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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Unfair--Command (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name Michael Anderson
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStranger
Born (2003-09-12) September 12, 2003 (age 19)
Devilfish, Minnesota
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Null is a white male around 6 feet tall and weighs around 150 pounds. He has dark blonde hair and green eyes.

Null’s costume is composed of dark clothing, a ski mask concealing his face and a pair of gloves to hide his fingerprints and prevent cuts.

Equipment and Resources

  • A collection of lockpicks
  • A Crowbar
  • A burner cell phone (a Nokia)
  • A multitool
  • A knife

Skills and Specializations

Null is adept with many skills a burglar would have lockpicking, stalking and choosing a good target. He’s a rather convincing liar and he also has a drivers licence.


Null's personality changed with his trigger; he became quite bold and brodacious. He gets massive pleasure through the crimes he commits with his powers and he also adores the fact no one can pin them on him.


Trigger type: Single, natural trigger

Null's ability is to cancel out one of the five senses at a time. For example Null can cancel out sight this would effectively render him completely invisible however he still can be heard, smelt or felt. This stranger effect does extend to the clothing he wears.


Michael Anderson a native of Devilfish, was a student at an average highschool. He kept to himself and had a few acquaintances but none of them he considered friends. However he was fine with this, he considered himself a loner and was content with remaining one. This content isolation would bring the eyrie of some students and pick on him and do many nasty things to him.

Michael wasn't ready to just let that happen to him thus he came up with a plan. He would pick one of the bullies and follow them around and eventually he would break into their homes and scare them. This would work and the bullying would stop however this would also get him expelled and make him quite infamous with all students at his school.

His trigger event would on occur when he went to a supermarket where one of the bully’s friends worked at the cashier and she would announce through the P.A. that he was a stalker and a perverted rapist. In those moments where he was rushing to the exit trying to ignore the stares of other customers wishing that he would just disappear.