapping of someone in the stands. Zac was caught by an explosion, which took both his legs and maimed or killed many other students. Miraculously he maintained consciousness and instinctively attempted to crawl away. His extreme injury (coupled with devastation) and desire to escape (hindered by said injury) caused two trigger events in rapid succession. Metal wings sprouted from his back and he darted towards the attackers, taking them by surprise and running them off with the help of the other capes who arrived on the scene.

Months later after much therapy and with new legs, Zac was allowed time to practice his new powers. Eventually Zac was approached with offers and he soon became the mascot for a brand of athletic-wear, "Overcast Outerwear". For years he did commercials and brand deals, doing performances and business openings. Of course one day the calls stopped coming and Zac was washed up. It was much too late to secure film rights and by that point, no one cared.

Quickly hemorrhaging money for expensive things and lavish parties, he soon needed more funds. At this point, his corporate contacts came in handy. Many companies are willing to pay big money for Parahuman eyes on their overseas assets. This was where he made his real career.

Overcast mainly performed watchdog and courier duties, able to get materials or messages across the world, covertly, in a manner of hours. He preferred not to get his hands dirty, but it wasn't rare for him to have to use force to protect the assets to which he was assigned.

Earlier this year, he, along with a few other Parahuman operatives, was commanded to eliminate a rebel leader in Venezuala, who was threatening a drilling operation off the coast. When the target was eliminated, many complications arose, and several American citizens wound up dead.

The oil company's executives pulled strings with politicians to have the issue covered up as an industrial accident involving vacationing Parahumans. Part of the deal that was struck, was Overcast's induction in the Devilfish Protectorate, where the government can keep an eye on him.